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Generation Rescue is a parent-founded, parent-funded, and parent-led organization. Our mission is to share the truth with parents about the cause of their child’s developmental disabilities so they can focus on treatment.
Generation Rescue believes that childhood neurological disorders such as autism, Asperger's, ADHD/ADD, speech delay, sensory integration disorder, and many other developmental delays are all misdiagnoses for mercury poisoning.
When you know cause, you can focus on cure.Thousands of parents are curing their children by removing the mercury from their children's bodies. We want you, the parent, to know the truth.
Recent News:
•   RFK Jr. reveals mercury-autism link in Rolling Stone
•   Journal: Autism rates are declining after mercury removal from vaccines
•   John Kerry Puts Children First on Imus in the Morning
•   UPI Reports Chelation Therapy is Making Kids Better
Wall Street Journal Reports on chelation therapy for autism
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•   Des Moines Register: Debated Autism Therapy Gives Hope to Parents
•   Providence Journal asks, "What was mercury doing in vaccines?"
•   UPI asks, "Is there an epidemic?"
•   MSNBC's Imus in the morning reveals the truth about mercury and autism
•   Study shows vaccine mercury highly toxic to infant brains
•   The Times Union: A Risk or Remedy Debate
Dr. Rashid Buttar tells Congress autism is mercury poisoning, offers treatment protocol
Prof. Boyd Haley explains mercury-autism link to Kentucky Assembly
UPI asks, "Where's All the Autistic Amish?"
LA Times reports Merck lied about timing of Thimerosal removal from vaccines
LA Times reports Merck knew baby vaccines had elevated mercury in 1991
NY Times writer new book exposes CDC, FDA cover-up of autism epidemic
•   A statement from Generation Rescue regarding the tragic passing of Abubakar Tariq Nadama
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