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FAI Weekly Update
29/08/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 09:50 AM

Aerobatic Hang Gliding & Paragliding World Cup : Results / New Philatelic Products : 20 Stamps Celebrating the Wright Brothers' First Flight / Coming soon : Parachuting "Mondial 2003" / New World Record Claims for Aeroplanes and Model Aircraft.

6th Red Bull Vertigo / Aerobatic Hang Gliding and Paragliding World Cup
22. - 24.8, Villeneuve (SUI)

Winners - Aerobatic Paragliding
1. Raul & Felix RODRIGUEZ (ESP)
3. Matthias ROTHEN (SUI) & Horacio LLORENS (ESP)

Winners - Aerobatic Hang Gliding
1. Yann FLOURY (FRA)
2. Mitchell MCALEER (USA)
3. Fredy BIRCHER (SUI)

For further information : or
Photos :
TV Production : News, Highlights and Rough Cuts at Quattro Media +49 (0) 8093 57220


New Philatelic Products : FAI Member Country Singapore Issues 20 Stamps Celebrating the Wright Brothers' First Flight
3.9.03, Singapore

Celebrate the Centenary of the Wright Brothers' First Flight with this set of 20 Singapore stamps featuring civil and military aircraft, to be issued on 3 September 2003. It is definitely a special collection not to be missed !

To view and order the stamps, see :


Coming soon : World Parachuting Championships "Mondial 2003"
7.-14.9, Gap-Tallard (FRA)

General Information : see FAI Press Release of 5 August 2003
Internet :


The FAI has received the following Class C (Aeroplanes) and Class F (Model Aircraft) record claims :

Claim number : 7887
Sub-class : C-1b (Landplanes - Take-off weight 500 to 1000 kg - Group 1 : piston engine)
Type of record : Speed over a recognised course
Course/location : Melbourne, VIC (AUS) - Canberra, ACT (AUS)
Performance : 326.06 km/h
Pilot : Raymond James PEARSON (AUS)
Aircraft : Glasair S112FT
Date : 26.08.2003
Current record : none

Claim number : 7888
Sub-class : C-1b (Landplanes - Take-off weight 500 to 1000 kg - Group 1 : piston engine)
Type of record : Speed over a recognised course
Course/location : Melbourne, VIC (AUS) - Sydney, NSW (AUS)
Performance : 335.04 km/h
Pilot : Raymond James PEARSON (AUS)
Aircraft : Glasair S112FT
Date : 26.08.2003
Current record : 306.72 km/h - 28.10.97 - Jon JOHANSON (AUS)

Claim number : 7889
Sub-class : F2A (Aeroplane, piston engine)
Category : F2 (Control line circular flight)
Type of record : No 133 - Speed (swept volume 5.01 to 10.00 cm3)
Course/location : Oakington, Longstanton, Cambridgeshire (UK)
Performance : 345 km/h
Pilot : Ken MORRISSEY (UK)
Date : 25.08.2003
Current record : 326 km/h - 19.10.84 - Shen XILIN (CHN)

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the records ratified (if appropriate).

Lausanne, 29 August 2003

FAI Weekly Update
22/08/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 10:07 AM

6th Red Bull Vertigo, Aerobatic Hang Gliding & Paragliding World Cup /
Competitions Results / New World Record Claim

6th Red Bull Vertigo / Aerobatic Hang Gliding and Paragliding World Cup
22. - 24.8, Villeneuve (SUI)

From 22 to 24 August, the world's best paraglider and hang-glider pilots will converge on Villeneuve to demonstrate their aerobatic skills over Lake Geneva. Free entrance, breath-taking competitions, numerous side events and a lot of entertainment and fun.

Program, competitions, pictures :
TV Production : News available from 25 August / Highlights and Rough Cuts availabe from 27 August at Quattro Media, attn Gabi Voight or Alex Kroepfl +49 (0) 8093 57220 or +41 79 467 22 60 (during the competition).


13th European Hot Air Balloon Championship
8. - 17.8, Vilnius (LTU)

2. Sandor VEGH (HUN)

For further information and pictures :


23rd World Radio Controlled Aerobatic Model Championships
6. - 17.8, Deblin (POL)

1. Christophe PAYSANT LE ROUX (FRA)
3. Gordon HYDE (USA)

For further information and pictures :


2nd World Paragliding Accuracy Championship
4. - 10.8, Lijak (SLO)

1. Matjaz FERARIC (SLO)
2. Andy SHAW (GBR)
3. David SLUGA (SLO)

1. Slovenia
2. United Kingdom
3. Lithuania

For further information and pictures :


10th World Glider Aerobatics Championship
2. - 15.8, Györ-Pér (HUN)

1. Ferenc TOTH (HUN)
2. Jerzu MAKULA (POL)
3. Georgiy KAMINSKIY (RUS)

1. Poland
2. Russia
3. Hungary

For further information and pictures :


The FAI has received the following Class R (Microlights) record claims :

Claim number : 7886
Sub-class : RAL2 (Microlights with moveable aerodynamic control, landplane, flown by 2 persons)
Type of record : Distance in a straight line without engine power
Course/location : Szeged Airport (HUN)
Performance : 84 km
Pilot : Huba BAJUSZ (HUN)
Date : 12.08.2003
Current record : new

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the records ratified (if appropriate).

Lausanne, 22 August 2003

FAI Weekly Update
15/08/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 09:59 AM

28th World Gliding Championships 2003
19.07 - 10.08, Leszno (POL)

LESZNO, 10 August - After 12 successful competition days, the 28th World Gliding Championships Closing Ceremony was a moment of triumph for the four World Champions, and a moment of relief for all those who organized these Championships. Results and statistics.

Open Class : Holger KAROW (GER)
Standard Class : Andrew DAVIS (GBR)
15 m : John COUTTS (NZL)
18 m : Wolfgang JANOWITSCH (AUT)

Some statistics
- 654'000 kilometers flown,
- 9'700 hours flown,
- 2'030 glider take-offs,
- 128 competitors,
- 66 : the age of the oldest competitor, Karl STRIEDIECK (USA)
- 31 nations represented,
- 22 : the age of the youngest competitor, Johan STORMATS (SWE).

For further information
Results, News, ... and much more / FAI Gliding Commission (IGC) / IGC Pilot Ranking List


A Model Plane Crosses the Atlantic Ocean
From the report written by Jack Garland, Associated Press

LONDON, 12 August — It didn’t fly high and it didn’t fly swiftly, but The Spirit of Butts Farm made it all the way from Canada to Ireland with a few drops of fuel to spare, a group of model airplane enthusiasts say. They are hoping for a distance record for the flight of 38 hours, 23 minutes over 1,888.3 miles by a model plane that weighed just 11 pounds when it took off from Newfoundland.

For Dave Brown, who was at the controls for Monday’s landing at Marrin Beach in County Galway, it was a great moment. “A great cheer went up when we saw it, and four minutes later I landed it in the field. It was so thrilling,” Brown said in a telephone interview. The balsa wood-and-mylar plane was designed by retired engineer Maynard Hill, 77, of Silver Spring, Md. He launched it from Cape Spear, Newfoundland, on Saturday night.

The nearly 6-foot-long craft was packed with instruments that sent telemetry back to mission control and helped guide the plane. Once in sight of the Irish coast, the plane came back under human control for landing. Brown, president of American Academy of Model Aeronautics, said he flew to Ireland to handle the landing. Hill kept in touch by telephone from Newfoundland. “At one point our instruments began telling us the aircraft was inexplicably dipping up and down 100 feet at a time, and then we lost contact with it,” he said.

(…) If the flight is certified by the FAI, it could set world records for distance traveled by a model airplane and duration of flight. The federation’s assistant secretary-general, Thierry Montigneaux, said from Lausanne, Switzerland, that the modelers had seven days to give notice of their record claims and 120 days to submit a dossier of evidence. (…) Brown said when Maynard first mentioned 10 years ago his plan to fly a model plane across the Atlantic, “I have to admit that at first I thought he was daffy. “But I’ve since learnt that he is not the kind of guy you tell he can’t do something to,” Brown said.

LAUSANNE, 13 August - The FAI has received from the President of the Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland, Joe Dible, the following Class F (Model Aircraft) record claims :

Claim number : 7882
Category : F3 : Radio controlled flight
Sub-class : F3A (Aeroplane, piston motor)
Type of record : N°142 - Distance in a straight line
Course/location : Cape Spear, NF (Canada) - Mannin Beach (Ireland)
Performance : 3039 km
Pilot : Maynard L. HILL (USA) & Team
Date : 11.08.2003
Current record : 832.43 km (14.06.1998 - Ronald C. CLEM, USA)

Claim number : 7883
Category & Sub-class : do.
Type of record : N°141- Duration
Course/location : Cape Spear, NF (Canada) - Mannin Beach (Ireland)
Performance : 38h 23min
Pilot : Maynard L. HILL (USA)
Date : 11.08.2003
Current record : 33h 39mn 15s (01.10.1992 - Maynard L. HILL, USA)

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the records ratified (if appropriate).

Lausanne, 15 August 2003

The 2003 FAI Championships season is at its height : results
07/08/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 11:16 AM

Summer holidays (Northern Hemisphere) mean not only "sea, sand and sun", but also the high season for all air sports championships. In the last few weeks, several FAI World and Continental Championships were held in the sports of Aeromodelling, Gliding, Paragliding and General Aviation. The FAI now publishes the first results.

2003 FAI World Aeromodelling Championship F1
12. - 18.07, Kunszentmiklos (HUN)

F1A - Individual : Robert HELLGREN (SWE)
F1A - Team : Ukraine
F1B - Individual : Stepan STEFANCHUK (UKR)
F1B - Team : Ukraine
F1C - Individual : Leonid FUZEYEV (RUS)
F1C - Team : USA

Full results / FAI – Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM).

2003 FAI European Aeromodelling Championship for Control Line Circular Flight
12. - 18.07, Rouille (FRA)

F2A (Speed Model Aircraft) : Luis PARAMON (ESP)
F2A - Junior : Matthew HART (GBR)
F2B (Aerobatic Model Aircraft) : Serge DELABARDE (FRA)
F2B - Junior : Richard KORNMEIER (GER)
F2C (Team Racing Model Aircraft) : Y. BONDARENKO & S. LERNER (UKR)
F2D (Combat Model Aircraft) : Andrius RASTENIS (LTU)
F2D - Junior : Cesar PICADO (nation to be confirmed)

FAI – Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM).

3rd FAI World Junior Gliding Championship
5. - 19.07, Nitra (SVK)

Club Class : Michael STREIT (GER)
Standard Class : Jez HOOD (GBR)

Results / FAI – Gliding Commission (IGC).

4th FAI World World Class Gliding Championship
5. - 19.07, Nitra (SVK)

Sebastian KAWA (POL)

Results / FAI – Gliding Commission (IGC).

8th World Paragliding Championship
11. - 27.07, Larouco, Montalegre (POR)

Overall : Alex HOFER (SUI)
Women : Petra KRAUSOVA (CZE)
Team : Switzerland

Results / World Ranking List / FAI – Hang Gliding Commission (CIVL).

13th World Rally Flying Championship
26.07 - 03.08, Rustenburg (RSA)

Individual : HOPKINS / DE KLERK (RSA)
Team : South Africa

Results / FAI – General Aviation Commission (IGC).

FAI congratulates the Winners and thanks the Organizers of the Championships.

Lausanne, 7 August 2003

Coming soon : World Microlight Championships 2003
06/08/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 03:33 PM

Every two years microlight pilots from around the world come together to compete in the FAI World Microlight Championships. In recent years these competitions have been held in France, Spain, Hungary, Turkey and South Africa. This year, between 23rd and 30th August, the United Kingdom is hosting the 9th FAI World Microlight Championship and the 3rd FAI World Powered Paragliders Championship at Long Marston Airfield, south of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Long Marston

Ceremonies, fly-in and trade-fair
The competition opening ceremony on Saturday 23rd August will start with a fly-in, trade-fair and static display of microlights from around the world, culminating in a full display by the RAF Red Arrows) display team at 4:00 pm. In the evening there will be a party with a pig-roast and barn-dance. After the competition week, the closing ceremony on the afternoon of Saturday 30th August will follow the final precision flying tasks and will end with another party and disco culminating with a Grand Firework display. Throughout the week tasks will be flown every day followed by entertainment for the 500 or so competitors, marshals and families who will be living on site, together with visitors who fly or drive in.

Well-known Champions at the head of the Competition
The two Competition Directors of the Long Marston Competition are Richard Meredith-Hardy, who won the individual Gold Medal in 1990, and Rob Keene who won the European Gold Medal in 2000. Chief Executive is Keith Negal who was Team Leader of the British Team when they took the Gold in the last World Championships held in Beas de Segura in Spain in 2001.

Classic Classes on Precision task

Competition Classes
The competition will be divided into two main classes. The 'Classic' classes are the typical flexwing and fixed wing microlights while the 'New' classes are the powered parachutes and powered paragliders which are growing in popularity.

Precision Tasks
Competition tasks are divided into precision, planning, navigation, fuel economy and combinations of these. The navigation, planning and fuel economy tasks are largely self-explanatory, but the precision tasks, which are the most entertaining for spectators, need a little explanation.
The main Classic classes' precision tasks are the spot landing and the 'short-short'. In the spot landing the aircraft must cut its engine at 1,000 feet over the runway and then land in a 'deck' 25 metres wide and 100 metres long in which certain 5 metre strips have high scores. In the short-short, which simulates a short-field takeoff followed by a short-field landing, the aircraft must start its takeoff run as close to a 1 metre 'hedge' (a tape across the runway) which it must clear before completing a circuit and landing over the same 'hedge', stopping as close to it as possible again clearing it.

Slalom for Powered Paragliders
In addition to the spot landing, which is always exciting, the most entertaining of the precision tasks for the New classes is the slalom. In the slalom the powered parachutes fly a prescribed and complex low-level course over a deck 100 metres by 100 metres in which the pilots must score by kicking spring-loaded marker sticks.

Given the right weather, always a bit of a gamble, this international event in the heart of England promises to be a tremendous success.
By Keith Negal

For further information ...
Official Webpage :
FAI Sporting Calendar : //
TV Production : one 20-minute or two 10-minute programs are planned; for further information regarding distribution, please contact Mr. Keith Negal, Chief Executive, at

Lausanne, 7 August 2003

TV Coverage of World Parachuting Championships "Mondial 2003"
05/08/2003 | Posted by JeanMarc at 12:36 PM

Under the title of "Mondial 2003", five World Parachuting Championships will be held from 7 to 14 September 2003 at Gap-Tallard, in the French Alps. As the Organizers will provide daily TV coverage, FAI invites its Members, Media and TV Representatives to contribute to a wide distribution of these spectacular images.

What is the "Mondial 2003" ?
On the same airfield, the best parachutists from 40 nations worldwide will compete in the following five different FAI-sanctioned competitions (see FAI Sporting Calendar) :

Canopy Formation
10th World Parachuting Championship in Canopy Formation
Team members compete under open parachutes (canopies). Once out of the aircraft, they deploy their parachutes immediately and proceed to build different formations by linking together. They connect by putting their feet on another parachute, in the parachute lines or on another jumper's body.

2nd World Parachuting Championship in Freeflying : Freeflying, the ultimate in creative freefall, is one of the latest events in sport parachuting and the only one to incorporate all dimensional axes during the freefall part of a parachute jump. The teams consist of three athletes, two freeflyers and a camera-flyer, who also contributes to the team's sporting performance. Judges score the team for both technical skill and artistic merit.

Accuracy Landing
27th World Parachuting Championship in Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing : Freefall Style is an individual discipline where the athlete performs a prescribed sequence of maneuvers in freefall as precisely as possible against the clock, rotating around different body axes, performing turns and loops and using both physical strength and aerodynamic forces. Accuracy Landing is also an individual discipline where the athlete has to steer his parachute to a precision landing on the 3 cm target in the center of an electronic measuring device.

Freestyle Skydiving
4th World Parachuting Championship in Freestyle Skydiving and Skysurfing : The objective of Freestyle Skydiving is to record a sequence of free or compulsory moves and poses in freefall during a limited working time; the teams consist of a performer and a freefall camera-flyer. Skysurfing is virtually identical to Freestyle Skydiving, except that a board is attached to the athletes' feet.

Formation Skydiving
15th World Parachuting Championship in Formation Skydiving : The teams consisting of 4, 8 or 16 members and a freefall camera-flyer have to perform, during a limited working time, a sequence of formations and transition maneuvers, and repeat this sequence as many times as possible during the working time.

What will you get ?
The competition Organizers will deliver daily 2-minute footage with the most spectacular images and interviews. The production team (Mosaďc Productions) will use 7 airborne and 3 ground cameras. A 26-minute film of the competitions' highlights will also be available one week after the end of the event.

Further information / Contact address
Official Website :

Worldwide distribution : by Upside Television, Pierre Betsch
Tel +33 1 46 38 94 55 / Fax +33 1 46 38 83 16

Lausanne, 5 August 2003

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