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Nihilism is the belief that nothing is real and nothing is worth doing. As such it is a form of idealism, or the belief that reality and mind share a function. When we realize our thoughts are more real than physical existence, but the two depend on each other, we can strip away our meaningless preconceptions and address reality as it actually is. Nihilism is at first fatalism, then realism, and finally, a heroic form of idealism in which we accept that our lives "mean" nothing except as we make them to be. Nihilism is an intellectual maturation that is the gateway to all future philosophy.
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May 21, 2006
Translations in Brazilian Portuguese language

Thanks to Isadora Garrido, we now have Lying and Sweden, How Does A Nihilist Live? and Why I am not a "White" Nationalist or neo-Nazi in Brazilian Portuguese language...

May 18, 2006

They say, that what we see, is what we want - but for some there is more to life... by Vijay Prozak [ Read More ]

May 17, 2006
The World Around Us

When illusions become reality, we wonder what life itself is worth... by Iconoclast [ Read More ]

May 17, 2006
Lying and Sweden in Swedish Language

Translated by Alexis for the Swedish readers... [ Read More ]

May 17, 2006
Winner Takes All in Hebrew

Our gratitude to Immortal for this translation... [ Read More ]

May 13, 2006

In the process of equally satisfying everyone, we end up satisfying no one... by Vijay Prozak [ Read More ]

May 10, 2006

Running away from danger ease the mind, but not the problems... by Vijay Prozak [ Read More ]

May 10, 2006
One For All - All For One

We must go beyond our minds and live what we preach... by Alexis [ Read More ]

May 10, 2006
Under Guidance By Stars

It is not until we learn to tolerate other cultures, that true multiculturalism will be a fact... by Alexis [ Read More ]

May 10, 2006
Nihilism in Finnish Language

We'd like to thank "Promethean Curse" for this translation... [ Read More ]

May 10, 2006
Video Games in Swedish Language

Translated by Alexis for the Swedish readers... [ Read More ]

May 3, 2006
Pragmatism: Television

Make your ass lazy, and your mind will follow... [ Read More ]

May 3, 2006
Pragmatism: Stereotypes

Political stereotypes cariacature dogma, not individuals... [ Read More ]

May 3, 2006
Winner Takes All

Social systems need to let those who can do, do, and keep doing... [ Read More ]

Activism in Hebrew

Thanks to board member ilia, we have this article in Hebrew ... [ Read More ]


And what of the intangibles? We care because they are unique, or because we care first for the whole?... by Alexis [ Read More ]


Section updated, and missing Swedish version of manifesto mirrored locally... [ Read More ]


A parable... [ Read More ]


When our thoughts and ideals are out of balance with the whole of existence, we start living for small illusions... by Alexis [ Read More ]


Confusing what is outside with what is inside can replace our values with something that seems eternal, but is far too temporary... by Alexis [ Read More ]


People don't know what they want, and the easiest solution sometimes makes the biggest mess... by hate edge [ Read More ]


It's easy to be "happy" for some; avoid pain. Others interpret the quest in life as a more complex undertaking... by Hannibal [ Read More ]


A new section, for the brave... [ Read More ]

The Doctrine of Life

Why survive -- or rather, why survive well?... by Vazul [ Read More ]

Serf's Up!

Before you point the finger, remind yourself of what happens to all societies in decay: we liberate ourselves to a more invisible, subtler, more pervasive serfdom... [ Read More ]

New Translations

Alexis and Der Eremit bring us some new works: How Does a Nihilist Live? in Spanish, and Fascism, Televison and A Socratic Dialogue in Swedish. Happy international reading!

Freedom of Choice

Choice implies selection between options defined by others, and does it really liberate us from reacting to the power structure above us?... [ Read More ]

Open Your Eyes

Lost in a forest of symbols, we clutch at straws... [ Read More ]

Anti-Racist Nationalists

Organization for those who want self-preservation without all the extraneous violent emotion... [ Read More ]

Letters: Challenge and Response

Send me your worst, I asked; the results help elucidate the interstices of philosophy, as always... [ Read More ] [ Read All Letters ]

Books: Son of the Sun and Frankenstein

This week: realistic, naturalistic female authors like Mary Shelley and Savitri Devi... [ Read More ]

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