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Player Photo Tarvaris Jackson
Height: 6-2
Weight: 225
40 Speed: 4.67*
Position: Quarterback
College: Alabama State
Final Grade: G 5.8

GM JR Scouting LLC Grading Scale/Key


Jackson is a very intriguing prospect who has enough size, a strong arm and the ability to be an accurate passer, but needs to throw with better technique more consistently in order to develop. He is definitely somewhat raw and will not be able to be as consistently productive in the pros as he was in college until he becomes much more consistent using good footwork. He sees the entire field well, goes through his progressions and can still pick up for making small errors. He deals with deep safeties very well -- he looks them off and does a good job of going back to them at the last minute to make strong and accuracy throws. Teams will be cautious to draft him because, until his footwork and throwing motion improve, he is going to have trouble becoming a consistent passer in the NFL. He would be a great pick towards the end of the draft and will need to spend a few seasons developing before he is ready to legitimately compete for a starting job.

SizeAthletic AbilityStrengthCompetesPlay Speed


Jackson is a thick-bodied quarterback with the ability to get rid of the ball quickly. When he strides into and follows through on throws, he can make strong and accurate throws all over the field. He does a very good job of looking off the defender (especially the deep safety) and coming back to the receiver he wants to throw to at the last possible moment. He is a tough quarterback who has consistently shown a willingness to stand strong and take hard hits in the pocket to complete important passes. He has the athleticism to get out of the pocket and can make plays with his feet.


Jackson is a somewhat raw quarterback who does not stride into throws consistently, has a three-quarter/side-arm release and does not follow through on passes which leads to his accuracy suffering when his technique is not good. He has a tendency to try and stick in the pocket and make the play which leads to him taking some sacks he has the ability to avoid.

5.0TechniqueHe has a side-arm flick type throwing motion, although it is quick, and he does not stride into or follow through on passes.
6.0Arm StrengthHe has the arm strength to make all the throws with good zip when he strides into his throws.
6.5Convert Pct.He consistently converted over 61-percent of key downs into first downs -- he showed clutch ability.
5.52nd LivesHe has the ability to be excellent, but he tends to wait in the pocket too long before trying to escape which leads to sacks.
6.5Accuracy Short in PocketDespite inconsistent throwing technique, he is an accurate passer who can only get better as his technique improves.
6.5Accuracy Long in PocketHe has shown the ability to throw deep down field with accuracy and zip when he strides into and follows through on throws.
6.0Accuracy on the MoveHe is not asked to do it often, but on the few chances he had, he threw the ball accurately and with zip.
7.0Big PlaysHe consistently comes up with big plays -- his ability to throw deep passes accurately makes him very good.
6.5Under PressureHe does a good job staying calm in the face of pressure and will stand strong vs. a heavy rush.
5.0Leadership/PoiseHe does an adequate job as a leader, but is not a vocal, take-command-of-the-team type leader.
6.5Read DefensesHe reads defenses consistently well and does a good job looking off the safety and coming back to throw to an open receiver.
6.5Big ErrorsDespite his inconsistencies, he does not throw the ball up for grabs and has shown a willingness to throw the ball away.

ATHLETIC ABILITYSection Grade: 6.5

Jackson is a very good athlete which has allowed him to consistently make plays when the pocket collapsed and he was forced to the outside. His very quick feet combine with his agility so that he can change directions very fast and can he burst in the other direction -- this helps him to avoid pass rushers and buy a second chance consistently. He has the size and playing speed combination to make plays running with the ball. He has the quick hands and feet to set up and get rid of the ball quickly even though his passing technique and footwork need a lot of work. His body control and coordination help him to make some very good arm throws when he is in an awkward position and does not have time to re-set his feet before throwing. Not only does he have very quick feet, but he has deceptive playing speed and, once he gets out of the pocket, he is a legitimate big-play threat scrambling with the ball.

Q.A.B.Quick FeetC.O.D.FlexibilityCoordination


Jackson is an extremely tough quarterback -- he has been crunched by a defender and had to miss the rest of a series a few times, but on the next series, he would return and finish the game, despite clearly not moving as well. His athletic ability, arm strength and intelligence have enabled him to consistently excel on the key/important downs. His overall production has been generally very good, but he is not always consistent when it comes to his throwing technique/delivery and his accuracy due to that. He has shown the ability to get rid of the ball quickly and he can make strong and accurate throws, but the trouble comes when he does not stride into his passes because it really hinders his ability to throw accurately. He does not have a classic release and, in his case, it affects his release time and accuracy throwing the ball -- he tends to be more of a three-quarter/side-arm flick thrower. He is a competitive team player who always gives a very good effort and has consistently shown the willingness to stand strong in the pocket and take the big hit so that he can make an accurate throw at the last second.

ToughnessClutch PlayProductionConsistencyTeam PlayerPride/Quit

MENTAL ALERTNESSSection Grade: 5.5

Jackson's ability to learn is a concern because his throwing technique needs a lot of work (both footwork and delivery/release). He has very good football instincts and usually can react fast to the play around him, but his awkward footwork and release sometimes hinders his reaction time. He does not consistently maintain his focus/concentration and it leads to his already raw technique getting even sloppier which hinders his ability to throw with zip and accuracy consistently.



Jackson is a little short for a quarterback at just over 6-2, but at over 220 pounds, he is definitely well-built for his height. He has been a tough and durable player at Alabama State, but any time a player makes the jump from a small school to the NFL, his NFL durability is definitely a question mark. He is an explosive runner when he takes off with the ball -- he bursts out of the pocket and can make big plays with his feet. However, the ball does not burst out of his hand often because he does not throw with good technique/follow-through consistently. He has very good playing strength for a quarterback -- he can pull free from potential tacklers/sacks surprisingly well and has shown the strength to run through low arm/grab tackles when scrambling.

Body TypeDurabilityExplosionPlay Strength

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