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Natalie sees John accepting delivery for a gun after they arrive at the hotel in Bangkok. Natalie wants to make sure John doesn't let his anger get the best of him. John and Natalie's relationship is in a good place. John spots Denton in the crowd but he slips away. David and Margaret form a strange bond over their past mistakes. Evangeline is more determined than ever to prove Todd is innocent and enlists Cristian and Layla to help her in her quest. Blair gets confirmation that Evangeline is still fighting for Todd. Spencer fears he's losing his grip on Blair. Spencer is stunned to learn that John is in Bangkok. Starr is harassed by some of her classmates, who write hurtful graffiti about her on a wall. Ricky tries to intervene when Starr starts to rebel after being befriended by a troublemaker named Langston. Starr and Ricky are arrested when they start to paint over the graffiti. Kevin breaks down and believes he never had a real relationship with his son. Adriana shows Kevin proof that Duke loved him.
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