Prophetic Vision


I would like to take a moment to share my vision with you and tell you a little about myself, just in case you were wondering who I am and what qualifies me to write this book warning people about the rapture.

I am a married, 25 years so far, mother of 2, and a grandmother of one. I was born in Waycross, Georgia. My family moved to Bradenton, Florida when I was 8 years old, and this is where I still reside.

My Mom and Dad are great people, and though we didn't attend church every Sunday as a family, they had strong moral beliefs. They attended church on a regular basis as children and young adults and were dedicated to teaching both my brothers and myself to live within the guidelines of the Bible. We were sent to private Christian school and maintained a close family relationship. As far back as I can remember, I have always believed Jesus loved me and God was with me, I don't remember not believing in God.

My Mom and Dad divorced in the mid 70's. I was 15 years old. This was tragic for my brothers and me. What we thought were our perfect little lives had been ripped apart. All our hopes and dreams just semmed lost. I felt tossed aside and a total mess. I felt like I could not count on anyone. I was angry and hurt. I felt all alone. My feelings really ruled my life.

The divorce of my parents threw me on an emotional rollercoastal. I stopped going to church and blamed God for every problem in my life. I was very unstable in my emotions. I would be happy one day and deeply depressed the next.

It took a while for me to cope and except the situation. I made an awful lot of mistakes as a result of my emotional unstableness. In fact, it wasn't until I found myself married with a baby of my own that I realized I should just get over it. Stop blaming every bad thing that was happening in my life on my parents getting a divorce. I accepted the fact that sometimes bad things happen to good people and even christian parents make mistakes. After all people get divorced everyday. Just suck it up and move on.

Finally, at 25 years old, I was fed up with feeling sorry for myself, and decided to take responsibility for my own life. I could not do anything about my past. I had to just start oiver and be the best I could be for my own husband and children. I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. I started going to church again and taking my husband and kids with me. I started reading my Bible again with a more mature state of mind. I just started at the beginning and read on through. I knew God was the only One who could help me and the only One I could really count on in my life. As I read my Bible, I saw my life, my problems and the answers to my problems.

As I read my Bible, God just took over and miraculously healed me of all my hurt, pain and resentment. He filled my heart and life with joy, love and happiness. Finally free from the torment I felt inside, God was now able to show me His plan for my life.

One night God gave me a vision about my life. He had a great plan for me. I had a dream as I was sleeping. I saw my life as it was then in 1986, I was 27 yerars old. I saw changes in my life as it proceeded over a period of several years. Changes happened in my health, in my marriage in my financial status. I saw many things happening in the world around me. The beginning of the dream was mostly about my own personal life and family. However, I did see terrible things happening in the world and God showed me how I should prepare for those times. Before the rapture happens I saw alot of people suffering right here in my own town and all over the nation because they had no food water or electric. God did not show me the reason for the problem. He just showed me the problem and what I could do to help myself and others around me. Whatever happens to cause the problems, it was not in my control to stop it.

There are definitely going to be days and prolonged periods of time, where you are going to need some extra food and water on hand. Everyone should always keep emergency supplies on hand. Things like candles, batteries, can food, bottled water. If possible try to keep extra medicine on hand. Economically, things are going to get rough. Don't expect people to share supplies with you. If people can share then good, but try to do what you can to have your own. Don't expect the government to take care of you. You have time right now to make some preparations and a plan for yourself and your family.

I saw myself writing a book and telling people how to get saved and prepare for the return of Jesus. I saw God using me as voice to tell others about Him and a voice of warning to people. I saw myself praying for people and seeing them healed miraculously.

My dream ended with myself and my family going up to heaven in the rapture. When I woke up, In was prompted to write the details of the dream down. I was totally overwhelmed by the dream until I sat down and wrote it on paper. I ask God what I should do with it and He told me He would let me know when to release it. I knew God had shown me what I was to do with the rest of my life right up to the rapture.

Habakkuk 2:2&3, "And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie, though it tarry wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."

Proverbs 29:18,"Where there is no vision the people perish."

The vision God gave me changed my life!! I was so excited when I first received the message. Unfortunately I found out real quick that the few people I told was not as excited as I was. That is why I did not tell many people. I just kept it to myself. But it still gave me hope and peace in the hard times. When I didn't think I could make it God would remind me of my calling. I pray it changes your life and helps you prepare for our Lord and Savior.

After I received this vision from God in 1986, I wrote it down and kept it a secret except for a few family members. God told me He would let me know when to release the vision to the public. Many things had to happen before I was to share it with the world. I spent several years just maturing spiritually, learning about God and the Bible. I needed to spend alot of time with God and learn to recognize His voice above anything else.

Satan tries to get us to let go of our visions and callings. I have had several tragedies in my life that I didn't know was going to happen. I was totally devastated when my Dad went home to Heaven in April 2000 and my brother went home to Heaven in April 2001. I had never felt so emotionally and spiritually weak in my whole life. At the end of 2001 I also had major marital problems and was on the verge of divorce. In 2000 and 2001, I thought my whole world was falling apart. I mourned, cried and prayed. I really thought I just wanted to die and not be in this world anymore.

God let me act like that till I decided to have an elective operation in 2002 and things went wrong and I almost died. I was bed ridden for almost 8 months. I had alot of time to think and pray and get myself back on track. I call 2000- 2002 my pruning and sifting times. God showed me everyone's life has a reason. My reason for living was not to just get married, have children, buy a nice house and entertain myself. Although those things are great and very fulfilling, I believe my main reason for being born and living in this day and time is to know the love of God with all my heart and be used of God in these last days before the rapture. God has helped me see that I have so much to live for and I need to fulfill my assignment. People have been assigned to me to reach for the glory of God. I will accomplish this. God would not have given me this assignment if He were not going to make it possible for me to do it.

In 2003, a woman from church said she had a word from God for me. It was for me to get the word out that God had given me. She said now was the time. She didn't really know what that word was, but I knew. I immediately thought of the vision God had given me 17 years earlier. I found the vision that I had written down, opened it up, and reread it. Everything God had shown me that was going to happen in my life had happened, and I knew she was right, that now is finally the time to release the vision. God was using this woman to be the voice I had been waiting to hear to tell me when to release the vision.

I got my book together that I had been working on and submitted it for publishing. God had shown me in the dream that He was giving me about 3 years to share this rapture prophecy with the world before the rapture actually happens.

It is now January 2004 and so many things has happened in my life, alot of which God had shopwn me was going to happen, but it was out of my control, and there was no way for me to change it or stop it. Going through all those trials and tribulations have made me a stronger person. I have experienced and survived many heartaches and disappointments. Some of them challenged me to the point that I really did not think i was going to make it through, but I did. God did not give up on me and I did not give up on Him. I would not change a thing because it has helped me be the person I am today. I am proud of the person God has and is still making me to be. I grow and learn and mature daily.

God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives. He planned our lives out before we were even born. Some of us get a dream or a vision. Some of us are prophecied over. Some of us just get a strong desire or hunger to accomplish certain things in our lives. Some of us are blessed with an unmistakable talent and gift that should be shared with the world. Not one job or one person is more important to god than another. God will use our life experiences to accomplish certain things in the world if we let Him. Though alot of us can tell of bad childhoods and circumstances in life we would have much rather avoided, God will take that life experience and use your passion about it to touch other people's lives. Those things we go through in life help to develop our personalities to be what God wants us to be so He can use us. One way or another we are all put here on earth with a particular role to play and a specific assignment to accomplish at a specific time and place. We choose to follow that prompting on the inside and listen to that inner voice or reject it. God will not force us to obey Him. He just backs off and waits for us to come to our senses and make the right choices. I would have never been able to do for God 17 years ago, what I am able to do for Him today. I was too emotional and I was too worried about what other people thought of me. I was insecure and immature spiritually.

Now I am ready and I choose to listen and obey. I did not have to write this vision and share it with the world. I knew there would be people who would think I was crazy or accuse me of being a false prophet. I must say, my worse accusers have been from the church. But God showed me there are always going to be haters and gossipers no matter what you do, even from the church. Look how perfect Jesus was and He didn't please everyone either. His worse accusers was the religous people of His day as well. He was not worried about the ones who gossiped and refused to believe. He just kept on doing what His Father told Him to do. I really feel honored and priveledged that God has such a spectacular plan for my life and actually wants to use me to give this message to people in these last days. I have no defense against any negative accusations nor do I care to try to come up with one. People will see this prophecy come to pass. The prophecy will speak for itself!!

Deuteronomy 8:22 says, "when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoken."

God has revealed to me the year and the season when the rapture will happen. No one is going to change my mind about that. God speaks to me often, as He does many of His children. If you are familiar with the voice of God, once you hear Him speak to you, no one can tell you different. You know His voice. It is hard to describe it to people who have not heard the voice of God. You just know that you know that you heard from Him. I know alot of people have questioned whether I really did hear from God. All I can say is yes I did. If people really knew God and His word they would know this is how He operates.

Mathew 24:37, "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be."

Jesus will come to save us in the same way people were saved and warned in the days of Noah. God told Noah it will rain in 7 days. And it did.

Genesis 7:4,"For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and everything substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth."

God told Noah exactly what He was going to do and exactly when He was going to do it. It wasn't a surprise shot or a vague answer of one day soon. Or," you never know what God is going to do" I am quite sure Noah shared that information with whoever would listen. But nobody believed him. They had never seen rain before, like we have never seen anyone raptured, so it was hard for them even to imagine what he was talking about. They continued to live their same old lifestyle. They just laughed Noah off as some kind of freak. If you really know God and His love, you would know He was going to warn us specifically. He loves us too much to not warn us of something of this magnitude.

I've heard people say "well God has not told me he was coming in 2007". God is telling people with my voice right now, they just do not want to believe it. They are waiting for some special visitation from God to them personally. God said for all His family to work and share with "one accord". God only told one person, Noah, that a flood was coming. He did not visit each person indivisually and personally.

Some people have questioned why God would tell something so important to an unknown average person like myself, instead of someone of well known established respect like Billy Graham. I do not know but His word says He does do this. And everyone started out as a unknown- nobody just like me. But ONE word from God can change your life forever!

1 Corinthians 1:25-29, "Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.

For you see your calling, brethern, that not many wise after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called;

But God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty;

And the base things of the world, and the things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and the things which are not, to bring to nought things that are;

That no flesh should glory in His presence."

I am sure God is revealing other secrets to His other children about the last days that He has not revealed to me. That's why we watch and listen to other Christians that have a word or message from God and put it all together for the complete picture. You can not just sit back and wait for God to tell you everything personally or else you are going to miss out on alot. We have to trust each other. And have faith in one another. Share what you know God has told you like I am trying to do. Even if you can only help one person prepare for the return of Jesus, then do it. That one person's life is worth the effort. We are all extremely valuable in God's eye's. Not one person is more important to God than another. We are all special.

All I know is God loves you. He gave me this message to share with the world. He gave me the resources and the connections I needed to get this message spread all over the world, especially this nation. God is warning the lost unbelievers. If you are not a child of God that is why you do not hear Him speaking. That is why He is sending a verbal voice through me to you. I am really not going to worry about the few people who do not want to believe. The message is there and the choice is yours. I pray for your soul's. I pray that if you choose not to believe me that God will send someone across your path that you will believe. I just seek God's approval and I am following God's instructions. Everyone thought Noah was an idiot for building an ark in the middle of the desert preparing for some kind of rain storm that they had never seen before, but what other people thought about him did not stop him from doing what God told him to do. In the end, Noah and his family were the only ones who survived and everyone else was destroyed.

John 12:43 (Amp), "For they loved the approval and the praise and the glory that came from men instaed of and more than the glory that comes from God. They valued their credit with men, more than their credit with God."

If God calls you to do something then just do it. Don't be ashamed of what people may think of you. I really feel sorry for whoever does not take this message from God seriously, and ends up unprepared to meet God face to face. When I first started telling the prophecy, I thought people were going to be just as excited as I was when I first heard it from God. But many people are not. God actually used the hurricane tragedies to help me understand human nature a little better.. Before the hurricanes hit, PEOPLE ARE WARNED. Some flee to safety, some wait around to see what happens. Some people look around to their neighbors and friends to see what they are going to do and then follow. Some take the warnings seriously and some do not. People are receiving this rapture warning the same way. Some are taking it seriously and preparing and some want to wait and see what happens. I have no control over the ones who choose to wait and see what happens. We all have freedom of choice. God will not make everyone listen. He gives the warning, it is up to you to receive it and prepare.

Like I said earlier, God has shown me what I am to do right up to the rapture. I got that dream from God in 1986. I have been waiting till God said the time is right. The rapture is NOT the end of the world. I don't believe this world is going to end for a very long time, but this world system that we now have is going to end and drastic changes are going to happen world wide very soon. It will not be good here, otherwise God would not bother removing His children to safety first.

The only ones who are going to be caught off guard and unprepared are the unbelievers, the sinners. If you are a child of God you can hear God's voice telling you something spectacualr is about to happen. You can hear God telling you about the tiniest little details. Listen for Him and follow His promptings daily. God is telling all His children to get ready. I am sending Jesus to get you real soon.

Amos 3:7, "Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealed His secrets unto His servants the prophets."

God is reaching out to you to warn you of what is about to happen. He doesn't want anyone left behind and destroyed. God loves us all very much. He wants us all to receive Him and go to Heaven.

Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge."

Our job from now until the rapture is to reach out to our family and friends and whoever else we have opportunity to warn and witness to. GET YOUR HEART AND SOUL'S RIGHT WITH GOD!! Clear up anything that might hold you back from going up in the rapture with the rest of us. Love people, care about people, have compassion for others. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.Forgive others who have wronged you. Don't let the sun go down on any ill feelings or unforgiveness!! Keeping your heart full of LOVE and FORGIVENESS. This is the answer to staying in the presence of Almighty God. Don't get left behind.

If you knew you were going to die today or if the world was going to end today, what would you do? Would you make sure your loved ones knew that you loved them? Would you swallow your pride and make ammends with that family member you have been mad at? Would you get down on your knees and ask Jesus to forgive you? If you knew this was your last day on earth and you'd be standing in front of God in just a few hours, what would you do? Well then do it. The time has come!

At the end of my prphetic dream, I saw myself and my family go up in the rapture. I was living here in Florida. It was summertime, which I believe is June 21- September 21. It was in the early part of the morning before daylight. My family had been swimming the day before. That night as I was going to bed, God spoke to me ans said, "Tonight I am calling you home." I thought to myself, why now? God had blessed me financially about 3 years prior to the rapture, which had been a struggle for me my whole married life. I was happy and healthy. My family was happy and healthy. All seemed really good in my life. I could not have been happier. I also remember thinking that if the rapture happens tonight, people are going to think it's some kind of fireworks or political celebration, like an Independence Day celebration.

In my dream, I awoke hearing a trumpet sound, right before daylight. As the trumpet sounded, I had plenty of time to gather my family together and form a prayer circle. As we prayed we were all quickly drawn up to a place with alot of other people. My family and I were all there together even the ones who had died, like my Dad and my Brother. Everyone was so joyful and so happy. No one was scared or sad. Everyone was dancing and jumping and smiling. It was GREAT!! That's it.That was the end of my dream. I woke up after that. I did not see Jesus or Heaven, but I knew I was there and about to enter in. I knew God had shown me the rapture in relation to my life. God told me to write down that vision because He wanted me to share it with the world.

I know alot of people, even religous scolars and political leaders thought something dramatic was going to happen around Y2k, the year 2000. I don't have a formula or an astounding numerical explanation to back up my beliefs; I just have my dream and the Spirit of God speaking to me. In my opinion that's all I need. God told me He would give me about 3 years to warn the world, from the time I release this book to the rapture. This book is being released in the summer of 2004. I BELIEVE THE RAPTURE WILL HAPPEN IN THE SUMMER OF 2007! The exact day and hour, I do not know, but I know He will speak to me the night before and tell me to get ready because He is coming before daylight.

If you are a Christian and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will go to Heaven at the rapture whaether you believe in the rapture or not. If you have not recieved Jesus Christ as Savior, you will be left behind to suffer for 7 years in the tribulation. The desire of my heart is to see everyone, every single person in this nation and world taking this warning seriously and preparing themselves accordingly. But if only one person believes then it is worth all the critisicm, effort and money that I have spent to tell people.

This is my calling, to share that dream with as many people as I can, in as many ways as God leads me until the rapture. Don't think of this message being from me. This message is from God Himself. He is just using my voice. I don't know the future. I am just a normal average person who loves God and has surrendered myself to God and has allowed Him to send me and use me in any way He wants. God is doing the work. He is spreading the message to whoever He wants to hear it. That's what God does is use people to spraed His message.

Luke 10:16, "He who hears you, hears Me, He who rejects you, rejects me. And he who rejects Me, rejects Him who sent Me."

No matter how many times I say this, people still continuously ask me this same question over and over again. Why did God choose you? My answer is,I DO NOT KNOW. I am honored to be chosen. And I will do the best I can to stay surrendered to God to be used at His discretion. My call is to stir people up and get them running to church. It is people like Billy Graham that teaches them and helps them once they get there. So build those big churches and get ready for a mighty outpouring from God. Get ready to recieve the masses of people that are going to be running to church for answers. That is a pastors assigment!!

If you love God and are willing to humble and surrender your whole life to Him, He will use you to do great things for Him. With every vision there is provision to accomplish it. God blessed me financially not so I could just buy a nice house and diamonds and cars, He blessed me so I could live blessed and comfortable and have no financial worries while I am accomplishing what He called me to do. It cost millions for me to do what God has called me to do. I would not have the money or the anointing to do this if it wasn't for the miraculous power and favor of God working in my life. Gos Himself has blessed me. God told me to give these books and this message away for free. I have alot of people to reach and alittle bit of time to do it. I would have never been able to accomplish what I have by myself in my own abilities working a regular job. God made it all possible. Some people say I've been lucky, but I do not believe in luck. I believe when you belong to God, He is working continuously on every little detail in your life making everything you do come out to your own advantage so you can accomplish with your life what He wants you to. I believe I have the favor of God everywhere I go. It is only because of the grace, mercy and blessings of God that I can do anything at all. This is God's message and God's mission. I am just a fortunate instrument He is using.

I know not everyone is going to believe. I pray everyone believes. I am not the only one God is using to get this message out about the rapture. I am just one obedient voice. Others are being used to reach people I can't.

I was talking to God about my vision and people's reaction to it one day and this is what He told me. He said many have been called and spoken to about the end of time. He said each person called was like a single piece of a puzzle. Each person having different information. Not one person or one revaled secret is more important than another. Not one person has all the information, or holds all the pieces of the puzzle. We are all His children, We are suppose to be working in one accord with one another and sharing with one another what He has revealed to each one of us. As these pieces of the puzzle come together, we will be able to see the full picture of the end times. This prophecy God gave me to share is an important piece of that puzzle and until it is accepted you will not have the complete picture. God is pouring out His spirit and His anointing and His end time secrets to all flesh that will listen, NOT JUST TO BIG AMERICAN TELEVISION PREACHERS!

Acts 2:17&18, " And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophecy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.

And on My servants and on My handmaidens I will pour out in those days of My Spirit; and they shall prophesy."

Isn't that so exciting. That is what is happening right now. God is pouring out His Spirit to His children and revealing prophecies and secrets to us so we can tell people and encourage people that the last days are upon us and we have got to get our lives in order. Of course we all must discern who is giving the prophesy, whether they are a Christian or not. I'm not talking about whether they are religous or not or whether they go to church or not. I am talking about whether they have a relationship with Jesus Christ or not. God is only speaking to His children. If you are not a child of God then you are not hearing the voice of God. God said, "My sheep hear My voice" We also have to see if their prophesy blends in with the same picture as the other prophesy that has been given by reputible christians. Again, though we all may be given a little different information about the same subject, it will still blend together to reveal the full picture. For example, if everyone is saying pretty much the same thing, then someone comes along and says the US or Isreal is going to be hit by a nuclear bomb and destroyed before the rapture, THEY ARE MISTAKEN. That is not going to happen before the rapture. I hear some people saying that Christians are going to suffer through that and they are wrong. There will be nuclear wars and much of the world including the US will be destroyed but AFTER the rapture, not before. God is removing His children to safety first.

God loves us all so much, and it causes Him great sorrow to see us destroying ourselves because of bad choices we are making and because of our unbelief in Him and His word. It causes Him sorrow to see us arguing and fighting with one another over foolish things, not only indivisually but entire countries do this against each other. He wants to help us and save us and show us how to live in peace and harmony with one another but we have to reach out to Him and choose Him and His ways. If you do not reach out to God and choose God, He will not save you. The choice is yours.

God does not expect you to stop your everyday lives. You should carry on like you usually do. We all have to work and production has to continue on a daily basis to keep this country going. I hear about groups of people that have sold all their belongings and gathered their family and friends together to go off and set up camp somewhere waiting for the world to end. Come on that is ridiculous!! I don't believe God wants you to do that, unless it is the only way you can keep yourself from sinning. You do not have to get on top of a mountain and wave a red flag for God to find you. If you are a Christian, then you are one of God's children and God knows where everyone of His children are. He's not going to forget about you. He's not going to leave you behind. The only thing you need to do is accept Jesus Christ as Savior and reach out to family and friends and tell them how to get saved. Carry on your everyday lives in a Christian way. Go to work. Pay your bills. Take care of your household. Spread love and kindness to others.

Alot of people were preparing for Y2K or terrorism attacks by stocking up on extra food, water and emergency supplies. Well I live in Florida. What people were doing is what most Floridians have been doing for years, except we call it hurricane supplies. Whatever you choose to call your emergency supplies, I think it is a good idea for everyone to keep emergency supplies at all times. You never know what might come up, and you will probably need them before the rapture. Water and electric are going to be disrupted before the rapture on a national level. Count on it.

God revealed to me that 2006 will be a great move of God like we have never seen before. God will show Himself strong and powerful through His children. He is going to reveal Himself to people all over the world. There are going to be miracles and signs and wonders that are going to blow your mind. People are going to be praying and getting answers to their prayers immediately, instantly. NO WAITING! The Spirit of God is going to be so strong and awesome. Not only will the Spirit of God be strong demonic power will be strong as well. You will be able to see alot of supernatural things taking place. Crime will be increasing. People will be braver and caring less and less about others. People are selfish and just want to take what they want in life without any regard to others they may be hurting in the process. Get to know people and check them out before you open up your home to someone and give them your trust. I know it sounds awful but you have to be cautious for yourself and your family. We used to be able to consider people nice and trustworthy until they prove differently, but now we have to be guarded with people until they prove to be trustworthy.

I believe at the beginning of 2007, God will be stretching time graciously and mercifully to give people one last chance to repent and turn from their wickedness. God will allow us to see slightly into the tribulation period, through our imaginations for a few months. A foretaste of what it is going to be like here during the tribulation. The tribulation is not going to begin until the church is gone, but it will be so close that we will be able to see the reality of it. Some people will suffer if they are not being led and protected by the Spirit of God. There will be alot of financial hardships. We will see it coming. We will see the fear in people's faces, because without God you feel hopeless and fearful. We will hear the pain in their voices.

In 2007, God will be extremely longsuffering, gathering in the last minute procratinators. He will be holding back the Anti-christ and the destruction one day at a time. God's arm is not short. There is enough of God's blessing and grace for every single child of God. All of God's people will be protected and provided for as long as you stay close to Him and in His presence. He will provide for you if you trust and believe. God will not leave any of His children behind. He knows where to find you. His eyes are upon you. His ears hear your prayers. His heart is full of love for you.

If you choose not to believe me, I pray you will believe some one else with the same message. Even if you are not willing to believe the rapture will happen in 2007, at least get your heart right with God so that whenever it is your time to leave this earth you will be prepared and ready to meet Jesus. Don't wait till 2007 to accept Jesus as Savior. Just because that is when the rapture is going to happen does not mean you have until then to get your life ready. The life and death process does not cease to happen until the rapture. People will still be born daily and people will still die daily. You do not know when your last day will be. It could be today. You may not make it until the rapture. So stop playing around and accept Jesus today!!

The purpose of this message is not to scare anyone. The purpose is to bring comfort and hope in this trying time we are living in. It is to give you strength and let you know to just hold on a little longer. OUR HELP JESUS IS ON HIS WAY! THE RAPTURE IS AN ACT OF GOD THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER. It is a wonderful spectacular event for all who are part of God's family. Don't stress over it or be upset. Accept Jesus as Savior and live your life. We are about to take a wonderful amazing trip. Enter into that safe peaceful place with Jesus Christ.

God told me to offer this message and the books for free to all who request a copy. I want ot spread the message all over the world and get it into every single household as quickly as possible to give everyone ample time to get ready. God is telling all His children the same message. Listen for it. Obey His voice. Don't be decieved. This is for real. God Bless you!!

Revelation 3:3, "Remember therefore how you have received and heard; hold fast and repent. Therefore if you will not watch, I will come upon you as a thief, and you will not know what hour I will come upon you."

2 Peter 3:9, "The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some count slackness, but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance."

Habakkuk 2:2&3, "And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."



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