In a final sprint at New York City's Flushing Meadows Park, Los Angeles Lawyers Rob & Brennan became the winners of THE AMAZING RACE, narrowly defeating separated parents Frank & Margarita. Joe & Bill, known as Team Guido, finished in third place.

Final Dash for the Prize

The final leg began at a remote cabin in the Alaskan wild. Rob & Brennan started out just a few minutes ahead of Frank & Margarita. Joe & Bill, still a leg behind the leaders, hoped the top Teams would make a fatal mistake, thereby giving them the opportunity to catch up.

At 4:17 a.m., Rob & Brennan walked out of their cabin into the dark night and received their race envelope. "Last time we have to do this," Brennan remarked with a mixed sense of relief and anticipation. Their first task involved putting on snowshoes and following flags along a half-mile trail to Takosha Lodge. The next task didn't open for four hours. To make matters worse, their flashlight batteries had drained. "Lovely start to our final leg," Rob groaned sarcastically.

"It's on, baby!" Margarita exclaimed as she exited the cabin a little later. "This is it. This is why I left my daughter for six weeks. Because I'm going to win." Frank ripped open the envelope and read the clue. Much to their surprise, the separated couple noticed Rob & Brennan "just standing there." Because they couldn't get their flashlight to work, the lawyers had decided to wait and follow Frank & Margarita to Takosha Lodge. Later, Frank would remark with disdain that Rob & Brennan were too "scared" to continue without them. "They started following us, of course, as they always do," he concluded.

With Frank in the lead and a single flashlight as their guide, the two Teams headed out into the darkness. They followed the trail of yellow flags marking the path, which eventually led them to Takosha Lodge. "I'm camping out right here," Margarita said once they arrived. The lodge, however, was open and the Teams were able to wait inside.

Team Guido waits for their start time As the two lead Teams waited, Joe & Bill set out to complete the final tasks of the previous leg. Team Guido left the Bed & Breakfast, where they had spent the night, and walked out to the Native American blanket toss. Bill jumped on the blanket and was tossed up and down. With the locals cheering him on, Bill eventually spotted the flag. The teammates rushed over and received the clue, which sent them to the ice climb.

   Would you have competed in

Yes--I'd even do it for free!
Yes, for a million bucks.
No, not even for a million bucks.


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