WWF Smackdown Results
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    WWF Smackdown Results 6/14/01
    Baltimore, Maryland

    We're shown a recap of the events on Raw involving the KOTR main event with the havoc Austin wreaked throughout the night.

    You think you know me. You think you know me. You think you know me. Here comes Edge and Christian.

    Shooter hits and Benoit enters to a pretty big pop.

    Y2J countdown. Come on. You know I gotcha. Yeah. One. Break the wall down!!!!!! Enter Chris Jericho to a rousing ovation from the crowd.

    WWF Tag Team Championship Match
    Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Christian

    Christian and Benoit start. The two exchange kicks to the gut. Christian with right hands. Benoit with kicks in the corner. Benoit with right hands. Benoit kicking Christian down in the corner. Christian runs into an elbow. Benoit with 3 loud chops. Benoit with a kick to the gut and a snap suplex. Cover. 2 count. Christian with a kick. Tag to Edge. Benoit with a kneelift. Benoit with a gut buster. Tag to Jericho. Double team kicks to Edge's abdomen. Jericho with an elbow. Jericho with knees to the face. Jericho with a butterfly backbreaker. Cover. 2 count. Edge with a sunset flip. Jericho turns it into the Walls of Jericho. Jericho knocks Christian down. Edge with an Edge-O-Matic. Tag to Christian. Christian with kicks to Jericho's back. Christian with fists to Jericho's skull. Christian hits a drop kick. Cover. 2 count. Jericho into Edge's corner. Christian distracts Benoit who occupies the ref. Edge chokes Jericho. Tag to Edge. Edge with forearms to Jericho's face. Tag to Christian. Christian uses Edge as a toad stool but misses a splash in the corner. Jericho with a bulldog to Edge. Tag to Benoit. Clothesline to Edge and Christian. German suplex to Edge. German suplex to Christian. German suplex to Edge. Crossface to Christian. Edge tries to break it up. Jericho knocks Edge down. Ref is occupied with Jericho. Edge smashes Benoit with the title belt. Christian with a cover. 2 count. Christian with a choke. Christian with a front face lock. Benoit tries to counter. Benoit flips Christian over. Benoit tags Jericho but the ref doesn't see. Tag to Edge. Edge with a choke. Cover. 2 count. Edge with a hangman's neckbreaker. Cover. 2 count. Edge with a right hand. Edge misses a clothesline. Benoit with a crossbody. 2 count. Edge pulls Benoit to his corner and tags Christian. Benoit with shots to the gut. Christian with his version of the backbreaker. Cover. Jericho breaks it up. Christian with a reverse chin lock. Benoit gets up. Tag to Edge. Edge with shots to the back. Edge with a snap mare. Reverse chin lock by Edge. Benoit up. Elbows to the gut. Edge with a kick to the gut. Tag to Christian. Benoit's face into the corner. Christian runs into Benoit's boots. Christian with a clothesline. Christian goes to the middle rope. Benoit catches him and hits a belly to belly suplex. Both are down. Tag to Edge. Tag to Jericho. Jericho with a tackle. Jericho with a flying forearm to Edge. Jericho knocks down Christian. Jericho runs into Christian in the ropes. Edge with a cover. 2 count. Jericho goes upstairs. Christian pulls him down. Christian goes to the middle rope. Edge gets under Christian. Stacked superplex. Edge with a cover. Benoit dives off the top rope and hits Edge with the head butt. Jericho covers Edge. 2 count. Edge is up. Christian and Jericho are up. Christian tries to spear Jericho, but misses and gets Edge. Benoit throws Christian out of the ring. Jericho hits the Lionsault on Edge for the pin retaining the titles.
    Winners and still tag team champions: Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

    Edge shoves Christian on his ass. The two exchange words in the ring. Edge tires to leave. Christian pulls him back in. The two exchange words some more. Edge leaves while Christian walks behind him.

    WWF Rewind is the kiss with Spike Dudley and Molly Holly.

    Spike and Molly are looking at the Raw magazine. Spike says she looks gorgeous in the magazine. Molly thanks him. Bubba Ray and D-Von walk in. Bubba Ray says they need to talk alone. Molly leaves. D-Von says what he did on Raw was a disgrace. He can't believe he would choose her over his own flesh and blood. Bubba Ray says he's just thinking about himself so tonight, they're gonna think about themselves. If Spike gets into any trouble, they're not gonna help him. Bubba Ray and D-Von walk off. Spike wonders what kind of trouble he could possibly get into tonight.

    Weeeeellll. Well it's the Big Show. Enter the Big Show.

    Awwwwk. Awwwwk. Awwwwk. Here comes Raven.

    King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
    Raven vs. Big Show

    Show goes after Raven. Raven with right hands. Show throws Raven into the corner. Show kicks Raven out of the ring. Show with a chop to Raven's chest on the outside. Show with a head butt. Show with a three point stance. Raven moves and Show bounces off the steps. Raven gets back in the ring. Raven drop kicks Show on the outside. Show crawls back in the ring. Raven with knee lifts to a crawling Show. Raven with a boot to the face. Show grabs Raven by the throat and talks trash to him. Show drives Raven to the mat with a chokeslam. Show makes the cover and will go on to King Of The Ring.
    Winner and King Of The Ring Qualifier: Big Show

    Sgt. Slaughter is shown waiting in the back. Austin walks in with a petition. The two discuss their past. Austin asks Slaughter to sign the petition that it is unfair for him to wrestle Jericho and Benoit at the same time. Slaughter signs it willingly. Slaughter says he'll see him at the golf tournament next year. Kevin Kelly walks in. Kevin asks what the nature of the petition is. Austin says he's gonna get over a thousand signatures and presents it to Linda McMahon on Raw and she'll have to listen to the people. Kevin thanks him and tries to leave. Austin stops him and tells him to sign the petition. Kevin signs it in fear. Kevin leaves.

    Perry Saturn, Terri and Dean Malenko are on their date. Saturn is playing with a rotary phone. Dean doesn't think this is such a good idea. Terri asks if it's cause he's married. A woman named Sherri walks in. She meets all of them. Perry says she smells like a Viking. You're welcome. The two go to their table. Dean says this is gonna be a long night.

    Here comes Lita and Matt Hardy.

    Rowdy. Getting rowdy. K-Kwik makes his return to the ring.

    WWF European Championship Match
    Matt Hardy vs. K-Kwik

    Grapple. Matt with a side headlock. Matt with a tackle. Matt twists Kwik's arm. Matt with shots to the shoulder. Matt twists the arm some more. Kwik with a body scissor and forward roll. 2 count. Matt with a small package. 2 count. Grapple. Matt with a hammerlock. Kwik backs Matt into the corner and elbows him. Kwik with a roll up using the ropes. Kick out. Lita gets on the apron. Ref is distracted. Matt almost runs into her. Kwik takes advantage and hits a spin wheel kick. Matt coming back with right hands. Kwik knocks Matt down and covers. 2 count. Kwik with a front face lock. Matt with shots to the gut. Kwik with a knee lift. Kwik attempts another body scissor. Matt with a wheel barrel suplex. Matt with a right hand and down goes Kwik. Matt grabs Kwik's hair and throws him back. Matt with a floating clothesline. Cover. 2 count. Matt with a body slam. Matt takes his shirt off and goes up to the middle rope. Matt with a leg drop. Cover. 2 count. Matt throws an elbow pad. Matt attempts a Twist of Fate. Kwik pushes him into the corner and puts him on the ground. Kwik goes up top. Kwik attempts a double axe handle. Matt kicks him in the stomach. Matt hits the Twist of Fate and gets the victory.
    Winner and still European Champion: Matt Hardy

    Austin is shown having some guy in the phone booth sign his petition. JR walks in. Austin talks trash to him and makes fun of him. Austin says he looks like a million dollars. Austin wants him to sign it. JR signs it unhappily and leaves.

    We're shown the video of the Stalker in Taker's hotel room looking for Sara on Monday.

    X-Factor are in their locker room. X-Pac tries to calm down Credible and Albert. He tells them he knows what it takes. Albert says he's gonna beat Kane. Credible says they need to be noticed. Kurt Angle walks in. Kurt says the only way to get some respect is to have some gold. Kurt says they can work together. They decide to work something out. Kurt says they're pretty cool. Kurt says that if Justin says his last name immediately after his first name you can hear "Just Incredible". Kurt asks if they get it. Kurt leaves. X-Pac and Justin turn around and laugh.

    We're shown the date as Perry says that's why orphans like porridge. Sherri says he's funny. The waiter comes in and asks if they're ready to order. Dean is ready to order. Perry asks if they have any dinosaurs. Perry says some dinosaurs ate meat while others ate gravy. Terri tells the waiter to give them a minute or two and they should be ready to order. The waiter leaves. Perry says you're welcome.

    Commissioner Regal is having some tea in the office with Tajiri there. Regal says that his actions on Raw jumping in to save him from Austin is very admirable and wants to reward him by letting him wrestle a match tonight. Tajiri is ecstatic. Regal says he's gonna be in the King Of The Ring tournament. Austin walks in with the petition. Regal says that he'll be honored to sign it. Austin asks if Tajiri knows how. Regal tells him to put his name on there. Austin says Regal is doing a good job. He thanks Tajiri. Tajiri bows. Austin bows and leaves. Tajiri is still ecstatic about his match tonight.

    Gong. Dead man walking. Keep rollin rollin rollin rollin. The Undertaker rides to the ring.

    Medal hits and here comes Kurt Angle with a new jersey. He has a mic. He can't believe Taker had the audacity to interrupt him when he was addressing Shane on Raw for no reason at all. He wants to continue. He says he's an American Hero. It's true. It's true. He says he's a super hero and the best wrestler in the entire world. He was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. After he wins back to back KOTR titles, he will be the first to do that. He says having to wrestle Shane to a straight up wrestling match is unfair. He challenges Shane to a street fight. He demands an apology. He says since he knows he won't get one, he's gonna beat one out of him.

    Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle
    Taker goes right after Kurt. Kurt with right hands not phasing Taker. Taker with a right hand to Kurt in the corner. Taker clotheslines Kurt in the opposite corner. Taker with a sidewalk slam. Taker drops an elbow. Cover. 2 count. Taker chokes Kurt on the mat. Ref is intimidated and slides out of the ring. Kurt comes back with right hands. Kurt runs into a boot from Taker. Kurt with a side suplex. Kurt with right hands to Taker's skull in the corner. Kurt chokes Taker. Taker throws Kurt into the corner and unloads with rights and lefts. Kurt kicks Taker to no avail. Kurt charges Taker at the ropes. Taker flips him out. Taker goes after him. Taker throws Kurt back in. Taker grabs the steps and throws them in the ring. Taker smashes Kurt with the steps and the ref calls for the bell for a DQ.
    Winner by DQ: Kurt Angle

    Taker continues pounding Kurt. Taker chases the ref out of the ring. X-Pac and Credible come in and start pounding Taker. Taker knocks both of them down without problem. Taker chokeslams Credible. Taker chokeslams X-Pac. Taker gets Credible back up. Taker chokeslams him again. Taker grabs X-Pac. Taker gives him the Last Ride. Taker walks around and kicks Credible for added insult to injury. Taker leaves the ring and rides out.

    Someone is shown working on the computer. Austin comes in and shakes his hand. Austin says it's been a long time since they've seen each other. The guy says he knows the petition is about the triple threat match. Austin asks him if he's a big Stone Cold fan. The guy says he's a fan of all superstars. Austin asks him to sign the petition. The guy signs it. Austin thanks him and leaves.

    Test test this is a test. Test enters the arena ready for hardcore action.

    Here comes Rhyno with the Hardcore title.

    WWF Hardcore Championship
    Test vs. Rhyno

    Rhyno with a kick to the gut. Rhyno with right hands. Test clotheslines Rhyno in the opposite corner. Test does it again in the other corner. Test throws Rhyno out of the ring. Test goes after him. Rhyno whips him into the barracade. Rhyno goes under the ring tossing trash cans, lids, and road signs into the ring. Rhyno brings in a fire extinguisher. Test is thrown back in the ring. Test smashes Rhyno with a lid. Rhyno with a shot to the gut with the fire extinguisher. Rhyno with shots to the ribs. Rhyno Gores Test in the corner. Rhyno to the middle rope. Test throws a trash can into Rhyno's face. Test sets up a trash can near the corner. Rhyno is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Test goes up top and superplexes Rhyno onto the trash can. Test misses the boot. Test with the pump handle power slam. Cover. 2 count. Test goes outside and pulls a table from under the ring. Test slides the table in the ring. Test comes back in and Rhyno smashes him with a trash can lid. Rhyno sets up the table in the corner. Test with a boot to the gut. Test attempts to powerbomb Rhyno through the table. Rhyno drops behind him. Rhyno attempts a Gore, but Test clotheslines him. Test sets the table up in the middle of the ring. Rhyno with a kick to the gut. Rhyno tries a powerbomb. Test with a back body drop. Test with a full nelson slam. Test puts Rhyno on the table. Test goes outside. Test goes up top. Test drives Rhyno through the table with an elbow drop. WCW siren. Here comes the money. Here comes the money. Here comes Shane. Shane waves his hand around and here comes Stacy Keibler. Shane escorts her to the ring. Shane helps Stacy up on the apron. Stacy walks across the apron and shakes her ass at Rhyno. Rhyno is mesmerized. Stacy gets off the apron. Rhyno turns around. Test throws a trash can at him. Rhyno catches it. Test hits the big boot into the trash can. Test with the cover and wins the Hardcore title.
    Winner and new Hardcore champion: Test

    Security escort Shane and Stacy out.

    Austin finds the Fink in the back. Austin asks him how long he's known Linda. He says 23 years. Fink knows what it's about. Austin forces him to sign the petition. Fink reluctantly signs it. Austin takes the petition back and looks at his signature. He says Fink's got some nice handwriting and leaves.

    We're shown Shane and Stacy walking out being escorted by security. Shane helps Stacy into the limo. Shane says thanks for the escort to the security and says to tell his father that WCW is gonna heat up. Shane gets in his limo and it drives off.

    Crash enters the arena ready for his qualifying match.

    English horns hit. Commissioner Regal comes to the ring with Tajiri for his first match on WWF TV.

    King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
    Tajiri vs. Crash

    Tajiri with a roll. Lock up. Tajiri with an arm bar and hammerlock. Crash with a side head lock. Crash with a right hand. Tajiri stays on the rope. Tajiri flips Crash onto the apron. Tajiri back kicks Crash and he falls to the ground. Crash back in the ring. Tajiri with chops. Crash reverses with boots. Crash attempts a superplex. Tajiri slides under him and Crash hangs upside down in the corner. Tajiri with a dropkick. Crash with a body scissor and a forward roll. 2 count. Tajiri with a side kick. Tajiri misses a kick. Crash with right hands. Tajiri runs into an elbow. Crash with a clothesline. Crash goes up to. Crash with a missile dropkick. Cover. 2 count. Tajiri climbs behind Crash on the ropes and locks in the Tarantula. The ref breaks it up. Tajiri with a front face suplex. Tajiri with a stiff kick. Tajiri with the cover and the victory.
    Winner and King Of The Ring qualifier: Tajiri

    Regal comes in the ring. Tajiri hugs him. Regal raises his hand. Tajiri celebrates on the ropes. Tajiri holds the rope for Regal.

    Austin walks into the bathroom. Big Show is in the stall. Austin tries to wave the smell away. Austin says he's got something for him to sign. Show knows and he has Austin pass the petition under the stall. Show signs it. Austin tells him to keep reaching for the stars.

    Slam of the Week is Christian qualifying for the King Of The Ring with Albert's interference.

    We're shown the date. Perry is asking Sherri if she is ready. Perry one the garbage can. Sherri two the garbage can. Perry three the garbage can. Sherri four the garbage can. Perry five the garbage can. Sherri six the garbage can. Perry seven the garbage can. Sherri eight the garbage can. Perry says she ate the garbage can. The two joke a bit. Perry says birds wear lipstick to get out of speeding tickets. He says you're welcome. He says she ate the garbage can. The two have a laugh.

    Kevin Kelly is shown talking to Test in the back. Test says it feels great and that it's great to have a friend around. He says Stacy was hot. The little monitor on the set shows another Sara video. She's at a pool in a bikini. The Stalker says that she can't be alone any more and he's gonna make his dreams come true. Taker is shown watching on another set and his visibly upset.

    Spike and Molly are shown together. Spike says these last few weeks have been great. Austin walks in and asks him to sign his petition. Austin tells him to sign it and then give it to his bimbo girlfriend. Spike asks what he called her. Austin says he called Molly a bimbo. Spike says he can't call her that. Austin says to look at her because she's a gold digger. Austin says his name is Stone Cold Steve Austin and he can do what he wants. Spike says he can't talk to his girlfriend that way. Austin says he just did. Spike takes the petition off the clipboard and rips it to shreds. Austin is crawling on the ground picking up the pieces. Spike grabs Molly's hand and they leave.

    We're back on Smackdown and we're shown the previous events involving Spike, Molly, and Austin.

    Regal is in his office and tells Tajiri that he's very impressed and that he can continue into the tournament on Monday night. Austin walks in and shows Regal what Spike did after all the work he did. Austin says he wants Spike Dudley tonight and he'll defend the title against him. Regal gives him what he wants and says it will be Austin defending the title against that miserable specimen Spike Dudley tonight.

    Boom. Kane comes out of the fire.

    Yo you dealin with the X-Factor. Albert comes to the ring alone.

    WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
    Kane vs. Albert

    Kane goes after him with right hands. Kane with boots to Albert's gut in the corner. Albert kicks Kane in the face. Kane with a powerslam. Albert with a back elbow and shoves Kane's face into the corner. Albert with kicks. Albert misses a splash in the corner. Kane clotheslines Albert in the corner. Kane with right hands. Albert misses a clothesline. Albert drops Kane's throat on the top rope. Albert runs Kane down. Albert kicks Kane in the back of the head. Kane comes back with right hands. Albert throws Kane into the corner. Albert with a gorilla press slam on Kane. Albert with a kick to the ribs. Albert with a right hand. Kane comes back with right hands. Albert with a kick to the gut. Albert with a butterfly suplex. Cover. 2 count. Albert attempts a splash and misses. Kane comes back with right hands. Kane with a hangman's neckbreaker. Albert with a big clothesline. Albert splashes Kane in the corner. Albert throws Kane into the opposite corner. Albert runs into an elbow. Kane with a big boot. Kane up to the top. Kane with a clothesline off the top rope. Kane has Albert over his shoulder. Kane with a running powerslam. Cover. 2 count. Kane holds his hand up in the air. Kane grabs Albert by the throat. Albert drives Kane down from the air with a DDT. Albert rolls onto Kane. 2 count. Albert with a bicycle kick. Cover. 2 count. Albert grabs Kane's throat. Albert goes for a Baldo Bomb. Kane counters with a drop kick. Albert misses a clothesline. Kane plants Albert with a chokeslam and retains the Intercontinental title.
    Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Kane

    We're shown the date again. The waiter gives Perry a bowl of mustard and a bowl of crayons. Perry says the blue ones are for fiber. Sherri feeds Perry some of her entrée. Terri says she's had enough of her to Dean. She whispers something to Dean. Terri says excuse her and gets up. Dean distracts Perry with a spoon. Terri grabs a waiter's tray and says to Sherri to say goodnight. She tries to smash her with the tray, but Sherri ducks causing Perry to get hit in the head. Sherri leaves. Dean says he'll call her. Terri tells Perry she's sorry. Perry says Yahtzee!! You're welcome.

    Bombs away and here comes Spike Dudley.

    Glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin enters with the torn pieces of his petition.

    WWF Championship Match
    Spike Dudley vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Austin goes right after Spike. Austin pounds on Spike's back. Austin stops on Spike's gut on the ground. Molly comes to ringside. Austin kicks Spike down in the corner. Austin steps on Spike's face. Austin jumps on the rope and stomps Spike. Spike tries to pull himself up and socks Austin in the gut to no avail. Austin with a rake to the eyes. Austin slams Spike's face in the corner. Austin throws Spike over the top rope in front of the announce table. Austin takes off his vest and goes after him. Austin slams Spike's face on the steel steps. Austin drops Spike across the barricade. Austin tries to throw Spike on the announce table. Spike counters and Austin is thrown onto the announce table. Spike jumps on him and punches him. Spike stomps Austin on the ground. Spike tries to whip Austin into the steps. Austin reverses and Spike goes into the steps. Austin slams Spike on the announce table. Austin throws Spike back in. Austin with a Crippler Crossface. Austin lets go. Austin with the Walls of Jericho. Austin drops him. Austin slams Spike's face into the corner. Austin with shots to the back. Spike with a low blow. Spike runs at Austin. Austin with a spine buster. Austin kicks Spike in the gut and hits the Stunner. Austin with the cover and retains the WWF title.
    Winner and still WWF Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin

    Austin walks up the ramp. Molly and the ref are attending to Spike in the ring. Austin returns to ringside and takes the ring announcer's chair. Austin brings the chair in the ring. Molly gets out of the ring. Austin jams the chair into Spike's gut. Austin wallops Spike in the back with the chair. Austin stops and yells at the crowd. Molly comes back in and attends to Spike. Austin turns around with a sick smile on his face. Molly begs him not to. Jericho and Benoit run to the ring with chairs. Benoit tries to get in the ring with his chair. Austin tries to hit him. Jericho smashes Austin with the chair. Jericho and Benoit get in the ring as Austin gets out. Austin stumbles up the ramp and holds his back as he leaves. Jericho and Benoit help Spike to his feet.

    End of show

    Last week's question:
    In November of 1996, the WWF took a tour to England while part of the roster remained in the US for a small house show tour headlined by Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust. What was the name of the small tour?

    Heart Attack - 1
    Big Bang Boom - 2
    Rebellion - 1
    No Mercy - 1
    Attitude - 1
    Attitude Adjustment - 1

    Looks like no one found the tour that went on while they were in England. The correct name of the tour was the Heartbreak Express Tour that was headlined by Shawn Michaels vs. Goldust.

    This week's question:
    Who was Big Show's first singles opponent on WWF television?

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