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95th FAI General Conference (3) - New "FAI Corporate Patrons" Programme
31/10/2002 | Posted by JeanMarc at 08:41 AM

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The “FAI Corporate Patrons” Programme will start early in 2003 and offer exclusive services to manufacturers whose products contribute to the setting of aeronautical or astronautical World Records. A resolution to this effect was adopted by the 95th FAI General Conference held from 7 to 13 October 2002 in Dubrovnik. FAI “Corporate Patrons” - a new link between industry and air sports.

FAI World Records Promote Products
FAI recognises the achievements of pilots and parachutists (the holders of FAI sporting licenses who establish World Records), but until now has not recognised the manufacturers of the various aircraft and equipment used to achieve these performances. Manufacturers nevertheless show great interest in the FAI World Record system : some of them (Boeing or Airwave for example) already successfully use FAI World Records to promote and sell their products.

A Direct Link between Industry and Air Sports
In launching the new “Corporate Patrons” Programme, FAI offers its future corporate affiliates a range of services and benefits to maximize their exposure after having set FAI World Records. By joining the programme, Patrons will publicly demonstrate their support for Air Sports. FAI affiliation will not form a prerequisite for records to be considered, but will be offered as an additional option with two levels of affiliation, each giving rights to specific benefits. Corporate Patrons will be free to select their level of affiliation.

The Basic Package: “Gold Patron”
Usually, FAI ratifies a World Record only in the name of the pilot, parachutist or crew. Gold Patron companies will also have the record ratified in the name of the aircraft/equipment manufacturer, sponsor and/or organiser of the performance. An FAI Corporate Patron will be entitled to have a limited number of World Records ratified each year free of any FAI administration fee. Other services include special discount rates to use the FAI logo, an invitation to the FAI Awards Ceremony to collect record diploma(s), a free subscription to FAI newsletter, a special mention on the FAI Web site and priority treatment for exclusive invitation or sponsorship opportunities at FAI Events and Championships.

Tailor-made Services for “Platinum Patrons”
In addition to all benefits granted to Gold Patrons, Platinum Patrons will benefit from special additional customized services : a co-branded FAI/Patron Web page displaying the history of the record set by the Patron, and the possibility to organise company or product presentations at FAI General Conferences. Finally, Platinum Patrons will be invited to nominate a representative to the FAI World Records Advisory Forum. This forum will give them the opportunity to submit feedback and technical recommendations on rules governing World Records, or to bring to the attention of FAI areas of technological development where new records might be achieved.

Launch of the “FAI Corporate Patrons” Programme: Early 2003
Detailed information about “FAI Corporate Patrons” will be available early in 2003 at Companies wishing to automatically receive further information when published are kindly invited to show their interest by sending a short message to our specially dedicated e-mail address :

Lausanne, 31 October 2002

95th FAI General Conference (2) - New Concept for the 3rd World Air Games
25/10/2002 | Posted by JeanMarc at 10:38 AM

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The 95th FAI General Conference held from 7 to 13 October 2002 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, approved a new concept for the 3rd World Air Games. A reduction in size and more centralization of the competition venues will further improve the popularity and the attractiveness of the event. A two-phase Bid Process will start early in 2003 to select the Organizer of the 3rd World Air Games 2005.

A Short History of the World Air Games
Starting in the mid-eighties, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) worked on emulating the concept of an Olympiad for its Air Sports and developed the idea of World Air Games (WAG). The objective of this quadrennial, elite and multidisciplinary unique sports festival was to determine champions in all participating Air Sports, to motivate camaraderie among the world’s top athletes, to showcase Air Sports to the public and to promote public participation in Air Sports. The first World Air Games took place in Turkey (1997), the second in Spain (2001). Both events included around 3500 participants, with 2000 athletes competing in more than 20 events spread over eight different competition venues.

New Concept for the 3rd World Air Games 2005
In an effort to render Air Sports even more popular and attractive to the media (see our Press Release of 3 September 2002), the FAI Executive Board appointed the WAG Coordinating Committee (WAGCC) to work out a new concept based on the experiences collected during the previous WAGs. The 95th FAI General Conference held two weeks ago at Dubrovnik was an excellent opportunity for Mr. B.J. Worth, Executive Chairman of the WAGCC, to explain the guidelines according to which the 3rd World Air Games will be organized in 2005. The most significant elements intended to establish an event with more impact are a reduction in size (max. 1000 participants), centralization and reduced number of competition venues (max. 3 venues within 100 km), a reduction in the length of WAG events (max. 6 to 7 days) and time-sharing between events at the competition venues. To attract a maximum number of spectators, the Opening Ceremony will take place on a weekend at a central venue with all participating athletes parading; a show segment will be included to present all WAG Air Sports : Aerobatics, Aeromodelling, Ballooning, Gliding, Hang Gliding, Helicopters, Microlights, Paragliding and Parachuting.

Interactivity with the Public
To improve attendance of spectators and enhance their interest in Air Sports, a static display of aircraft and equipment used by the athletes, competitor profiles, and a description of each event with its objective will be available at the competition venues.

Launch of Bid Process in early 2003
The next WAG Organizer will be selected by a two-phase Bid Process. Early in 2003, FAI will invite FAI Members, cities, regions and corporations to bid for the right to organize and host the 3rd World Air Games. A Bid Package will be provided to qualified entities that submit requests to FAI; the package will include all relevant instructions, information and documents for completing the WAG Bid Form.
A dedicated Internet page with detailed information will be published at later this year.

Lausanne, 25 October 2002

95th FAI General Conference 2002 (1)
15/10/2002 | Posted by Thierry at 05:52 PM

The 95th FAI General Conference was held from 7 to 13 October 2002 in Dubrovnik, Croatia. After accepting 7 new countries as FAI Members, the Delegates, who represented 44 nations and 9 international Air Sport Commissions, discussed amongst others subjects the 3rd World Air Games, a new concept for FAI Corporate Patrons and the FAI Centenary in 2005. The FAI President and all the members of the FAI Executive Board were re-elected for a new term of two years.

New Membership
The General Conference accepted the following countries as new Active members of the FAI : Bulgaria, Nepal, People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (re-admission), Saudi Arabia (final acceptance subject to receipt and approval of Saudi Aviation Club Statutes) and Peru (final acceptance subject to payment of the appropriate fees). The Science Club of Qatar and the “3D Air Sports and Hobbies Association” (Philippines) were accepted as new Associate members for aeromodelling. Taking into account the decisions made in Dubrovnik, FAI membership now stands at 79 Active members, 9 Associate members, 9 Temporary members and 3 International Affiliates (100 in total).

Re-election of the FAI President
After a first term of two years, FAI President Wolfgang WEINREICH (Germany) was re-elected for a second period, ending at the 2004 General Conference.

FAI Executive Board Re-elected
Elected at the 93rd General Conference 2000 in Linköping, all six FAI Executive Directors were re-elected for a new term of two years : Robert CLIPSHAM (Canada), Hideo HIRASAWA (Japan), Donald J. KORANDA (USA), Ivo MAZZOLA (Switzerland), Alvaro de ORLEANS BORBON (Spain) and Pierre PORTMANN (France).

Delegates and Vice-Presidents
The 95th General Conference approved the Delegates nominated for FAI Commissions ( ), as well as the FAI Vice-Presidents ( ) for 2002-2003. For detailed information, please refer to the permanently updated Internet pages mentioned above.

The General Conference was informed about the international calendar for sporting events 2003 ( and the meetings for the next 12 months ( For detailed information, please refer to the permanently updated Internet pages mentioned above.

Next Press Releases
Within the next few weeks, FAI will issue following reports about the 95th General Conference :
Press Release #2 : New concept for the 3rd World Air Games
Press Release #3 : Launch of the new “FAI Corporate Patrons” programme
Press Release #4 : FAI Centenary / TV Production / New FAI medal “Sabiha Gökcen” / Conference 2003

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