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Do you remember every nook and cranny of your school after 26 years? Would you remember your school uniform or your love-hate relationship with the school rules?

In order to preserve the collective memories of this generation of Dunmanians, Dunman High School has specially designed a time capsule. 50 objects that are close to the hearts of Dunman students will be stored in the time capsule this year. The opening of the time capsule will have to wait until the 75 th anniversary of the school in 2031.

The mooting of the idea of a time capsule is part of the school��s 50 th anniversary celebrations this year. On 31 March, the school witnessed the official opening ceremony of the 50 th year anniversary celebrations. The highlight of the celebration on that day was the symbolic significance of enclosing in the time capsule the following 3 objects, namely, a set of school uniform, a DIY school model kit and a student��s handbook.

The reasons for storing the school uniform and a student��s handbook in the time capsule are obvious. The enclosing of the DIY model kit has added significance in view of the school��s impending plan to refurbish the present premises at the end of the year so as to accommodate the total enrolment of 2,600 students with the full implementation of the Integrated Programme. Part of the school buildings will be torn down and the school DIY model kit was introduced to help to preserve an integral part of our school history.

At the end of the official ceremony, the principal, Mr Sng announced to the school that Mr Sam Goi, Chairperson of the SAC, has donated a generous sum of $100,000 to the school building funds.

In the interview with the principal, Mr Sng said, ��The 3 objects placed in the time capsule at the opening ceremony are part of a total of 50 objects that will be eventually stored in the capsule. The selection of the 50 items will be done by the students but the school will determine its suitability and aptness��.

The time capsule will be permanently sealed at the anniversary dinner slated to be held on 14 October this year.

On top of the time capsule, the school has also set up a heritage centre that includes a gallery featuring the key milestones events of the school as well as display cabinets that exhibit heritage objects. These artifacts such as report books have been contributed by former students and teachers. The rich history of the school seems to be frozen in time with the artifacts enclosed in the acrylic showcase.

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