1877 Letcher County Deaths

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001
for Elva & Vickies Letcher County Research Site

Name, age, condition Death Date Cause of Death Location Born Parents 
Maggard, Abigail
57, widow, house wife
Nov 15 sucide hanged Lee Co Va Eli & Mary Boggs
unnamed female
Aug 7 knot known Letcher Wilson & Rachel Church
Blare, Mahala
Aug 20 knot known Letcher Jackson & Manerva Blare
unnamed female
Apr 4 knot known Letcher William & Jane Maggard
Maggard, Jane
39, married, house wife
Apr 8 child bed fever Letcher Isaac & Nancy Adams
Greear, Charlotta
Jan 11 dipthera Letcher William & Nancy Greear
Whitaker, Susanah
71, married
Nov 12 ???isie Clay Co Isaac & Susanah Whitaker
Adams, Marshall
Sept 16 cold Letcher John W & Albermariah Adams
Whitaker, Elizabeth
Oct 16 knot known Letcher William & Franky Whitaker
Whitaker, Elizabeth
35, married, house work
Oct 10 encifulous Letcher Henry & Francis Back
Caudill, Torry?
30, married, house work
Mar 6 consumption Letcher Wilburn & Phebe Hampton
Browning, Mary
68, married, house work
Feb 17 knot known Lee Co Va John & Ritter Kelly
Holebrooks, Mary A
Mar 17 croup Letcher Jepson A & Melvina Holebrooks
Fugate, Ira
35, widower, carpenter
Nov 11 murdered Scott Co Va Ira & Margaret Fugate
Smith, James
14, single, farmer
Nov 11 white swelling Scott Co Va Mary Smith
Taylor, John S
76, widower, farmer
June 16 fever Ash Co NC John & Martha Taylor
Hawkins, Levi
Dec 21 knot known Letcher Henry W & Lucinda Hawkins
Hase?, Athalial
[16, then marked over]
married, house wifery
Sept 27 knot known knot known Joshua Mullins
Pigman, Nancy M
Oct 19 spinal dieses Letcher Campbell & Mary Pigman
Childers, James M
May 11 numoney fever Letcher George W & Jane Childers
Amburgy, Alexander
Jan 6 knot known Letcher Alexander & Mary Amburgy
Dickson, Thomas
82, widower, farmer
June 12 dispeps Ash Co NC John & Phama Dickson
Amburgy, Orabell
Sept "36" dipthera Letcher Wesley & Matilda Amburgy
Amburgy, Margret
Oct 4 dipthera Letcher Wesley & Matilda Amburgy
Smith, John B
19, single, farmer
Apr 15 knot known Letcher John B & Sarah Smith
Niece, Nancy
16, single, house work
Aug 15 cold Letcher Charles & Rachel Niece
unnamed female
May 15 knot known Letcher Elijah & Margaret [last name is illegible]
Isom, Margaret
22, married, house work
Mar 24 consumption Letcher Louis & Dica Hogg
Mullins, John N
Apr 11 bold hives Letcher William C & Sarah Mullins
Adams, Silonis
3wk, female
Dec 27 bold hives Letcher William M & Lovina L Adams
Hale, Thomas
Nov 5 dipthera Letcher John & Nancy Hale
Hall, Marshall B
Dec 27 bold hives Letcher James & Elizabeth Hall
Gayhart, Bessy
47, married, house work
May 4 consumption Brethitt Co Gilt??? & ? Higgins
illegible, [extremely sloppyhand writing, last name possibly starts with a J]
35 married house work
Nov 7 knot known Brethitt Co William & Nancy Yonts
Amburgy, Jesse
Feb 19 knot known Letcher Co William & Susan Amburgy

Transcribed and submitted by Vickie Stevens ©2001

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