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HAUTE VOLTIGE Young Pilot Project
12/03/2002 | Posted by Thierry at 06:06 PM

WGP LogoThe Haute Voltige Young Pilot project (HVYP) is sponsored by the Haute Voltige group to support young solo aerobatic pilots in their aim to reach FAI World Grand Prix level (top ranking in the CIVA Unlimited World Aerobatic Championships).

All National Air Sport Control Organisations and CIVA delegates were contacted and invited to nominate their potential candidates who met the following criteria:
- Male or female pilots under 26 years of age at time of application
- Aerobatic advanced level as a minimum
- Holding a commercial pilot licence

The selection list closed on 15th February and we now congratulate the successful pilots:

Unlimited Category:
Zachery HEFFLEY (21), USA, 100 total flying hours

Advanced Category:
Sabina BUCHLI (25), Switzerland, 780 total flying hours
Tams ROHCS (21), Hungary, 500 total flying hours

The basic idea is to use the structure of the FAI World Grand Prix (champions, aircraft, events), as a support for:
- Promotion of these pilots;
- Assistance for sponsorship;
- Development of their skills in 4-minute freestyle programme and Flying to music

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