Northern Alumni Members in the Community

Dave Amer - Canadian Football
Herb Carnegie – hockey player, Order of Canada
Tom Europe
Bob Goldham – NHL Hockey player and CBC TV host
Louis Hobson
Glenn Jackson
David Lougheed
Neil Lumsden
Bill Mitoulis
Ainsworth Morgan
Pat Naylor
Joe Pascucci - Sportscaster
Leif Pettersen

The Arts:
Franklin Arbuckle - painter and teacher
Cali Balles – glass designer
Dave Beckett of Gary and Dave, Polydor Recording Artists
Mark Bell - photography-founding members , Artist Collective painting disorders
John Bennett - painter and teacher
Richard Billinghurst – artist
Ron Bolt - painter
Ken Borden – artist and radio spokesman
Ruth Bradley-St. Cyr - Editor in Chief Ottawa Press
Marco Brambillia - Director - Dinotophia, Excess Baggage, Demolition Man
Heather Brazier - writer
Pat Brennan - teacher, potter, sculptor
Rick Broadhead - IT author (Canadian Internet Handbook), radio and T.V. IT personality
Leonard Brookes - painter and teacher
Chris Catizzone - illustrator
Bill Cawthorn – artist
Jason Charters - producer, Riddle Films
Ophelia Chong - artist, photographer, designer
Panya Clark - Espinal - artist
Susan Clark - actor, TVs "Webster"
Kyra Clarkson – New York architect
Ethel Curry - painter and teacher
Ray Deonandan - author
Michael Dobson - artist
Jane Eastwood - actor
Stella Fakiyesi – photographer
Stephen Fakiyesi - artist
S.S. Finlay - painter and teacher
Anne Fleming - author
Laurence Follows - actor/director/theatre owner
Juan Aragon Franssen - Photographer
Percy Gardner - painter and teacher
Sarah Goodman - Director of award winning documentary "Army of One"
Heather Graham - actor
Tony Hamilton- artist
Adam Hilborn – artist and illustrator
Tim Hough – artist
Hadley Howes – artist
Jean Johnson – artist, Order of Canada
Peter Locke - painter and instructor
Elaine Loring - television
Warren Luckock - artist and teacher
Martha Mabee - potter and teacher
Kyo MacLear - writer
Jason Mamone - artist and illustrator
Ruth Mandel - author
George McLean - wildlife artist
Dean and Dan Caten - Milan fashion designers (their label is DSquared2)
Garth Mosbaugh - The Nylons
Alfred Muma - artist
Ted Nasmith - artist/illustrator "Lord of the Rings"
Sheila Norgate - artist
Ivan Novotny - artist
Pat O’Keefe - artist and illustrator
L.A.C. Panton - artist and teacher
Gerard Paraghamian - commercial artist
Alex Perkins - artist and illustrator
Lisa Puopolo – artist
Gordon Rayner – artist
Jeff Roach – artist
John Roberts - artist and teacher
Anne Rohmer - television host
Kelly Rowan - actor - TVs "The OC"
Phil Saunders - Freelance concept artist - Game design and production
Murray McShane Stuart - artist
Ali Velshi - host of CNN's "The TurnAround"
Zack Ward - actor "Resident Evil" and TVs "Titus"
David Weaver - director and filmmaker
Richard Williams - animation artist, writer, teacher – Academy Award winner – “Who framed Roger Rabbit, The Pink Panther”
Martin Wittfooth - artist and illustrator
Annie Wood - Co-Founder Kids Can Press
Cybele Young - artist and illustrator
Mary Young - artist
Robert Zawerbny – illustrator and teacher

George Benedek - VP Marc Garneau
Valerie Grabove - consultant/manager Centre for Professional Development - Niagara College
Dr Jacqueline James - Assistant Professor of Medicine at Mt Sinai
Naomi Oliphnant -
Assistant Dean University of Louisville, Kentucky

Warren Davis President Davis Elevator Corp

Honoured Members:
Herb Carnagie
Ernie Checkeris
Jean Johnston
Nikkie and Mike Meanchoff - proprietors of Homeway Restaurant