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Fenix TX
Posted by Truman Burden
Posted 11-22-2005
Interview With~Will

Fenix TX has been gone for quite a while now. What inspired you guys to get back together?
It started by the countless number of emails we would get seperately and collectively. All the kids who would come to Denver Harbor and Sing the Body Electric shows and ask what it would take to get back together and if we would ever consider playing more shows. Then after a while it just took a phone call to put the past behind us and do something that we considered fun again.

I have heard you guys are planning on continuing the band past these reunion shows can you tell me if this is true or not?
We are playing a few more shows after this Reunion Tour but as far as making another record, there have been no specific plans but no one is opposed to the idea.

You guys have had a few line-up changes and members switching to other instruments. What line-up has been playing the shows?
The tour started with myself, Damon Delapaz, Adam Lewis and Chris Lewis but after an incident with Damon about half way through we asked him to leave the tour and replaced him with Ilan Rubin who is the drummer for Denver Harbor.

It has been a while since Fenix TX had played a show and the musical landscape has changed quite a bit where you worried about playing the shows and the music not being as well received as it was before you broke up?
That was probably the least of our worries, we were coming back to play shows for anyone and everyone who would come out to the shows. We just wanted to go out and have a good time again playing together and didn't care about anything else but the fans.

Have you guys been playing any new songs on stage or songs you have never played live?
We have been playing a lot of request a lot of which we have never played before but learned just incase. And we have been playing a lot of covers with our own little twists.

Denver Harbor Will’s newest band has also been playing the Fenix dates do the two bands get along well together and support Will doing both bands?
We are actually all travelling in the same vehicle and getting along great.

Your new live album Purple Reign In Blood caused quite a stir with Prince and he ended up suing you for the title. Have you guys worked out that situation at this point?
We are still trying to work it out.

You guys are known as one of the first bands to really break Drive Thru Records out. What do you think of some of their newer signings and do you think the label has stayed strong?
You know I wish I could say I knew a lot of the new bands on DTR but they sign so many it is hard to keep up.

What are a couple of your favorite new Drive Thru/Rushmore Records bands?
Well we like Day at the Fair and Houston Calls cause those guys are really cool. As far as other bands on DTR I really like Hidden In Plain View and Steel Train.

I try to do this every interview something I like to call random questions here are yours:

What do your parents do?

What was the first illegal activity you ever participated in?
Breaking and Entering

What member of the band is most excited to be out touring again?

What do you think about the recent surge of labels doing user friendly copyright protection?
Copyright protection has its place and I suppose it is for a good reason

What is the longest you have had to drive while needing to go to the bathroom?
about 4 hours

What is the worst joke you have heard recently?
I haven't heard any bad ones

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments?
Thanks for the interview and thanks to anyone reading it.
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He didn't seem too thrilled to be doing the interview...kinda short answers.
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