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February 12, 2006

First Mobile Phone Feature Film

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SMS SugarmanApparently, according to all the hype, the first feature film, shot entirely on mobile phones, has been created. SMS Sugarman (the site is down) is by Aryan Kaganof of Virus Films. It is a film that follows one night of a pimp (played by Kaganof) and his two prostitutes, in Johannesburg. Kaganof shot 60 hours of footage on a Sony Erikson W900i over 12 days. But it wasn’t just one mobile with a single POV,  one scene used 8 mobiles (can I say cameras?). He is now editing the film to be released at cinemas, DVD, TV, the Net and mobile phones.

[source: The Age, 4th Feb, 2006]

7 Responses to “First Mobile Phone Feature Film”

  1. Indira Reynaert Says:

    The directors name is: Ian van de Kerkhof (he is Dutch!).

  2. Christy Says:

    Hello Indira! It just so happens I’m posting about your blog soon. Thankyou for the correction on Ian’s name. Why on earth he listed as “Aryan Kaganof” at Virus films I have no idea.

  3. Theo Meereboer Says:

    As we post the directors name is Aryan Kaganof, though he worked for years in The Netherlands as Ian Kerhof. Read more about it at

  4. Indira Reynaert Says:

    Dear Christy, a posting about Ian / Aryan on mij blog gave the correct answer:
    Ian Kerkhof = Aryan Kaganof. He is from South Africa and bi-langual.

    I love your blog and admire your research!

  5. Christy Says:

    Aha! Thankyou Theo and Indira: Aryan is/was Ian. Good to know. And, thanks for the article Theo found, we know the movie is meant to be out in May.

  6. aryan kaganof Says:

    hi christy, check out my daily blog for more in-depth technical informaiton about my film sms sugar man,
    best wishes

  7. christy Says:

    Thanks for coming by Aryan! I’ll keep an eye on your blog. ;)

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