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Interview with Chupa


I want to present you today an interview of my friend Chupa, artist from ffice:smarttags" />Edinburgh. Yet I have presented you some work of him, and I’ll present you more, sure!!! Tha,ks a lot my friend  and now, go on with the interview!!!

fficeffice" /> 




Since how many times do you create some work as an artist!?!

Well, i have been working for 15 years now, never sell many pictures, but create at least 10 ideas per day!!  I save ideas on paper..   and disk..  weird no?  i can use them at a later date if needed, to have a computer is so good for artists today..   a real time saver..  also a unique medium in its own right!
What technique do you use!?!

well, i love all, but ink is my favourite as when i was a student through high school, that was all i could afford!  i like to mix all mediums
What or who (artist...) inspire you!?!

DALI...!   but more so music and ppl involved with psychedelia in the 50's/60's..   i love captain beefheart and miles davis
/ sun ra..  john coltraine and iggy pop..    these ppl were the ones who stirred up emotion in me when i was an out of control bad youth!!  i guess they were my real family..  so when i could, i tried to put down the feelings what i heard and saw through them..  i owe them alot for that chance!
Do you think on expose your works!?!

i think you mean do i like it??  well, yes...   i have no expose' for a long time..  but i choose it that way.  i dont need the money from it, i mean art..  but to bring smile to a strangers face, or even make them stop and look...  man!   thats a great feeling...  i also like the feeling when i go to a strange place or city..  it can make your work so different and sensual, i like to copy it and then paste black and white copies on walls...    maybe in tenement buildings or old walls etc...  art is for the ppl, ppl are everywhere good and bad, i try to give them something good or bad!  lol
What do you see, read or/and listen!?!

ahh...   just now, i play nothing but captain beefheart..   i also play and collect music, but captain beefheart is doing it for me just now...    i also find it hard to go a day or two without some Radio Bemba!!   jai alai etc etc, man!! they found a little peice of my heart i didn't know  existed anymore!!  and i quite like that!!   i thought all the great ppl were gone, and then they turn up!!
i dont read.  i have no time lol...   i see lots of things, all good. but only foreign films at cinema..  i am very anti-hollywood and the rubbish they put out!  i just finished watching ''sympathy for
mr. vengenance''  a korean film i beleive!   it kicks you in the head!!  i love it

i love old-school !   you know what i mean...  retro or anything old!!  not always well known, but it must be dangerous!!

Something more to say :

ahh, i dont know..   do you want a comment, or some more info?? i dont know...

ok...     a small clip from a story i penned a long time back lol...  ''Can you see it?  its all around..   i picked it up when i was younger.. 
i play with it often.

and you??




     Some Chupa's Art 








Interview made by Clandestina


31.12.03 01:21

Aller à la date 2 Commentaire(s)     URL de TrackBack

(31.12.03 02:00)
Mais qui diable est donc ce Capitain BeefHeart ?!?
Bonsoir à tout Edimbourg.

chupa (31.12.03 18:18)
hey!! check out CAPTAIN BEEFHEART music cd called ''SAFE AS MILK'' recorded on acid 1967!! wonderful...!
song called ''electricity''
man!!! good old dangerous music!!!!

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