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Current Status As Of May 23, 2006:
37+ Cities In 5 Countries On 3 Continents
Planning June Charity Serenity Screenings

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Please note that as of 20 April 2006, our FAQ includes important new information regarding contact information at Universal for film rental and public performance rights. You need to read this new information! Newer still is information about a contact at Regal Cinemas who may be able to assist if you're having trouble finding a willing venue.

If you are organizing a charity screening event, or planning to, you should join the Yahoo! group. If you're simply trying to find more information on possible screenings, please first try searching the group's message archive, or checking the threads (or starting one) on the Browncoats boards, before joining the Yahoo! group to ask.

Big Damn Movie, Big Screen Benefits

Unquestionably, 2005 was an auspicious year for Browncoats everywhere. But in 2006, while we await word on whether or not we ever again will see our Big Damn Heroes on the screen (big or small), it's up to us to continue to reap the benefits of Serenity.

This year, we need Browncoats everywhere to organize benefit screenings of Serenity in their area, for the charity of their choosing. But more than that, on one particular day we want us all to do something truly special.

We're inviting Browncoats to organize same-day nationwide (and, if it happens, around the world) screenings to be held on June 23, all to benefit Joss' favorite charity -- an event we've therefore dubbed Serenity Now/Equality Now.

So take a look around the site, and join our Yahoo! group. More importantly, start organizing -- because making this happen is entirely in your hands.

Serenity Now/Equality Now

20 Screenings Confirmed As Of May 23, 2006

June 23 is the one-year anniversary of the third and final advance screening of Serenity prior to its release. It's also Joss Whedon's birthday. Will you be organizing a charity screening to benefit Equality Now for that day (or any day during the week leading to June 23)? Browncoats in the following cities are -- so get organizing.

June 22

June 23

June 24

If you don't see your city listed, it might be up to you to make one happen. There is no central authority doling out screenings to these cities. It is entirely up to fans on the ground to organize a screening where they live.

We are awaiting further information on possible organizing taking place in Buffalo NY (USA), Chicago IL (USA), Richmond VA (USA), Leeds (England), and somewhere in Georgia (USA). If you are responsible for any of these and they should be considered as "pre-planning" and included above, please contact us.

Cities above marked with a filled bullet instead of an open circle were among the 35 cities (although not necessarily the venues) to host the third and final special advance screenings of Serenity on June 23, 2005. Events listed in boldface are confirmed.

Other Benefit Showings

March 5

May 21

September 19

Regular Showings

In the meantime, below is a list of theaters which are showing (or which have shown) Serenity in 2006. These include second-runs, colleges and universities, and film festivals or marathons. Know of a theater which has scheduled a screening of the movie in contexts such as those? Let us know and we'll list it here.

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