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Here's a little bit about the people who own the voices you hear each week on the breakfast show, and when to hear them!
Whats On

+ Mon: Get to Knowie Zoie

+ Tue: Tripod

+ Wed: The Stink, Shannon from Cockatoo & Celebrity Quiz

+ Thur: Mary from Junee

+ Fri: Liz Ellis + 'Are you smarter than Dools?'
adam spencer
RADM is well known in the world of extreme sports in particular in-line skating, which he's dominated for more than half a decade. When he's not practicing his 1260 (three-and-a-half rotations - he's one of only two people in the world able to do it) he likes to make macramé wine holders and present triple j Breakfast.
adam spencer
wil anderson

Wil is a committed environmentalist, and as such will only be using three jokes this year and recycling them constantly.
wil anderson
zoie jones

Zoie is the newest recruit to the early mornings brigade, and is fully-equipped with two alarm clocks. Her most recent success was graduating from the kids' Christmas lunch table to the adults' last December, and in her spare time she enjoys dancing around in her bedroom to Missy Elliott.
zoie jones

Every Tuesday morning we give tripod (Australia's premier musical comedy group) less than an hour to come up with a brand new song based on whatever half-assed idea we can come up with at that time of the morning. Just to make it harder we throw in a new challenge with about 20 mins to go. It's always fresh, always brilliant and often features Shaggy.

> listen to some Tripod songs
shannon from cockatoo

When he was 11-and-a-half, he was cruelly rejected by Super Request. At 13 he's one of the Breakfast Show's biggest stars. He is Shannon from Cockatoo! Every week he invites us into his cool World of Punk, and life as a pre-teen in a country town.

Australia's favourite 70 year old, Mary from Junee reviews the triple j feature album every Thursday. In her spare time she loves knitting blankets in footy colours.
mary from junee

As his theme on the breakfast show goes 'Nothing says I love you like bourbon and nothing says bourbon like The Stink." Stinky joins Adam and Wil in the studio every Wednesday morning to fill us in on his week, and his unique views on the world.
terry psiakis

Terri is a Melbourne-based performer who is often mistaken for no-one in particular, although one of her sisters is a good friend of Millsy's. As well as writing and performing comedy, and struggling with the CD player on triple j mid-dawn shifts, Terri is also a well known sex addict. At least, she would be if she could find a dealer. Terri's slightly blokey tones can be heard at 6.45am every Tuesday on the Breakfast Show. Please give that she may grow something extra to add to her bio.
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