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     The An-38 light multipurpose aircraft is intended to transport passengers, mail and cargoes along regional air routes.

     The An-38 was developed as a major modification of the An-28 production aircraft retaining the latter’s better qualities and featuring a stretched fuselage, more powerful engines, and improved cockpit and passenger cabin comfort. The payload weight has been brought up to 2,500 kg, number of passengers up to 27 and maximum cruising speed up to 405 km/h. Improved flight speed, cargo capacity and fuel consumption have resulted in 1.5-fold increase of the aircraft productivity.

     High takeoff and landing performance, the landing gear with low-pressure tires enable the An-38’s operation from/into small airfields including the unpaved, ice- and snow-covered ones.

     The aircraft is easily and reliably controlled throughout the flight envelope and has a high safety level: it would not stall at high angles of attack and retains stability and controllability even in the event of ice formation on the wing and empennage.

     The An-38 is equipped with an up-to-date integrated navigation system and a weather radar, and is capable of flying by night and under adverse weather conditions.

     The aircraft can operate within a wide temperature range from -50 ° up to + 45 °C. In order to improve comfort when operating in hot regions of the world, an air conditioner can be installed in the aircraft at Customer’s option.

     The An-38 structure allows in-service passenger-to-cargo or cargo/passenger cabin conversion by the crew at any intermediate aerodrome.

     To provide for cargo handling operations, the aircraft is equipped with a hand-driven overhead-track hoist with 500 kg cargo capacity.

     The ‘on-condition’ maintenance concept has been implemented for the An-38. The aircraft maintenance program will ensure:

  • annual flight rate of 2,000 hours;
  • probability of departure delay due to technical reasons of 0.02, maximum;
  • total specific maintenance manpower of 4 manhours per flight hour.

     The АN-38-100 aircraft is supplied with the Honeywell ТРЕ 331-14GR-801Е engines. The AN-38 can be equipped with avionics of the foreign or CIS production.

     In December 1995, ANTONOV Aeronautical Scientific/Technical Complex (Kiev, Ukraine) and Novosibirsk Chkalov Aircraft Production Association (Novosibirsk, Russia) established a joint venture company, Siberian Antonov Aircraft, aimed at production, sales and after-sale support of the An-38. Serial production of the An-38-100 aircraft was deployed at Novosibirsk. A version powered with the Russian TVD-20 engines, the An-38-200, was developed and is now under certification testing.

     In April 1997, Type Certificate was issued to ANTONOV ASTC by IAC AR for the An-38-100 transport category aircraft in compliance with the certification basis developed within the framework of Aviation Rules Part 25 (AP-25), in March 2001 — supplement №1 to the Type Certificate allowing to provide international flights.

     Apart from basic An-38, the following aircraft versions can be developed:

  • 8 to 10-seat VIP version;
  • patrol/transport version for forest fire patrol operations, delivery of smoke-jumpers and special-purpose cargoes;
  • patrol version for land and sea zone patrolling;
  • military airlift version for transportation of cargoes, troops and casualties, inflight delivery, paratroop training and for Extraordinary Ministry.

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