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Senator Feinstein's Biography
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As California's senior Senator, Dianne Feinstein has built a reputation as an independent voice, working with both Democrats and Republicans to find common-sense solutions to the problems facing California and the Nation.

Since her election to the Senate 1992, Senator Feinstein has worked in a bipartisan way to build a significant record of legislative accomplishments helping strengthen the nation's security both here and abroad, combat crime and violence, battle cancer, protect natural resources and secure millions in appropriations for Californians.

Senator Feinstein serves on the Judiciary Committee, where she is the ranking member of the Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security Subcommittee; the Appropriations Committee, where she is the Ranking member of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Subcommittee; the Energy and Natural Resources Committee; the Select Committee on Intelligence; Homeland Security Subcommittee of Appropriations and the Rules and Administration Committee.

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She is also vice-chair of C-Change: Collaborating to Conquer Cancer, Chair of the Senate Cancer Coalition and the lead sponsor of the Breast Cancer Research Stamp, which has raised more than $40 million for breast cancer research.

Some of the most noteworthy accomplishments by Senator Feinstein include:

•  California Desert Protection - Protecting more than 7 million acres of pristine California desert -- the largest such designation in the history of the continental United States.

•  Calfed - Authorizing $395 million for a balanced program to increase California's water supply, reliability and quality and help restore sensitive water ecosystems.

•  Healthy Forests - Reducing the risk of catastrophic fire in our forests by expediting the thinning of hazardous fuels and providing the first legal protection for old-growth forests in our nation's history.

•  Lake Tahoe Restoration - Preserving and restoring this treasured natural resource by authorizing $300 million in federal funds over 10 years to match investments by the States of California and Nevada and local authorities.

•  Headwaters Forest Agreement - Obtaining funding and brokering agreement to save the "Headwaters Forest," a 7,500 acre national treasure and the largest privately held stand of uncut old-growth redwoods.

•  San Francisco Bay Wetlands Restoration - Negotiating public-private purchase of 16,500 acres of salt ponds along the San Francisco Bay - the largest such wetlands restoration project in California history.

•  Border Security and Visa Entry Reform - Helping prevent terrorists from entering the United States through loopholes in our immigration system. 

•  Crime Victims Rights - Giving victims of violent crime a core set of procedural rights under federal law and ensuring that they have standing to assert their rights before a court.

•  Assault Weapons Ban - Prohibiting the manufacture and sale of 19 types of military-style assault weapons from 1994-2004.

Senator Feinstein's career has been one of firsts � she was the first woman President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, the first woman Mayor of San Francisco, the first woman elected Senator of California and the first woman member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A native of San Francisco, she was elected to the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors in 1969 and served 2 ½ terms as President of the Board. She became Mayor of San Francisco in November 1978 following the assassination of Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk.

The following year she was elected to the first of two four-year terms. As Mayor, Dianne Feinstein managed the City's finances with a firm hand, balancing nine budgets in a row. In 1987, City and State Magazine named her the nation's "Most Effective Mayor."

As a Senator, Dianne Feinstein has received a number of awards for her service, including the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service in 2001, which is given to individuals who have served with distinction in public life and have shown a special commitment to seeking out informed opinions and thoughtful views, and she was the first recipient of American Cancer Society's new National Distinguished Advocacy Award in 2004 in recognition of her outstanding leadership on cancer issues in the public policy arena.

For further information on Senator Feinstein, her accomplishments, her legislative priorities, or on obtaining constituent services from her office, please go to her website at http://feinstein.senate.gov.

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