Pythonwin Documentation Index.

This contains an index for all Pythonwin GUI functionality - ie, the "win32ui" module. For general information on other non-GUI modules, please see the general documentation index.


Pythonwin is implemented as a 'wrapper' for the Microsoft Foundation Class library. With it, you can use MFC in an interactive, interpreted environment, or write full blown stand-alone applications tightly coupled with the Windows environment. Over 30 MFC objects are exposed, including Common Controls, Property Pages/Sheets, Toolbars, etc.

Pythonwin is really just a sample program for the MFC UI environment. This Python UI environment can be embedded in almost any other application - such as OLE clients/servers, Netscape plugins, as a Macro language etc.


Inside the Pythonwin distribution, you will find a Help File (Pythonwin.hlp) which is a reference manual for all objects exposed in Pythonwin.

Below is a list of external Pythonwin specific documentation.