A history of the
Turner Field Army Air Base and Naval Air Station in Albany, Georgia.

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Miller Brewing Co.
Albany, Georgia

In 1979 Miller Brewing purchased the former Turner Air Field in Albany, Georgia to build their southeastern plant to produce Miller Beer products.

Recognizing the historical significance of their southeastern plant's home as a former Army Air Base, Miller decided to research the history of Turner Field.

Knowing that Miller was interested, and wanting to do something for this corporation that has done so much and meant so much to the quality of life for citizens in Albany and southwest Georgia, a group of community leaders organized themselves to conduct the research on Turner Field and to prepare the material in such a manner that Miller could present the historical facts on the Internet and through a public exhibit to be housed at the southeastern plant.  It is the community leaders' way of saying "Thank You" to Miller Brewing Company for all that they have given to the Albany community over the  years.

All who visit this site are asked to contribute.  We need your thoughts,   your input, and if you have been involved in the history of Turner Field in Albany, Georgia, and would like to share your story and memorabilia, please contact us at:

Turner Field Project
405 Cordele Road
Albany, Georgia  31705

Turner Field Project

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Aerial View
Turner Field
Albany, Georgia

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Brewery Site
Miller Brewing Company

Albany, Georgia

Miller Brewing Company's 1,707 acre site is indicated in this illustration above.  The site, situated in the northeast quadrant of Albany, Georgia,   is the location of Miller's 10 million barrel brewery.

Ground was broken for the $247 million facility  on April  11,  1978.  The site was the former Turner Air Force Base.

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