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Provincial Historic Resource


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Provincial Historic Resource

Name of Resource: Ronning Homestead (The)

Location: Valhalla Centre

Date Designated: October 26, 2001

Heritage Significance: Constructed in 1914, this two and one half-storey log house is closely associated with Halvar Ronning, the founder of the Norwegian Lutheran Community in the Valhalla Region and his son Chester who served as a missionary to China (1922-27), Principal of the Camrose Lutheran College (1927-42), UFA Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta (1932-35), Leader of the Provincial CCF Party (1940-42), leader of an intelligence unit of the RCAF (1942-45), diplomat in China (1945-51), and Ottawa (1951-1954), Ambassador to Norway (1954-1957), and Canadian High Commissioner to India (1957-64).  Chester Ronning also participated in the international commissions on Korea (1954) and Laos (1961-62) and undertook special missions to Hanoi (1965-66) in attempts to mediate the Viet Nam war.  The historical significance of the Ronning Homestead lies not only in its association with Halvar and Chester Ronning, but also in its central role in the development of the Valhalla-Hythe district.  Community meetings were frequently held there and numerous immigrants lived there as their homes were being constructed.

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