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If you’re not content with being in the 97% of average network marketers, then you owe it to yourself to hear what two of the industry’s most notable experts have to say…

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- Nancy Christenson
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Thousands now succeed in network marketing who never thought they could… thanks to the proven strategies revealed on this CD by two of America’s foremost experts- Andre Vatke and Jeff Zalewski. This is solid information that can be used right away.

Andre Vatke is the founder of Leaders Club, an organization he started in 1994 with a mission of teaching leadership and success skills to marketers around the globe. Since then, top leaders from over two hundred MLM companies have come to rely on Leaders Club as an indispensable foundation for their success.

Jeff Zalewski is a success coach and network marketing trainer that has personally developed hundreds of top industry performers. Jeff’s journey includes going from six figures in debt to debt-free with a six figure income in less than four years. The information on this audio reveals the principles he used to accomplish this. His street-smart strategies
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