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26 May 2006
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Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight In The Land
UK, ITV (*Alibi Productions/Windmill TV Productions, **Alibi Productions), Children's sitcom, colour, 2002
Starring: Jason Thorpe, Tamsin Egerton, Will Theakston

Sir Gadabout is a nightmare of the round table, his devotion to the task of protecting King Arthur undermined by constant blundering. The Teddy-hugging Arthur is under attack from the imbecilic Sir Rancid and his wickedly scheming accomplice Nanny, whose mutual intention is to smash Camelot 'to smithereens'. Princess Elenora, teenage daughter of King Arthur, is far smarter than her father and smitten with (in the first series) young lad Will, who becomes squire to Gadabout and then (in the second) Gadabout's new and rather mysterious Spanish squire Juan Carlos Felipe.

Imagine a childish (and less humorous) version of Monty Python And The Holy Grail and you have Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight In The Land in a chainmail nutshell: a knockabout Arthurian wheeze with joust awful jokes and fake horses. The show was based on the series of Sir Gadabout books by Martyn Beardsley.

Developed with EU funding and shot at the revived Ealing Studios, this was an ambitious, British-made children's comedy with quality production values. All very pleasing . . . except that it wasn't particularly funny. King Arthur was like a Brummie Benny Hill and Sir Rancid a cross between Rowan Atkinson's Blackadder and Adrian Edmondson. Though it may just have been alright for juniors - its intended audience, of course - those of more senior years are likely to have heard the ghostly voice of Graham Chapman declaring it 'a silly show'.

Researched and written by Mark Lewisohn.

Jason Thorpe - Sir Gadabout
Tamsin Egerton - Princess Elenora
Will Theakston - Master Will Watford (series 1)
Ash Newman - Juan Carlos Felipe Inglesias de Frisco the Fourth (series 2)
Kim Wall - King Arthur
Vincent Franklin - Sir Rancid
Gillian Wright - Nanny
Ian Lindsay - Merlin (series 1)
Teddy Kempner - Merlin (series 2)
Damien Goodwin - Sir Lancelot
Richard James - Sir Gestion
Joseph Mawle - Sir Tificate
Dominic McHale - Sir Prano (series 1)
Mark Channon - Sir Prano (series 2)
Dickon Tolson - Sir Real (series 1)
Don Klass - Sir Prise (series 2)

Martyn Beardsley - Creator
Alex Williams - Writer (9)
Alex Williams - Writer (1)
Lucy Goodman - Writer (1)
Nathan Cockerill - Writer (3)
Tony Clifford - Writer (1)
Kitty Delaware - Writer (1)
Rupert Jones - Writer (1)
Jim Shields - Writer (1)
Lenny Barker - Writer (1)
Jim Shields - Writer (1)
Steve Jeanes - Writer (1)
Paul McKenzie - Writer (1)
John Brennan - Writer (1)
Ian Emes - Director (8)
Angelo Abela - Director (4)
Jim Shields - Director (4)
Rupert Jones - Director (2)
Nick Wood - Director (2)
Linda James - Executive Producer (series 1 & 2)
Roger Holmes - Executive Producer (series 1 & 2)
Ian Gordon - Executive Producer (series 1)
Sean Hinton - Executive Producer (series 2)
Lucy Goodman - Producer
Transmission Details
Number of episodes: 20 Length: 30 mins
*Series One (10) 11 Feb-22 Feb 2002 � ITV1 Mon-Fri 4.35pm
*Series Two (10) 28 Feb-9 May 2003 � ITV1 Fri 4.30pm *Series Two (10) 28 Feb-9 May 2003 � ITV1 Fri 4.30pm

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