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                                                  PICASSO 1952
                                                  Poisson en bleu, jaune, vert et rouge, sur fond blanc
                                                  Oval coramic plate
                                                  in privat possesion

      James Clerk Maxwell (*1831 …1879) described "The Motion of Saturn´s Ring",


      confirmed by the Cassini spacecraft and the perception of colour.
      He was the first to recognise that light is also an electromagnetic wave movement.

      Heinrich Hertz (*1857 …1894) conducted experiments which proved
      the propagation of electromagnetic waves in space.

      Their inspiration was not hope of profit, but rather the dream of a new freedom
      – the freedom of worldwide wireless communication.

      Mobile phone, Internet and TV are key factors in our future,
      enabling us to choose democratic global communication.

      What we want, with support from international scientific circles,
      is for to become an Internet portal for
      "science information-transfer and social responsibility".


      Rolf Neth
      Axel Zander
      University Hamburg

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New Papers :
Friday, 18, November, 2005 17:29
Nuclear Cloning Stem Cells Thereapeutic Possibilities

Online Lecture by Prof. R. Jaenisch, Heidelberg 2004


Tuesday, 6, September, 2005 19:28
The DNA story

Susan Aldridge


Tuesday, 6, September, 2005 19:14
Banquet Speech

James Watson


Tuesday, 6, September, 2005 19:11
Differentiation plasticity of hematopoietic cells

Thomas Graf


Sunday, 1, May, 2005 20:22
Honory Doctorate on Dr. Robert C. Gallo

Robert C. Gallo

Medical Faculty of the University Clinic Eppendorf, Hamburg



Wednesday, 27, April, 2005 11:14
XVI.Wilsede Meeting

Carol Stocking Boris Fehse Axel Zander


Sunday, 6, February, 2005 19:10
Der Blutausstrich - Rückblick

Rolf D. Neth


Sunday, 6, February, 2005 19:08
Radiation Chimaeras

D. W. van Bekkum and M.J. de Vries





Monday, 6, September, 2004 19:07
Opening Lecture AIDS Challenges for the Third Decade

Robert C. Gallo


Saturday, 6, September, 2003 20:20
Robert Gallo Profile

Under Constrution!