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Erich von dem Bach – Zelewski – born in 1899, professional police officer. Since 1930 he is a member of the Nazi party. In 1931 he joins the SS. He is quickly promoted and in 1934 he becomes the SS chief for the East Prussia. Since 1936 he operates in Wrocław and since 1938 as Himmler’s confidant he fulfils the duties of the Higher Commander of the SS and Police in Silesia. After the capture of Poland he coordinates the establishment of the Auschwitz concentration camp. During the Warsaw Rising in the rank of SS-Obergruppenfuehrer he is nominated by Himmler the CIC of German troops fighting the Rising. Responsible for crimes committed by German units. Accepts the capitulation act in Ożarów. Decorated with the Knight Cross of the Order of the Iron Cross for his services in fighting the insurgents. In the trials of German major war criminals he appears only as a witness of the prosecution. Sentenced to dozen or so years of imprisonment for crimes committed in the early thirties. Dies in 1972.

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