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The Rivers

The River Deveron is a prolific, medium sized salmon river. It has a deservedly high reputation for its sea trout and is notable for excellent brown trout fishing too.

Map of Deveron catchment areaThe river rises in the Cabrach in West Aberdeenshire. It begins as a small highland stream among peaty and heather covered country before leaving the hills and entering the rolling lowlands of fertile farmland.

The town of Huntly is about 17 miles downstream from the river's source (the family town of 4,000 inhabitants).

Here the Deveron is joined by its first tributary - The River Bogie, rising some 13 miles away near the village of Lumsden. Four miles further downstream The River Isla runs in from the northwest.

From this point on the Deveron becomes a mature river. The river pursues a winding course through Turriff and finally falls into the Moray Firth at Banff 11 miles further on.

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The fishing

The Deveron falls naturally into three separate sections - the upper, the middle and the lower.

The river always opens on the 11th February and closes on the 31 October. There's always a chance of a clean Spring fish. Sea trout start from mid-May through to July. With water there can be long runs of grilse in July and August. Clean fish runs until the end of the season. It's also a river of big fish and each season brings in some 20-30 pounders.

Most people find that a 10½ft-13ft rod is adequate for their needs.

Thigh waders are necessary on most beats.

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