93) Sign 'o' the Times


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He'd fired his band, and his latest movie had flopped; just three years after Purple Rain, Prince was in the market for a comeback. So he recorded one of the great albums of the Eighties. Times is best known for the apocalyptic title track, the brontosaurus funk of "Housequake" and the gorgeous "If I Was Your Girlfriend." Yet the simplest moments are unforgettable: the "Sweet Jane"-style guitar plea of "The Cross," the Stax revamp on "Slow Love," a jilted girl's sadness in "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man." "I hate the word experiment," Prince said. "It sounds like something you didn't finish." Here, he finished.

Total album sales: 1 million

Peak chart position: 6

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Posted Nov 01, 0003 12:00 AM

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