ARMS (of that Ilk and Earnock)
Quarterly, 1st & 4th, Gules, a close helmet Argent;
2nd & 3rd, Argent, a cross crosslet fitchée Gules


An anchor Proper


For security

This name is plainly derived from the personal name Robert. The name can be either of Norman or French origin, or from the old English ‘hroo-berht’, meaning ‘bright fame’. Black asserts, following Nisbet, that the manor or lands of Roberton were in the hands of the family who were to assume the name as early as 1200. Robertus de Roberton witnessed a charter by Hugo of Biggar, in favour of the church of Lesmahagow in 1228. The other witnesses to this charter were Reginald of Crawford and Archibald Douglas. This indicates the importance of the deed and the high standing of all those who were party to it. Robert Roberton of that Ilk witnessed a charter around 1250. Stephen de Roberton of Roberton seems to have adhered to the cause of Edward Balliol in the struggle for the crown of Scotland. In 1296 he appears on the Ragman Roll, acknowledging Edward I as his direct and lawful superior. His barony of Roberton was forfeited when Robert the Bruce triumphed and was confirmed as king. The family, however, was not extinguished, as Stephen’s


son, Symon, obtained by marriage to a daughter of Sir David Hamilton of Cadzow, the lands and estate of Earnock. Lands were later confirmed to the family by a charter under the great seal of Robert II in 1380. The family prospered by a series of splendid marriages into notable families around Lanark. John Roberton of Earnock married firstly, a daughter of Cleland of that Ilk, and then Margaret, daughter of Lord Cathcart. Daughters of the Laird of Earnock married into the great dynasties of Hamilton and Dundas. James Roberton of Earnock served under the Duke of Hamilton in the service of King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden in 1631. John Roberton was secretary to George I.

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