Eric Perez



These things are making me a lot of money...

With an intinsity level that is unmatched, The Puerto-Rican Nightmare, Eric Perez brings a unique resume with him to Deep South Wrestling. Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, the former college baseball player began his professional wrestling career on the notorious island under the tutelage of WWE Smackdown superstar Super Crazy and many others. Perez toiled on the island for five years, working for the legendary legendary World Wrestling Council for Carlos Colon, as well as the International Wrestling Association for Victor Quinones.

In September of 2005, Perez was given a WWE contract amd made an immediate impact in Deep South Wrestling. Perez's aggresive style has left many men battered and bruised at the hands of what he calls a "Puerto Rico mugging." His most notable fued's since starting in Deep South Wrestling have been with "Roughhouse" O'Reilly, since they have engaged in several battle in both DSW and WWE

Recently Eric Perez has alligned himself with M.V.P., and the tandem is poised to make a run for the Deep South Tag Team titles. Whether it be in singles competition or as a tag team, the "Puerto-Rican Nightmare" intends to live out his dream as a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, leaving all others as his helpless victims.

Photos by: Melanie Cummings
DSW Photographer
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