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Update for 05.22.06:

6 a.m. Mourning by Chris Major

Losing Momentum by P.L. George

Existential by Stephen J. Golds


No Turkey for Tiny Tim by John Banks

Unwatched by John Grey

A Connecticut Yankee in the New Millennium by Mike Blake


La Belle Chinoise Sans Merci by P.S. Ehrlich

To Virginia by Kristin Blank

James by Cate Stevens-Davis


I'm a Fatty by Dave Hemmings

Summertime by Barbara Galvin

It Sucks Getting Old by Dan Provost


Glue Sanction by J.D. Nelson

Paradise by P.L. George

Madison by Tamsyn Grey

Church by Mike Blake


The Role of the Cyborg in Cyber Capitalism: An Interview with Jimmy Neutron and Friends by Jeff Crouch

Can't Go Home Again by Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Me by Paul Kavanagh


Sorry, Bukowski by P.L. George

Ding How by Matt Finney

Automatic Christ by John Sweet

Glue Sanction

by J. D. Nelson

My name's on that slim red cent —
just ask Old Joe So & So!

Please send me a tape.

Don't make it
too personal.

Split this whistler down
with your kips, me taddy.

J. D. Nelson's poems have appeared in many small-press publications, both in print and online. He lives in Colorful Colorado. Visit J. D.'s website, MadVerse.com, for more information.

posted 04.24.06.

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