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[ TIE interceptor ]
TIE interceptor
A later addition to the Imperial TIE starfighter arsenal...
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[ Collecting ]

Episode III Goes Full Throttle at StarWarsShop.com
February 01, 2005

StarWarsShop.com fires up its Episode III engines today with a blast of hot new Revenge of the Sith items burning to get into the hands of fans and collectors. Shoppers can grab our exclusive 3-D lenticular Episode III poster card for half price with select purchase (limited to 2500 worldwide), and all orders will receive a free Topps Revenge of the Sith promo card available nowhere else!

Exclusive 3-D lenticular Episode III poster card
Free Topps Revenge of the Sith promo card
Teaser Banner

Fans can now get their hands on one of the enormous 15' x 10' teaser banners they've seen displayed outside theaters in recent months, offered exclusively through StarWarsShop.com. The horizontal format really gives this striking image of Anakin/Vader a compositional twist and cinematic feel, not to mention a larger-than-life presence in any room. Because these giants come straight from theaters recently displaying them, they may show a bit worldly wear. These are extremely limited so be sure to get your dibs in on one early.

Hasbro's Episode III
Hasbro launches into Episode III with an all new preview figure quartet including Jedi enemy General Grievous with blaster and lightsabers, Wookiee Warrior with blaster, bandolier, and helmet, Tion Medon with blaster and staff, and R4-G9 with planet hologram.

Fans will recognize stylistic similarities from the classic trilogy emerging in the design of Hasbro's new Anakin's Starfighter, which sports the TIE-style canopy and fold-up wing stabilizers. Collectors of Hasbro's extensive fleet of classic and prequel vehicles can now display the complete TIE-design lineage, from Attack of the Clone's Jedi Starfighter to Return of the Jedi's TIE Interceptor. The circle is now complete!

LEGO further entices fans of the TIE design style with the simultaneous release of Episode III's Jedi Starfighter & Vulture Droid set and classic TIE Fighter, which LEGO is issuing with an all new Darth Vader figure with illuminating saber.

Jedi Starfighter & Vulture Droid Set
LEGO TIE Fighter (with Darth Vader light up lightsaber)

Playskool's Darth Tater
Playskool's hottest new potato, Darth Tater, has reached near celebrity-status in the few short weeks he was announced, so don't miss his limited appearance at the shop! Tater comes with lightsaber, cape, helmet, shoes, eyes, nose, teeth, and a mildly Sith sense of humor.

Master Replicas sets ablaze its new line of Episode III lightsaber replicas with the new Anakin Skywalker FX edition.Carrying on the tradition of the popular FX line, this new saber features power-up and power-down light effects in the blade,
.45 scale Anakin Lightsaber
a sound effects suite which includes power-up, idle hum, motion sensor-controlled swing and clash, and power-down. The highly collectible .45 scale editions of both Anakin's and Obi-Wan's Episode III sabers also makes their debut, complete with presentation case and display stand. Finally, Darth Vader's Episode V FX edition lightsaber ignites the classic line with all the cool features collectors have come to appreciate from this battle-ready line of replica Jedi weapons.

Star Wars Style "A" poster globe
Darth Vader globe

Encore shakes things up with a series of miniature snow globes themed after Episode III and the classic trilogy, including a striking Darth Vader edition that really heats up this relatively new addition to the Star Wars collecting hobby. Other globes include a commemorative trilogy globe which places the classic Star Wars Style "A" poster artwork in a 3-D setting, a statuesque Yoda poised to fight, a Hoth Snow Battle, Darth Vader helmet, and R2-D2 & C-3PO. Encore also has a great new line of sculpted mugs at the ready for Episode III, including General Grievous, Vader, Yoda, and color-change Jedi and Vader editions.

Pin USA releases two cool framed pin sets designed after masters of the Force Yoda and Darth Vader. Each set includes three pins that are exclusive to these artfully composed setups. Each is designed with striking graphics and bold color schemes--green for Yoda and red for Vader--making them display wonderfully alone or as a set. Also available are several bundled sets of new Episode III pins that sport the new wave of Star Wars graphics, from anime-inspired characterizations to flaming Vader helmets.

There's a lot more waiting for fans looking to get in early on the Sith action this year, so be sure to get over to StarWarsShop.com and reap your Revenge collectibles today.

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