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Kim has had a troubled upbringing. His father, Barry Hyde is the principal of Summer Bay High and has brought Kim up on his own since he was eight years old. Father and son have had a fiery relationship and due to the pressures put on him by his father, Kim has a rebellious nature.

Kim is an excellent sportsman and an outstanding swimmer but because his Dad wanted him to excel, possibly to Olympic standard, Kim purposefully sabotaged his own success as a way of defying his father.

He has stunning good looks and a manliness and maturity about him that women find very attractive, but he also likes to have fun and often doesn't know where to draw the line. Initially, he forms a close bond with Tasha and Robbie.

As Kim wasn't interested in an academic career, he made the decision to leave school and pursue a working career. He hasn't looked back and has greatly matured into a wholesome citizen of Summer Bay.

When the incident of the Stalker hits Summer Bay, Kim risked his life to rescue his father after a bomb threat. Later Barry thanks his son for saving him, which greatly improved their relationship.

When he was told that he was the father of Hayley's baby, all his old memories were revived. A few years ago, Kim had thought he was the father of Brooke's child until she was exposed as an extortionist. Hyde had been paying her maintenance to keep her quiet about the child. Kim was shattered when he discovered the truth.

Kim goes on a mission to find his long departed mother and discovers his father carries a dark secret, which he's kept from his son all these years. When Kim confronts his father, his father breaks down and tells Kim the truth. The reality of the shocking tragedy brings father and son close together for the first time.

Kim fell for Beth's daughter Kit and had a brief liaison with Hayley before she realized she was in love with Scott and then he made a big mistake when he fell in love with Zoe, who was later exposed as the Summer Bay Stalker.

In a moment of passion,, Hayley and Kim spend the night together. When Hayley becomes pregnant, she is not sure if the father is Scott or Kim and a paternity test is ordered. The Stalker switches the names on the paternity test and Kim believes he is the father. He plans to marry Hayley and be a father to their baby. However, fate intervenes and it is not to be.

When it is discovered that Scott is in fact the father of Hayley's baby, Scott and Hayley are reunited. To try to deal with his loss and pain, Kim goes on a downward spiral of self-destruction. With heavy drinking and the taking of party drugs, Kim collapses in a GBH coma. His life hangs in the balance.

Kim's life is saved by the expert work of Dr Rachel Armstrong, new to Summer Bay. When they later meet, Rachel and Kim are instantly attracted to each other. When Kim seeks professional counselling to help overcome his depression, Rachel is the psychiatrist he has been referred to. Rachel tries to cool it as she is aware of the ethics of her profession. Will Kim be hurt in love again?

Kim and Rachel become lovers, even at the risk of her career. Hyde learns to accept his son's relationship with the older Rachel. After being suspended from the hospital, Rachel is surprised to be offered the positon as a Junior Registrar in the Emergency Department. And it's her father who is the new Director of Emergency!

When Kim meet's Rachel's father he is at first charmed by him, but is later suspicious when he overhears Robert on the phone. What is the secret?

Rachel knows her father has lied to her about her mother's accident. Now he is blackmailing his own daughter to cover for him against a charge of professional misconduct. Kim vows to support Rachel when Robert disappears and leaves them to look after her brain-damaged mother.