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Bids for the 3rd FAI World Air Games 2005 : Phase 2 Extended
17/07/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 10:16 AM

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The deadline to submit the required Bid Dossiers for the second phase of the Bid Process to host the 3rd FAI World Air Games in 2005 expired on 22 June 2003. Italy decided to postpone its Bid due to the extensive work needed at Rieti airfield before it could host the WAG. Given that the Malaysian and Polish Bids both contained several incomplete elements, these countries have been allocated an additional period to fully prepare their Bid Dossiers.

At the end of the first phase of the Bid Process to host the 3rd FAI World Air Games (see our Press Release 08/03 of 20 May 2003). Australia, Italy, Malaysia and Poland were invited to confirm their interest, and to provide FAI with detailed information regarding their proposed venues and infrastructure, initial program of events, budgets and marketing strategy. The deadline to submit the Phase 2 Bid Dossiers was set at 22 June 2003. At the beginning of this second phase, Australia decided to postpone its bid to a later date due to the close proximity of the next Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Italy Postpones Bid to Later Year
Italy, whilst confirming its interest to host the FAI World Air Games (WAG), gave notice that the extensive and essential work needed to improve the infrastructure on the airfield at Rieti was not expected to be terminated in good time for the World Air Games in 2005. On 20 June 2003, Italy therefore informed FAI of its decision to postpone its Bid to a later year.

Phase 2 of Bid Process Extended
Having confirmed their interest in hosting the 2005 FAI World Air Games, Malaysia and Poland did a great amount of work to assemble the information contained in their Bid Dossiers, which they submitted in due time. When the WAG Coordinating Committee (WAGCC) carried out a careful evaluation of both Bid Dossiers, it soon appeared that essential elements were missing or were incomplete, preventing the WAGCC from reaching a final decision on the admission of the Bidders to the last part of the Bid Process. To allow Malaysia and Poland to carry out further specific work on the incomplete elements of their bids, WAGCC decided to extend Phase 2 of the Bid Process to 31 August 2003, and to provide both Bidders with a detailed list of the information to be submitted.

Final Decision on Schedule
Despite this delay, FAI is continuing preparatory work for the final phase of the Bid Process, and a decision concerning the 3rd FAI World Air Games will be taken in October 2003, as planned in the initial schedule.

Lausanne, 17 July 2003

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