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To:  Smithkline Beecham

We, the individuals listed below, have electronically signed this petition with the goal of stopping SmithKline Beecham, the drug manufacturing company, from falsely marketing, advertising and soliciting the popular SSRI Antidepressent drug Paxil (or Seroxat).

SKB falsely advertises, through its Paxil labeling and otherwise, that only drug abusers are at risk of physical and psychological dependence, and withdrawal problems when tapering back or abruptly discontinuing Paxil usage. SKB knows such representations are false, and that all patients, including patients not having a history of drug abuse, are susceptible to withdrawal problems after tapering back or abruptly discontinuing Paxil.

SKB either knows or intentionally does not gather facts showing that massive numbers of Paxil patients are being addicted to Paxil.

SKB boasts to the public in advertising that Paxil's "half life" is good for the patient, that a short half life specifically refines brain chemistry and reduces side effects--but they fail to tell the public that Paxil's half life is bad for the patient in terms of addiction and withdrawal problems.


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The SmithKline Beecham and Paxil Petition to Smithkline Beecham was created by Individuals experiencing difficulty with the prescription drug paxil and written by k. owen.  This petition is hosted here at www.PetitionOnline.com as a public service. There is no express or implied endorsement of this petition by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. The petition scripts are created by Mike Wheeler at Artifice, Inc.  For Technical Support please use our simple Petition Help form.

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