'Typo Demon'

SF&F Picture 8 out of 59 by Saber Alexander Orion McConnell.

This little &*@^&# lives in my keyboard. He's not as active as he used to be, but he's still in there!

Comments for this picture:
Jan 27 2005 MadsterHa ha very funny!:D
There are days i feel this guy haunts my keyboard and that's almost every day I type!LOL

Comment From The Artist: :grins: I'm right with ya. At least now he only lives there 75% percent of the time for me...

Nov 5 2005 Elfwood writer: Dan Shevock Great little demon. A typo demon is very appropriate for Elfwood. :) I sometimes think this type of little annoying demon is more like what the medieval idea for demons was.

Comment From The Artist: Thanks, I rather like him myself! And he certainly is annoying. Wel I guess he's be more of an imp than a powerful demon... Eh close enough!

Nov 20 2005 marie Is there any way of banishing these, i have several!
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