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A Brief Outline of the Courses Available Course Descriptions


CMS recognizes the importance of students having the opportunity to reflect on their own individual learning and growth processes. Planned time is structured into each course of study for this kind of reflection.

A Brief Outline of the Courses Available

Inner Development Studies ID
Spiritual Awareness Studies SA
Critical Thinking Studies CT
Mind and Energy Studies IA
Inner Awareness & Intuitive Development Studies IA
Holistic Healing Arts Studies HA
Natural Healing Arts Studies HA
Metaphysical and Prosperity Studies ME
Parapsychology Studies PP
Spiritualism Studies SP
Spiritual Science Studies SS
Metaphysical Education Studies MT
Metaphysical Sciences MS
Mysticism MY
Gemstones and Crystals GS
Astrological Studies AS
Numerological Studies NU
Psychic Sciences PS
Esoteric Philosophy Studies EP
Religion and Spirituality RS
Bible Studies BI
Interpersonal Communications IC
Personal Ministry PM
Pastorial Counseling PC
Church Management CM
Metaphysical Theology Studies TH
Neo-Pagan Studies NP
Shamanic Studies SH
Angel Studies AN
Miscellaneous Research Information

Inner Development Studies

RELEASING FEAR THROUGH LOVE (ID-100/1.5 Credit Hours): A 7 lesson course examining how to fully love yourself and experience an abundance of love and joy by releasing of fear. We have a pattern of struggling beginning with our struggle to be born and we have retained the fear that "life is a struggle." If you want to make it difficult, that is up to you. We suggest you make it fun and easy. Included: Conquest Of Fear, Inferiority, Imagination, Anxiety, Phobias; Trance-ending of Consciousness; Understanding Love; Preparing For Personal Trance-Ending; Ingredients Of Personal Trance-Ending; Exercises For Personal Trance-Ending to change your life pattern.

LISTENING TO YOUR INNER GUIDE (ID-101/1.0 Credit Hours): Our Source of Truth is as close to us as our own wondering, as close as our own thoughts, in this 8 lesson course, we take the mystery out of "listening," and the Divine within each of us becomes recognizable, You will learn to listen in your own right and will uncover your own "inner voices." Includes An Introduction To Listening; The Secret Of The Inner Voice; Beginning To Listen; How Do We Contact Our Inner Guide; 10 Suggestions For Better Listening; Difficulties In Listening; 15 Listening Principles; Is It Working along with A Checklist Of Effective Listening.

MEDITATION THROUGH SPIRITUAL AWARENESS (ID-102/1.0 Credit Hours): This 6 lesson course will teach you how to Meditate and the importance of meditation for everyday life. Included: What Is Meditation; We Are Pure Consciousness Working Through Mind and Body; Fundamentals Of Meditation; Love and Devotion; Morality and Spiritual Law; Love The Supreme Law.

RELEASING GUILT THROUGH FORGIVENESS (ID-103/1.5 Credit Hours): A 6 lesson course explaining how to heal relationships through forgiveness by releasing guilt and letting go of the fear that separates us. Part 1 of the course deals with the basic spiritual principles used to find another way of looking at the world. Included: Ego and Its Belief System; Ego's Attraction To Guilt; Love Is Listening; Love's Belief System; A Bridge To Heaven On Earth. Part 2 has to do with how these lessons can be applied. It consists of 14 exercises, concerning spiritual principles followed by steps for integrating them into our daily life.

PRACTICAL APPROACH TO BUILDING SELF-WORTH (ID-104/1.5 Credit Hours): This 7 lesson course is for those who are sufficiently unhappy with their present life style to spend the time and effort needed to gain peace and happiness. The course material will allow you to cast off the false and destructive concepts, values, beliefs and assumptions trapping you in a quagmire of self-rejection, condemnation, shame, remorse and guilt and keep you from enjoying the beautiful "here and now." Included are: Introduction to Self-worth; Symptoms and Sources of Low Self-worth; Expanding your Awareness; Reprogramming your Awareness; Direct Action Program. There is also a Self-worth Evaluation and actual affirmative programs to change your life.

PRINCIPLES OF CREATIVE RESPONSIBILITY (ID-105/1.5 Credit Hours): This 8 lesson course will help you identify and deal with issues that are interfering with your life. As you work through the problems and rely on the dynamics of the program, you'll experience physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Part 1, the first 7-lessons, will explain the Creative Responsibility program in depth. Part 2 is your personal inventory program. This inventory can be used as a tool for making a major breakthrough in your development & for setting you on the road to freedom. Included: Introduction to Creative Responsibility; The Creative Process; Using Your Innate Ability To Create; Creative Habits; Creating Through Conflict; Brainstorming; Changing Masks; Creating Out Of Hurt; Love -- A priceless Gift; Creating Health; Creating Happiness; Creating Prosperity; A Personal Inventory.

THE ALCHEMY OF BALANCE (ID-107/2.0 CH): Matter exists only because the human seed creates it. The human seed, the original man, created matter in order to evolve the soul. Man also has the ego and free will to help this process. When we confuse the body and material possessions with the true self, which are not separate from the Divine, we become the slaves of circumstance. The circumstances of chaos and disharmony leave us disconnected and imbalanced. Only through conscious choice to create balance will we begin the journey back to our realization of our interconnectedness with God(dess). In this course you will learn tools for becoming conscious of your own life, your own perceptions of its imbalances and strive to create a path toward balance. The process of correction will allow you to see your conscious thoughts and actions creating the circumstances of your life. Because life is dynamic and inevitably changing, a life of complete and continuous balance is not the goal. Like the pendulum of a clock, there is potential on either extreme and it passes only momentarily through the middle. Similarly, a satellite spends much of its orbiting life off-course and constantly corrected. In the big picture, it fulfills its purpose. This is a journey, not a destination. This 11-lesson course includes: What is Balance?; The Physical Level; The Mental Level; The Spiritual Level; The Emotional Level; Interconnections; Business and Career as a Mirror; Learning Consciousness; Opportunities for Creating Balance; Conclusion.

SELF-WORTH AND SPIRITUALITY IN THE NEW AGE (ID-108/3.5 CH): The compelling message of this course Is one of self-discovery, healing, and wholeness. A miraculous spiritual awakening is taking place on our planet. People everywhere are listening to the divine call within; to reconcile the long-standing split between Spirit and matter, mind and body, heaven and earth that has burdened us for centuries. The purpose of Self-Worth and Spirituality in the New Age is to provide nurturing support for the aspect of our spiritual journey that involves embracing our sacred humanity. The direction we will travel is inward. Our pilgrimage will bring us face to face with many facets of our nature � both dark and light. It may not all be pleasant, but like every hero�s journey, it promises to yield rich and rewarding results. This 14-lesson course is a visionary manifesto of philosophical and psycho-spiritual wisdom that will speak deeply to those embarking on the next step of their spiritual evolution. Part 1 of this course deals with the concepts of spirituality, self-worth and self-acceptance. Part 2 consists of 13 Appendices and has been designed as a work-book and journal to assist you in discovering the divinity that has been lying dormant inside of you. Included: A Spiritual Renaissance; The Power of Paradigms; From Bondage to Freedom; Spirituality; Self-Worth; Spirituality, Self-Worth and Christianity; Sin/Salvation Theology; Creation/Spirit Theology; Self-Knowledge; The Pathological Critic; The Spiritual Mentor; Self-Acceptance; A Quest for Wholeness; 13 Appendices � Work-book and Journal.




Spiritual Awareness Studies

TECHNIQUES IN PRAYER (Mini-Course) (SA-102/0.5 Credit Hours): An 11 lesson mini-course that discusses the necessity of prayer as something that we must do for ourselves. We draw upon the strength of others in our prayer work but we must begin to do it ourselves. Included: What Is Prayer?; What Is God? How Do We Commune With God?; Accelerated Mind Action; He Who Would Heal; New Habits For Old; Power Of Denial; Power of Affirmation; Do You Need More Faith?; What Is Meditation?: Do It Now.

TREATMENT OR SCIENTIFIC PRAYER (Mini-Course) (SA-103/0.5 Credit Hours): A greater sense of God makes your life greater. Repetition of a Spiritual idea eventually produces a demonstration. God responds to humanity, as we think in terms of God. This 7 lesson mini-course includes: The Nature Of God; You As A Spiritual Being; Your World As The Kingdom Of Heaven; Deny Fear and Affirm Faith; Handling Each Symptom; Put Your Treatment In The Law; Final Suggestions.

PRINCIPLE OF SUCCESS THROUGH GIVING (Mini-Course) (SA-104/0.5 Credit Hours): Success through giving is not in itself a prosperity principle. The Principle is that God Is All There Is. It is consistent to say that a principle will support itself. This 2 lesson course includes: Success Through Giving; The Purpose Of Giving; Why Should I Give; Results To Expect; Feeling Guilty About Not Giving; Giving In Secret Or Not; Making Giving A Life-long Habit; What Happens If I Give?; What Exactly Is Success Through Giving?; The Necessary Prerequisite For Giving; How Often To Give; Bonuses To Giving; Why The Principle Works; How Important Is The Spirit Of Giving?; To Whom Should I Give?

RELEASING ANGER THROUGH SPIRITUALITY (SA-105/1.5 CH): For many people anger has become and automatic reaction to everyday inconveniences and frustrations such as traffic jams or waiting in line. By reacting to the smallest nuisance with criticism, sarcasm, and bitterness, a person is in danger of becoming chronically angry. Chronically angry persons develop rigid styles of thinking, so that they interpret others� words and deeds as hostile and automatically respond defensively. Relationships may exist in continual disharmony or be destroyed by pessimism, outrage, distrust, and despair. Spiritual practices such as meditation and prayer have been shown to decrease the stress associated with anger. Additionally, practicing the principles of spirituality, loving kindness, forgiveness and patience have been associated with a sense of inner-peace, compassion for others, and reverence for life, gratitude, and appreciation of both unity and diversity. This 5-lesson course determines the effects of spirituality on anger. It includes: Introduction to Anger Management; Measure your anger Questionnaire; Anger and Anger Treatments; Mindfulness and Meditation; Forgiveness and Compassion; Spirituality; Anger Management Counseling; Glossary; 16-Anger Management Meditations; A complete Anger Management Toolkit.


Critical Thinking Studies

A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO EXPANDING THE MIND (CT-100/5.0 CH) � Formerly SE-100: A 10 lesson course to help you to give your mind the environment it needs to grow more powerful. Core of this course is 5 lessons of exercises. Each lesson concentrates on a key area of mental skills: Flexibility, Memory, Analysis, Decision-making and Creativity. Each lesson consists of a psych-up to prepare you for the exercises, several exercises that can be performed and a mind-play section outlining mental games you can play based on the skills you have developed. Following each lesson, other exercises are listed, giving you alternative activities. Included is a training progress report for your continued information.

A METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO THE POWER OF THOUGHT (CT-101/3.0 CH): This 18-lesson course covers many methods for the culture and nurture of thought-power. It also presents us with many useful suggestions that enable us to reach a region beyond the scope of thought and its power, a realm of transcendental experience and God-consciousness. This course will appeal to you as practical psychology, as metaphysics in the world of the phenomena of thought, as parapsychology, as esoteric wisdom, and help you build your future, gain your success in life, and acquire the power to manipulate thought and extract from it the extraordinary powers it holds. The course will also help you to attain refinement and culture by thought-discipline, use your capacity for releasing wholesome, constructive and inspiring thought-vibrations, obtain peace and happiness by accomplishing something great and grand and gain God-realization which is the meaning, aim, and ultimate destiny of human life. The course includes The physics and philosophy of thought-power; The laws and dynamics of thought-power; The uses and values of thought-power; The functions of thought-power; The development of thought-power; The varieties of thought; Positive methods for thought-control; Thought-culture patterns; From thoughts to thought-transcendence; The metaphysics of thought-power; God realization through thought-power; Thought-power for the new age.

JOURNALING FOR SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH (CT-102/2.0 CH): The goal of journaling is to provide people with opportunities to explain their thinking about many ideas and then to re-examine their thoughts by reviewing their writing. Your journal can be viewed as a "working draft" that is always ready to be reviewed, refined and edited. Correct spelling and punctuation are secondary issues. When you write in your journal, you can reach in deep within yourself and be candid about your inner-thoughts and feelings. A journal can see you through difficult times. It is a treasure chest of creative ideas, personal-growth-insights, and history. Writing a journal can become a wonderful ritual that can add texture and meaning to your life. This course includes: Journaling: A tool for the spirit; Journaling methods; Journaling for health; Dialoguing; Lists and stream of consciousness; Clustering, captured moments and steppingstones; Time capsules and topics du jour; Unsent letters, perspectives, dreams and imagery; Journaling for the student; Graphic organizers; Brainstorming.

A NEW CONSCIOUSNESS FOR A NEW AGE (CT-103/2.5 CH): A new consciousness is upon us. We may call it a religious awakening, the New Age, collective enlightenment, the triumph of humanism, a paradigm shift, or the end of the world. Regardless of the name we give it, a new consciousness has arrived and is being felt everywhere, in countless different forms. To many people this change is deeply threatening, because it challenges beliefs which are at the core of their under standing of how life is. To others, however, the change is a long-awaited step in the evolution of humankind - An event which has been foreseen by visionaries for thousands of years. This ranges from comments on personal transformation and expanded perception, to speculations on spiritual matters and possibilities in the New Age. It touches psychic phenomena, healing, modern physics, meditation, and enlightenment. This 15-lesson course makes the basic assumption that we live in a congenial, sensible universe, where our birthright is one of freedom, love, and joy � if we will but awaken to these potentials. Course includes: Becoming Conscious; Plausible New Age Thoughts; Perceptions of the New Age; Science in the New Age; On the Horizons; New Age Imaginings.

THE METAPHYSICS OF SUCCESSFUL THINKING - VOLUME I (CT-104/ 2.0 CH): Success is determined not by the size of one's brain as it is by the size of one's thinking. The size of bank accounts, the size of happiness accounts, and the size of one's general satisfaction account is dependent on the size of one's thinking. All of us are products of the thinking around us. All around us is an environment that is trying to tug us, try-ing to pull us down Second Class Street. We are told almost daily that there is a surplus of chiefs, so be content to be a little guy. The simple steps we have set down in this two volume course are not untested theories. They are not one person's guesses and opinions. They are proven approaches to life's situations, and they are universally applicable steps that work and work like magic. This 14-lesson course includes Believing is succeeding; Do not make excuses; Building confidence and destroying fear; The size of your thinking determines success; Thinking and dreaming creatively; You are exactly what you think you are; Your environment help to build a better mind.

THE METAPHYSICS OF SUCCESSFUL THINKING - VOLUME II (CT-105/ 2.0 CH): The basic principles supporting this course come from the highest sources. Minds like the prophet David who wrote, "As one thinketh in his heart, so is he"; minds such as Emerson who said "Great men are those who see that thoughts rule the world"; minds like Milton who in Paradise Lost wrote, "The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell or a hell of heaven." Perceptive minds like Shakespeare who observed "There is nothing either good or bad except that thinking makes it so". But how do we know the master thinkers were right? The proof comes from the lives of the select people around us who, through winning success, achievement, and happiness, prove that thinking success works magic. The techniques in this two volume course are not untested theories. They are proven approaches to life's situations, and they are universally applicable steps that work and work like magic. Included in this 13-lesson course: Your attitude should work for you; Success depends on the support of others; Use your thoughts to get results; Turning defeat into victory; Set your goals for success; Start thinking like a leader.

EXPANDING YOUR MIND POWER THROUGH MENTAL EXERCISE (CT-106/1.5 CH): Ancient cultures have concentrated on the study of the mind. The computer, the automobile, and all other great achievements started as an idea in somebody's mind. Unfortunately, most human misery also has their root in the mind. The wisdom of some of the brightest minds is concentrated into this 8-lesson crash course in mind power. The techniques described herein work like a charm. They are designed to put you in control of that 90% region of the mind that was off limits to most people. This course will give you a different attitude. It will turn you into the person that seems to "have all the luck." Only you know that luck has nothing to do with it. You're just using your brain (and all of it, too). Included The subconscious mind; The power of your mind; The body/mind connection; Getting rid of fear and worry; Taming your untamed mind; Developing your intuition; Training your intuition; Learn to relax; Ad-vanced d�j� vu; Touching into your subconscious; Seeing yourself in a new light; Telepathy; Becoming one with the elements; Building up your defenses; The ethical use of mindpower.

IMPROVING YOUR STUDY SKILLS (CT-107/4.0 CH): Your success at CMS will be determined by the interaction of several factors. These factors include your aptitude, your motivation, and your study and test taking skills. The first factor, aptitude, should be of little concern. If you have made it this far in school, CMS should not present any major barrier unless the remaining two factors, motivation and study skills, are lacking in development. Your motivation to successfully complete your studies is something that you and you alone must develop and maintain. Your ability to perform the aforementioned tasks will improve with the time you spend with CMS but there is no reason to learn these skills "the hard way." This 6-lesson course will assist you to find some excellent guidelines to help you develop your study and test taking skills. You may not require assistance in all of the study skills areas but it can be to your benefit to spend a little time and read the entire course. Remember that you consciously choose the level of success you achieve in school and all other aspects of life. This course includes: Introduction to improving your study skills; Time management strategies for improving academic performance; Seven strategies for improving test performance; Increasing text book reading comprehension by using SQ3R; Strategies for improving concentration and memory; Study Skills Inventory; 23 detailed attachments to assist you in improving your study skills.


Mind and Energy Studies - (See also Intuitive Development below)

METAPHYSICAL USE OF MIND AND ENERGY (HA-101/3.0 Credit Hours): The mind is a powerful instrument. But it isn't easy for the average person to learn how to use it. We must understand our human nature before we can put our minds to work. Accessing this knowledge is studied in this 11 lesson course including: The Human Body; Understanding Your Own Mind; Controlling Mental and Psychic Energy; Power Of Thought; Physical-Etheric-Emotional Energy; Generating and Applying Psychic Energy; Energy Centers (Chakra); Impressionalism and Para-emotionalism; How To Understand and Use Telepathy; Psychic Projection; Healing With Psychic Energy.

A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO THE CHAKRAS AND ENERGY (IA-102/4.0 Credit Hours): A 21 lesson course about human energy and the 7-ancient energy centers or chakras within the body. It explains how the centers affect the harmony for the endocrine glands, nervous system and the entire organism. Included: the energy system and subtle bodies; function and purpose of the chakras; human aura and exercises; developing, determining and eliminating chakra blockage; breath, breathing and energy exercises; cleansing and activating chakras; balancing your centers; chakra healing and intuition techniques; sexuality and the chakras with exercises to be used by couples. Also included is a lesson for each chakra containing: symbol; location; color; basic principle; statement; sense; element; astrology; traditional and Aquarian purpose and function; balanced, excessive and deficient energy; endocrine glands; organs and parts of the body; illness and ailments; nature, sound, color, gems, and aroma therapy. Each individual chakra lesson contains balancing/attunement exercises. The course ends with a seven-page glossary.

A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO THE HUMAN AURA (IA-106/2.0 Credit Hours): What is an aura? Is it real? What does it look like? Can you see it? Can you feel it? This illustrated 10 lesson course can answer these questions and many more! Learn what your aura is and how you can see it, layer by layer, from the physical to the 8th layer, your ability to connect with the cosmic consciousness. This enjoyable but deeply informative course shows you how to begin to see and know the colors of your aura and understand what they mean to you. You can learn how to interpret your colors and begin to know why you do what you do. You will become aware of yourself and contacting your own higher mind and have fun at the same time. You will discover a new dimension of yourself. Through meditation, visualization and just plain fun, you can advance your consciousness and your ability to create. You can probe the unknown worlds. You can harness the energy and intelligence that are native to your soul and control the circumstances of your life. Each lesson concludes with a visualization and color exercise for each of the layers of the aura. Included: The Human Aura in Five Parts; Color and the Human Aura; Developing Clairvoyant Skills and Developing Auric Sight; Auric Glossary.

THE OUIJA BOARD IS NOT A TOY (mini-course) (IA-108/0.5 CH): Talking � Ouija � boards are a form of channeling. Like all other forms of channeling � until you understand how to freely communicate with spirit � you must develop some basic skills. The Ouija Board has been around since the time of the Roman Emperor Valens in the fourth century. It is also thought to have been used by the Greeks since before the time of Christ. It is a form of divination. Many people feel that Ouija Boards are dangerous to use. It depends on who uses them and the entities they attract. Dysfunctional people will attract dysfunctional entities and should never use a ouija board or channel in any way. Included in this 5-course mini-course: Ouija Boards; All you ever wanted to know; Using a Ouija Board; Ouija care and handling.


Inner Awareness and Intuitive Development Studies
(See also Mind & Energy Studies)

INTRODUCTION TO INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT THROUGH SPIRITUAL AWARENESS (IA-100/1.0 Credit Hour): Spontaneous manifestations of intuitive forces are interesting and helpful. With this 6 lesson course you can gain more for daily living by producing desired results through metaphysical means, understanding & directing the forces and Metaphysical laws through Spiritual awareness in limitless applications to your life. Included: A Sensitive's Responsibility; What Is Psychism; Development Of Psychic Sensitivity; Developmental Hints; Images and Symbols; Divine Guidance. Course #IA-101 is recommended for developing sensitives upon completion of this course.

SITTING FOR INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT (IA-101/1.5 Credit Hours): A 6 lesson course showing the developing sensitive how to properly sit for unfoldment. Lesson 1 discusses matters that are interwoven into the personality of the sitter; matters which determine whether they will be successful. The force of repetition of the ideas given in course #IA-100 (above) will in time integrate them into your life. Included in each lesson are hints for daily sitting and blanks for recording all manifestations or results. The sittings are broken into groups of 7-sittings covering a period of 6 weeks. Each grouping starts with a class session and is continued at the pace of one-a-day at home. These sittings are not fixed periods; they may vary greatly from sitter to sitter.

DREAMS - THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF SLEEP (IA-103/1.5 Credit Hours): Interpretation of dreams is only one aspect of the concept of dreaming. Dreams are sources of great wisdom and guidance but there is much we can do to delve into this reservoir and receive answers to problems. Having the right dream at the right time helps with practical problems as easily as it can bring us flashes of enlightenment and inspiration. This 8 lesson course includes: Dreams and Their Schemes, Interpretation and Solutions; Types Of Dreams; When Is A Dream Not A Dream; Nightmares; Psychic Dreams; Self-Discovery Through Dreams; Dream Dictionary; Dream Glossary.

MANIFESTATION THROUGH CREATIVE VISUALIZATION (IA-104/3.0 Credit Hours): Creative Visualization is capable of bringing about dramatic improvements in your life. It is the forming of mental images and is based on the principle that there is a tendency in human nature to ultimately become exactly like that which we imagine or image ourselves as being. An image formed and held in the conscious mind passes into the subconscious mind. When it is accepted there you will have it. So powerful is this effect on thought and performance that a deeply desired visualization of an objective or goal can become manifested in the physical. Included in this 14 lesson course is: Introduction to Visualization; How to Visualize; Affirmations; Out-flowing and Clearing Blocks; Spiritual Aspects; Contacting Your Inner Guide; Discovering Your Inner Sanctuary; Using the Inner Child; Male and Female Aspects; Expressing Inner Creativity; How to Achieve Healing; Manifesting Prosperity; Additional Techniques; The Spiritual Manifestation Process. This course also contains 41 Visualization Exercises.

THE PRINCIPLES OF CHANNELING (IA-105/5.0 Credit Hours): (NOTE: Not available through distance-learning) Channeling is a skill that can be learned. Channeling involves achieving an expanded state of consciousness that allows you to connect with a high-level etheric world intelligence or your higher self. To channel, you do not have to be spiritually evolved or psychic; you do need patience, perseverance, and a strong desire to make the connection. This 24-Lesson course will give you the background information abut channeling � how it will feel, who the guides are, how guides communicate with you, and how to know if you are ready to channel. If you are able to successfully accomplish the exercises in this course you can begin to verbally channel in a short period of time. You will also receive guidance on how to develop your channeling, be given answers to your questions, doubts or fears on develop your channeling, answers to questions, doubts or fears that may arise and insights into changes you may experience after opening. These changes include an acceleration of spiritual growth and changes in the physical body. Appendix 1 gives you a complete glossary of channeling words.

MANDALA � THE SACRED CIRCLE (IA-107/4/0 Credit Hours): This 14 lesson course presents the Universality of the Mandala, as an art form, and a symbolic system. The Mandala is the bridge between Western and Eastern philosophies and between one�s own conscious, subconscious and higher conscious minds. Along with the history of and significance of Mandalas in various forms, you will learn and experience the process of the ritual of the Mandala and how you can use this process in all aspects of your life, transforming you from the mundane life to a life of sacred, �organic�, living. Through the process, you will learn to express your truth and beauty, becoming conscious of your own light pattern within, thus healing body, mind, and spirit, realizing your connection with the universe: Move beyond the duality of Earth into the realm of the cosmic, the realm of ALL THERE IS.


Holistic Healing Arts Studies

HISTORY OF METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALING (HA-100/2.0 Credit Hours): An 11 lesson course making available a wide variety of the historical evidence of Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing, and to point out certain broad and invariable principles that bear upon the healing practitioner of today. Includes: The Beginning Of Metaphysical Healing; American Indian Medicine Man; Greek Healing Cults Of Aesculapius and Hippocrates; Healing And The Rise Of The Christian Church; Modern Healing Cults.

THE SCIENCE OF COMPLIMENTARY HEALING (HA-102/4.0 Credit Hours): This 18 lesson course contains detailed explanations, methods, techniques and treatments needed by today's healing practitioner. Included: Introduction To Alternative Healing; Natural Laws Pertaining To The Healing Arts; Prerequisites For Health; Principle, Practice and Treatment Of Magnetic Healing; Yogi Breathing; Thought Force Healing; Suggestive Healing and Treatments; Mental Healing; Healing With Psychic Energy; Color and Chakra Healing Treatments and Practice; Metaphysical Healing; Prayer; Spiritual Healing; Glossary Of Healing Terms; Healing Positions Explained and Illustrated; Practicalities Of Complimentary Healing.

A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION (HA-103/2.0 Credit Hours): Food and nutrition is a part of man's mineral, plant and animal surroundings, his geographical and biological environment. Nutrition is the way of harmoniously adapting ourselves to this environment as a part of these surroundings. This 10 lesson course contains Outer Ecology; Inner Ecology in the form of Diet and Health, Holistic Medicine and Aging; A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body; What Causes Disease; Survival Through Nutrition; Toxins and Detoxification, Nutritional Weight Loss Through Food Combining; Supplementing Your Nutrition; Exercise and Play.

THE PRINCIPLES OF BIOFIELD HEALING (HA-104/14.0 Credit Hours): Often called energy healing or the laying on of hands, biofield therapeutics is an ancient healing practices. The technique of biofield healing has proved effective in treating various disorders, strengthening and quickening the body's own healing resources, and giving comfort to those with strongly resistant illness. The practitioner scans the patient's energy flow, replenishing it where necessary, and uses mental energy in the form of affirmation, prayer, and energy techniques to remove any negative thoughts concerning the illness thereby instilling positive energy vibrations to generally restore order and balance in the mind/body/spirit connection. This 360 page course of study has been compiled as a definitive text for healing practitioners for use as a formal curriculum, for both in-residence and distance-learning students. In this course you will learn how to recognize healing energy and how to use it for healing yourself as well as those around you. Included is Introduction to Bodyworks; Guided Imagery and Meditation; Holistic Healing; The Human and Universal Energy Fields; Developing Clearsight Skills; Developing Auric Sight; The Human Aura; The Chakra System; Individual Chakras in Depth; Healing Hands; Conducting the Healing Session and hundreds of exercises and healing treatments. (NOTE: This course includes large amounts of material from CMS courses IA-102, IA-106, HA-102 as well as a vast amount of additional information - please write for a complete course syllabus.)

SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENT (HA-105/3.0CH) � Formerly SA-106: Spiritual mind treatment is a powerful tool that is used to improve the quality of life and enhance one�s spiritual development. Treatment is more than positive thinking. It is conscious use of spiritual power to transform the mind. Become aware of your unity with Infinite Divine Life, Love, Joy, Peace, Creativity, Intelligence and Abundance. This unity with Perfection already exists; it is really returning your consciousness to its natural spiritual state. Know with calm confidence that the specific good you seek is now unfolding from Divine Reality through the Law of Mind into experience. This 18-lesson course contains, in detail, the steps necessary for treatment work. They are simple, easy to understand and give definite suggestions on methods of treatment. Anyone willing to experiment with the material outlined herein, and willing to devote fifteen minutes a day to its practice will change themselves for the better. Students will find the Truth of themselves as they work with the ideas in this course. The Infinite Mind within will reveal to you the joy of correct mental work based upon Principles which never fail, for they are not of humanity, they are of God by means of humanity. Included: Introduction; Humanity�s Divine Nature; The Realization and Analytical Methods of Treatment; Affirmative Prayer; Treatment for Specific Conditions; Practical Aids; The Healing Consciousness; Treatment Worksheets and 60 sample Spiritual-Mind-Treatments for all occasions.

HEALING THROUGH INNER PEACE AND CONTENTMENT (HA-106/1.5 CH): It is to the quiet mind that healing can take place - you will see your weaknesses and the reasons for your distress and find the means whereby to rise to new spiritual heights, helping you to live up to your highest ideals. If you are ready, the light will shine in your life, removing all of the darkness, showing you the path to peace, health, and happiness. You can be anyone you want to be. All that is required of you is that you believe with all your heart that you are truly "one with God" and new doors will open all around you. This 9-lesson course includes: Introduction to mental and spiritual healing; Guided imagery and meditation; Elements of mental and spiritual healing and Achieving the necessary peace and contentment.

HEALING THROUGH EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL BALANCE (HA-107/1.0 CH): Any perfectly balanced machine runs more smoothly, uses less energy, and lasts longer than one which is out of balance. Our bodies are subject to the same principle. They wear out rapidly under friction, developing weaknesses which they would avoid if they were brought under the control of balanced emotions. This 5-lesson course is intended to point out those elements that make up the balanced personality so the individual can enjoy harmonious relations with others and with him/herself. This balanced harmony places us in a mental and emotional position where something larger, deeper, and more permanent can move into action, reproducing within us that which is forever in balance, thereby healing the illnesses caused by the friction of our former imbalance. We have seen this occur so often that we are convinced that there is a very definite Law of Healing. Anyone can use it. Included: Optimism; Balanced emotions; Imagination; Faith; The quiet mind.

THE SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO SELF-HEALING (HA-108/ 3.0 CH): There is a spirit within us, latent usually, but which may be quickened and made positive and dominant in our lives. Each of us is a co-creator, a child of God(dess). Everyone can learn to direct our natural Universal Healing Energy. It is simple, effortless and an automatic part of our being. Once we learn it we can teach others the simple techniques and basics. How skilled we choose to become is up to each of us. This 12-lesson course is a practical description of how to be consciously in charge of your health and wealth, both spiritually and physically. It includes: Love is the magical word; Scientific prayer; Self-healing; Healing others; The law of "Swings" or Rhythmic Growth; The realization of abundance; Healing your financial challenges; Understanding God(dess)'s will within each of us; Virtue and ethics; Walk your talk; Evolution and regeneration.

AN ESOTERIC APPROACH TO ENERGY AND THE HUMAN MIND (HA-109/1.5 CH): In this age of over specialization, with emphasis on chemistry, bacteriology, mechanical and surgical research, we have lost sight of the over-all picture of humanity as a living being. In this Aquarian energy field, ancient and modern science can meet. The present can be enriched by the experiences and understanding of the past. This 9-lesson course describes a rational therapy, with a wider range and a finer perspective of the actual energies operating in the body. The attention is directed to the finer energies in the body that constitute its breath of life, by which the soul functions in and through the body. The energy fields of the sensory and motor expressions, which are rivers of Life, must be used constructively in order to enter the One Life Center or Sun principle, out of which they flow and manifest as mind streams in order to relate consciousness to the world of matter. The object of this course is to establish an understanding of these underlying factors in the treatment of disease, from a finer energy standpoint, which embraces all branches of the healing arts. Included: Energy and the healing arts; Just what is energy?; The psychosomatic relationship of humanity with the universe; The mind and its origin; Prana; Principles of psychological practices and their effects on energy; Polarity in general; Mental and emotional therapy; Motor pain control technique.

INTRODUCTION TO POLARITY ENERGY BALANCING (HA-110/3.0 CH): This 17-lesson fully illustrated course is an introduction to polarity energy balancing. The polarity system is vast � like an unexplored continent or even a new branch of science. The purpose of this text is to introduce you to the polarity system, explore your healing potential, and to expand the boundaries within which we experience ourselves. This course is directly oriented for the layperson and the healing practitioner. It lays out and explains in simple language and illustrations the vital skills of the holistic natural health care system. Lessons 1 through 9 describes a rational therapy, with a wider range and a finer perspective of the actual energies operating in the body. Lessons 10 through 17 are devoted to the qualities necessary in a healing practitioner and how to conduct a healing session. The course includes: Introduction to polarity; One-to-one polarity; Polarity positions; Specific moves; The polarity circle; Natural healing with life-force; Positive qualities of a healing practitioner; Interaction between practitioner and client; Conducting the polarity energy balancing session; Ending the polarity energy balancing session; Nutrition; In conclusion.

CAN THE MIND REALLY HEAL? (HA-111/3.0 CH): One of life's constants is that change is inevitable. The universe reminds us to expand our vision beyond ourselves to see the bigger picture, so we can better appreciate that every circumstance, whether it's positive or negative, serves as an opportunity to strengthen our Spirit. As we approach this new day in treatment, have you done any reflecting and house cleaning of your mind or your body? Within each one of us is the capacity to create our own healing sanctuary. We all have the ability to use our minds help heal our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual illnesses. This course touches into the work of such healing luminaries as: Swiss Nobel Laureate Dr. Walter R. Hess, Dr. Herbert Benson, David E. Bresler, Ph.D., Dr. C. Normal Shealy, Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, Dr. Bernard S. Siegel, Kenneth R. Pelletier, Ph.D., Harry Krop, Ph.D., E;lizabeth Daubert, R.N., Wendy Beall and many others. This 15-lesson investigative study of the mind/body connection in healing includes: Healing through optimism; Healing through balanced emotions; Healing through imagination; Healing through faith; Healing through the quiet mind.

THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS OF ENERGY HEALING (HA-112/3.0 CH): We live in a sea of energy. Radios, televisions, cellular phones, and wireless computer networks operate on unseen energy waves. Our bodies also operate within a human energy field. In an era when science is excelling in taking apart the cell, even to the genetic level, many are drawn to expand a way from the smallest parts to embrace a holistic approach to healing. People are discovering that they are capable of moving the energy within and around their bodies. They do this because they feel better, think better, and it improves their health. The fundamental rule in treating the body energetically is in treating the whole individual, taking into account experiences and environment. Every identifiable system in the body must be kept in balance, internally and externally to promote proper health and functionality. This 19-lesson course includes: Introduction to energy healing; Common elements of healing techniques; Scientific support for energy healing; The psysio-emotional link; Energy exercises; The energy healing session; 21 energy healings techniques: Energy; Hands of Light: Hands-on; Healing in the way of God; Healing Touch; Hucha Mikhuy; Jin Shin Jyutsu; Joy�s Way; Ju|�hoansi healing dance; Kahuna; Native American; Pranic; QiGong; Quantum Touch; Reiki; SHEN; Therapeutic Touch, Australian Aboriginal healing; Quantum consciousness and energy balancing; Auric or magnetic healing; Thoughts and the human energy field; The non-physical bodies.

ENERGY AND ALTERNATIVE HEALING FOR ANIMALS (HA-113/1.5 CH): Every day wherever Western ideologies are in place, little babies, disabled children, delinquents, old people, sick people, and animals are being treated with dominance reduction and behaviorism. We still give and withhold privileges to helpless individuals and animals. Through a change in consciousness, those who wish to heal can learn to change their reality and become a �healer�. If you have an animal whose behavior or temperament needs improving, if you are caring for an older animal that's in pain, if you want injuries and surgery to heal more quickly, then you can use this course in energy and alternative healing for Animals. The simple techniques used in this 9-lesson course can calm animals, alleviate their pains fears, and tensions and deepen the bond between you and your companion animal. The course includes: The Harmony Program; Attention seeking behavior; Therapeutic Touch; Healing with love; Healing with intention; Positive thinking and prayer; Animal EFT; Communicating with your animals; Spiritual significance of non-human wisdom; Bach Flower Essence for animals.

THE SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGIOUS BASIS OF SPIRITUAL HEALING (HA-114/4.0 CH): Scientific studies demonstrate that individuals who participate in organized religion are healthier and live longer. Religion promotes health through social mechanisms and something called spiritual healing. Spiritual healing contributes to a sense of well-being through a mysterious force called life-force energy. The aim is to help the person to get in closer touch with the infinite wisdom of their body/mind and to make best use of the resources available for healing from within. The question is, what is it and why does it work? Today there is a growing interest in, awareness of, and knowledge about spiritual healing. Physicists and other scientists are beginning to put together a body of information showing the validity of what the spiritual teachers have taught all along. This 20-lesson course, investigates the scientific and religious basis for spiritual healing and the many modalities used by the worlds religions and belief systems. Perhaps the life-force energy referred to by medical and spiritual traditions throughout history represents the answer. Is it the energy referred to as prana in India and Tibet, mana by the Polynesians, Yesad in the Jewish Kabalistic tradition, qi in oriental medicine, the Christian Holy Spirit or the cosmic unity of the Shaman? Included: Has science found God; The science of prayer and healing; Psychology and spiritual healing; Psychotherapy; Spiritual healing and Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism (including Ayurveda healing, Pranic healing and Yoga).

THE METAPHYSICS OF SPIRITUAL HEALING (HA-115/2.5 CH): Spiritual awakening is actually experiencing the unlimited source of love, peace and abundance. But most people do not know how to achieve this or they are convinced these realities are beyond their abilities. The only difference between those who are spiritually enlightened and those who are not is the decision to think outside the normal realm. Open your mind to the fact that there may be forces at work in this universe that may or may not be beyond our human comprehension. By embracing our own divinity, we can regain our power and lose the feeling of separation. The simple fact is, behind it all is ONE underlying truth, ONE principle, ONE energy. Our greatest individuating human characteristic, the gift of free will or choice. Do you choose to experience fear or love? It is a choice that only YOU can make. If this resonates with you, next comes the big question. Now what? When you experience these truths, you own them. The next step is to incorporate these experiences into your life. That is when YOUR reality will change. Included in this 14-lesson course: Spirituality and Spiritual Healing; Metaphysics or Metaphysical Healing; Religious and Spiritual Confusion; Who are We?; Form follows Thought; The Over-self; Spiritual Science and Psychics; Healing yourself and others; The Laws of Nature; We Live in a Material World; Never Say Die; Metaphysical Healing � Supplemental Thoughts.


Natural Healing Arts Studies

Note: Nothing in these courses should be construed as diagnosing, prescribing or treating disease. They are presented for education only. We must legally warn you that if you are ill, have any disease, are pregnant or nursing; you should consult your medical doctor before attempting any natural or herbal program.

INTRODUCTION TO NATURAL HEALING (HA-116/2.5 CH): Even though chemical drugs that relieve symptoms appear to be a cure, the underlying cause of illness is not addressed. Patients are not asked to change the faults in their lifestyle that created their condition. Since the cause of the disease is not dealt with, the condition continues to grow and flourish within them, often unnoticed. But eventually it resurfaces with a vengeance. Drugs chemically alter cells, tissues, organs, and the normal function of your body, making it appear to function normally, when it is actually still sick. While this deception is going on you appear to be healthy while all the time your condition worsens, grows, and eventually kills you. Our bodies are composed of around one hundred trillion cells. Each cell has a blueprint for the whole organism; the form and function that each new cell will have. This is determined by a field of spirit or intelligence that is working backstage behind the physical cells. This is called innate intelligence. Innate intelligence (or Higher Power) is the real "doctor." Only our bodies can heal, and they do it continually. No human can do what the body does on an ongoing basis. This is "natural healing." Included in this 13 lesson course: Frequently asked questions; Why use Natural Healing therapies; 155 Natural and Alternative healing modalities; The Ideology of Natural Healing; 6 lessons of Natural Health and Wellness; 3 lessons of The Human Body and symptoms of dis-ease. The course also contains a glossary of over 1,500 Natural and Alternative healing words and phrases.

NATURAL HEALING - BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT (HA-117/3.5 CH): The natural healing arts have been with us for ages, and can often be very powerful - the natural approach is the opposite of ordinary medicine. Ordinary medicine is invasive. It treats the body as a mechanical system with parts which can be poisoned, removed, or replaced if they malfunction. Natural approaches restore vitality so that the body can heal itself through its own healing resources. It is a non-medical, non-invasive approach to healing. The cause of healing is always due to a personal strengthening and normalizing caused by changing the internal environment, physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - an increase in life forces. The natural approach starts there. When the whole person is restored to balance health challenges disappear because their cause is removed. The human mind, body and soul are designed to be self healing. The natural, holistic approach teaches us how to cooperate with that process, and gives us powerful, positive, and natural ways to take care of our health. This 18-lesson course includes: Make health your priority; Alternative health; Holistic Medicine; Working with the mind; Miracles or madness; Healing techniques for the mind; Attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity; Thirty-two keys to good health; Pranic Healing; Healing the Soul; The Search for the Holy Grail; Quantum Healing.

A GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALING - VOLUME I (HA-118/3.0 CH): This is volume I of a three volume series of courses. This series was created to introduce a common-sense guide to how anyone can easily achieve wellness and improve their personal health with prevention and healthy lifestyles through the natural therapy of Natural Healing. The three courses in this series are an information resource for attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are about promoting wellness and personal health through the natural therapies of eating a healthy diet, taking nutritional supplements, reaping the benefits of exercise, and having a healthy attitude and resilience in your life. This 9-lesson course investigates the following natural healing modalities: Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Biofeedback, Bodywork - Massage and Healing Touch, Chelation, Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, and Detoxification.

A GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALING - VOLUME II (HA-119/3.0 CH): This is volume II of a three volume series of courses. Natural Healing is an eclectic self-care system of natural therapies that builds and restores health by working with the natural recuperative powers of the human body. The purpose of this and the other two courses in this series is to promote personal health and fitness. Get started today with the healing therapies of Natural Healing. Encouraging wellness and healthy living through instruction, is what this series of courses is all about. These courses will guide you to good personal health and fitness through the natural therapies of a healthy diet, nutritional supplements, the benefits of exercise, and having a healthy attitude and resilience in your life. This 7-lesson course investigates the following natural healing modalities: Expressive Art Therapies, Fasting, Flower Essence, Guided Imagery, Iridology, Meditation, Affirmation and Visualization, and Mind/Body Medicine.

A GUIDE TO NATURAL HEALING - VOLUME III (HA-120/3.0 CH): This is volume III of a three volume series of courses. The many modalities of Natural Healing will present a refreshing realistic perspective on what you need to do to promote wellness and improve your own personal health. Evidence-based health information is presented on how to achieve wellness and improve personal health. In short, these courses contain all the information anyone needs to achieve wellness and improve their personal health through the practice of prevention and healthy lifestyles. Natural Healing has nothing to do with magic or mysticism. Its historical development closely parallels that of Western medicine up until the last couple of hundred years. It has a strong scientific basis, just like any other natural philosophy has by definition. This 6-lesson course investigates the following natural healing modalities: Music and Wellness, Osteopathy, Prayer and Visualization, QiGong and Taiji, Rebirthing, and Yoga.

NATURAL HEALING - AROMATHERAPY (HA-121/5.0 CH): Aromatherapy is an ancient form of healing. The uniqueness of Aromatherapy is attributed to pure essential oils derived from plants, flowers, trees, herbs and resins used to balance the body, mind and spirit in massage, inhalations and other methods. Aromatherapy is a way of allowing the person to assume more responsibility for his/her own body, health and well-being. This 23-lesson course provides a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the aromatherapy field, and covers its scientific basis using a holistic framework. It is designed for holistic health practitioners who wish to incorporate aromatherapy into their practice and students who wish to investigate this wonderful modality. Aromatherapy can treat emotional and physical conditions and there are recipes for blending oils and treating many everyday conditions included in the course. Once you have learned the simple techniques, and the soothing properties of the oils and fragrances you will be able to benefit from what they have to offer. The course includes: Aromatherapy potpourri - The basics of Aromatherapy; A History of fragrance; Application techniques; The Chakra system and Astrology; Essential Oils; Carrier and Macerated Oils; Warnings and cautions; Therapeutic properties; Aromatherapy for women, romance and stress; Aromatherapy uses and blends - bath - beauty - massage; Color and other Aromatherapy uses and blends; Aromatherapy for women (other uses); Aromatherapy for men and sports buffs; Aromatherapy for children; Aromatherapy for senior citizens; Aromatherapy for general ailments; Aromatherapy for the body's system; Aromatic Oils and Incense. The course also includes an Aromatherapy Materia Medica and a complete glossary of words and phrases used in Aromatherapy.

NATURAL HEALING - HERBAL MEDICINE (HA-122/15.0 CH): The world of herbal medicine offers a wide range of applications and treatments on several different levels, ranging from everyday over-the-counter remedies for more symptomatic relief of minor ailments, to individualized prescriptions prepared specifically for patients after in depth consultation with a qualified medical herbalist. Certainly herbs have their place as self-help for minor infections, coughs, colds, catarrh, stomach upsets, indigestion, constipation and so on. The wealth of information that abounds today about herbs is enabling people to make increasingly informed decisions about the specific remedies they choose to self-administer. Those who are attracted to trying herbal medicine in one form or another are often people with a respect for the miraculous world of nature, or they may simply be referred to a remedy or a practitioner by personal recommendation. It is interesting that as gardening continues to be one of the most popular leisure pursuits in this country, even if as a city dweller one only has a patio, balcony or window box, people are increasingly growing herbs. Fascinated not only by their attractive shapes and colors, delicious tastes and often wonderful scents, there is something that people find about growing or being among herbs in the garden that has a subtle healing effect of its own. Just try gazing at a rose and see what happens! This 13-lesson course includes: Part I: Is Herbal Medicine Safe?; Using Herbs Simply and Safely; The History of Herbal Medicine; Herbal Tinctures; Guidelines for Using Essential Oils with Herbs; Growing up on Chemicals - Our Children's Toxic environment; Herbal Medicine for Children; Herbal Dentistry and Periodontal Care; Administering Herbal Treatment, Part II contains 36 specific health problems and Herbal Treatments. Part III contains a comprehensive Herbal Materia Medica and a glossary of words and phrases used in Herbal Medicine.

NATURAL HEALING - HOMEOPATHY (HA-123/8.0 CH): Homeopathy is a system of medicine that views symptoms as the body's attempt to fight infection and/or adapt to stress. Symptoms are viewed as the "language" of disease, rather than seen as separate entities to be suppressed. Homeopaths work WITH these symptoms rather than against them by seeking a remedy which imitates the body's symptoms, thereby stimulating the natural immune response. Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars, or the principle that "like cures like." That is to say, a substance that in large amounts causes certain symptoms in a healthy individual can be used in small amounts to cure those symptoms in a sick individual. Homeopathic medicines are made from plant, mineral, and some animal substances and they ARE NOT the same as herbal remedies. Homeopathic remedies must undergo a prescribed series of dilutions and succusions (agitations) to arrive at a certain potency. The potency used in any disease picture depends on many factors, including duration and severity of symptoms, the level of disease and the patient's energy level or life force. Homeopathic remedies are approved for over the counter sales and are available at most health food stores in low potencies. This 10-lesson course is divided into three parts. Part one consists of Introduction to Homeopathy; Modern Homeopathic Medicine; Understanding Homeopathy; Homeopathic Antidoting; Homeopathic Treatment; Common Homeopathic Medicines; Common Homeopathic Remedies. Part two contains 29 Specific Health programs from A.I.D.S. to woman's health challenges. In part three we have included a detailed Homeopathy Materia Medica and a glossary of Homeopathic words and terms.

NATURAL HEALING - HOMEOPATHY FOR CHILDREN (HA-124/5.5 CH): Homeopathy is becoming very popular for treating a wide range of children's illnesses. Parents are frequently finding conventional medicine failing to treat their child's illness. Homeopathy should be considered as a gentle and safe system of healing that encourages the body to heal itself without causing addiction or toxicity. A homeopathic remedy contains a high energized but dilute substance that stimulates the body's own healing centre, activating defense systems to drive out the illness. It redresses balance to the body boosting the immune system and a person's general well being too. Emotional disorders such as autism, hyperactivity, grief, anxiety and depression can also be successfully treated with homeopathy as well as behavioral problems such as temper tantrums, bullying and physical behavior. One of the main advantages of choosing homeopathy is that it boosts the child's immune system reducing the risk of future illnesses. This then decreases the requirement for further antibiotics, which also affects the immune system. Part I of this 9-Lesson course includes: Questions and answers concerning Homeopathy for Children; Homeopathy - A Natural for Children; Why Homeopathy for Kids?; Homeopathic Medicine in General; Antidoting; Homeopathy for Childhood Illnesses; The Role of the Parent or Caregiver. Part II consists of 25 specific health problems for children and Part III is a Homeopathic Homeopathy Materia Medica and a glossary of Homeopathic words and terms.

NATURAL HEALING - NATUROPATHY (HA-125/13.0 CH): In different times, every civilization has used naturopathy to cure ailments, disorders and diseases. All forms of alternate systems of medicine derived their growth from naturopathy. It has developed into a regular science and now many thousands of people in many countries are being benefited by it. Naturopathy is a system of therapy and treatment that relies exclusively on natural remedies, such as sunlight, air, water, supplemented with diet and therapies like massage. It is based on the belief that the body will repair itself and recover from illness if it is in a healthy environment. Naturopaths have many remedies and recommendations for creating a healthy environment so the body can heal itself. Moreover, allopathy medicines have their harmful after effects so it is wiser to try other methods, which do not harm the patient. A person suffering from a disease wants to be rid of the malady. The desire to fight disease is at the root of all systems of medicine, which promise cures. But people use drugs and medicine indiscriminately without regard to their harmful effects at the cost of permanent injury. Naturopaths are not discouraged if the process of healing is prolonged because they know that the healing aggravation would intercede and quicken the pace of healing. They never interfere with the aggravation through the medium of drugs. Part I of this 9-Lesson course includes: Nature's Healing Power; The History of Natural Medicine; Naturopathy - Yoga and Exercise; Finding a qualified Naturopathic Practitioner; Politics and Naturopathic Medicine. Part II consists of 51 Naturopathic Remedies from Addiction to Weight Loss and Part III contains a Naturopathic-Homeopathic Materia Medica and a glossary of Naturopathic words and terms.

NATURAL HEALING - NUTRITIONAL MEDICINE (HA-126/7.0 CH): Nutritional medicine is simply the application of known principles of biochemistry applied to the clinical setting. Instead of treating symptoms with a quick fix patent drug, nutritionists endeavor to understand the underlying process and then augment the body's own ability to repair and reinvigorate itself. Nutritional medicine is the practice of repairing the body's faltering defense with macro and micronutrients that are native to your own biochemistry. Therefore, the use of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants and the like are used to strengthen the body's own enzyme systems. In essence, we derive the formula: Let your food and nutrients be your drugs. Fortifying and strengthening our immune system, means delaying or even evading the degenerative diseases associated with advancing age: cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and some cancers. None of these are inevitable even in those individuals who have strong family genetic history. Part I of this 20-lesson course includes: Introduction of Nutritional Medicine; Nutritional Healing in Depth; Macronutrients; Vitamins; Minerals; Conditions and Guidelines; Diet and Lifestyle; Food Categories - Fiber and Fruit; Vegetables; Grains; Seeds and Nuts; Dairy Products, Poultry and Eggs; Sea-foods and Red Meats; Sweeteners and Oils; Beverages; Diet Categories including Cultural Diets; Vegetarian Nutrition Programs; Incompatible Food Combinations; Exercise. Part II consists of Diet Therapy for Obesity; Healthy Dieting; Fat Contents of Food; Alphabetical investigation of 28 major diet plans and a Glossary of Nutritional words and terms.

NATURAL HEALING - VIBRATIONAL THERAPY (HA-127/7.0 CH): From the inner visionary experiences of mystics to the outer measurements of modern scientists and metaphysicians, an increasing body of evidence has been accumulated that demonstrates that all organisms are composed of and dependent upon a subtle vital force. This mystic force which has been called prana, chi, bioplasma and body-electricity surrounds, invigorates and infuses the body with life-giving energy. Practitioners of Vibrational Medicine believe that the health or illness of an individual originates at subtle energetic levels. These levels, known as auric, vibratory or bioenergetic fields, influence cellular patters of growth and physical expression. If these energy systems, or vibratory fields, become imbalanced, there may be resulting pathological symptoms which manifest on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes. Through numerous diagnostic, manipulative and energetic techniques vibrational therapists are able to reprogram and reeducate the physical body into becoming more resilient, coordinated, flexible and suitably responsive in order to resist disease and lessen stress. Practitioners of Vibrational Medicine employ Acupressure and Energetic Touch, Aromatherapy, Color, Crystals and Gems, Light, Movement; Sacred Geometry and sound. This 12-lesson course includes Vibrational Therapy; Energetic Tough; Color Healing; Light Therapy; Crystal and Gemstone Therapy; Sound Therapy; Aromatherapy; Sacred Geometry; Movement and Exercise; Exercise for Pain; The Psychology of Stretching and one of the most complete glossaries of Alternative Healing ever assembled.

NATURAL HEALING - AYURVEDA (HA-128/8.0 CH): Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing that evolved in ancient India 3000-5000 years ago. It is distinguish it from other approaches to health care because it focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms; it recognizes the unique differences of all individuals and recommends different regimens for different types of people; although two people may appear to have the same outward symptoms, they may be very different and therefore call for very different remedies; Ayurveda is a complete medical system recognizing that all intelligence and wisdom flows from one Absolute source; health manifests by the grace of the Absolute acting through the laws of Nature; Ayurveda assists Nature by promoting harmony between the individual and Nature by living a life of balance according to her laws. Ayurveda seeks to heal the fragmentation and disorder of the mind-body complex and restore wholeness and harmony to all people. This approach is strikingly similar to that of modern medicine and even more comprehensive. Over the last century, Ayurvedic Medicine has experienced a rebirth and has continued to evolve its holistic approach. Included in this 10 lesson course: The Basis of Ayurvedic Philosophy; Clinical Barometers of Ayurveda; Key Concepts of Ayurveda and the Six Concepts of Taste; How the Six Concepts of Taste Affect the Doshas; Characteristics of Vata, Pitta and Kapha Types; Incompatible Food Combinations (Virudha-Ahar); Ayurvedic Exercises; Ayurvedic Treatment and Diagnosis; 21 Attachments of Ayurveda for Healing Diseases and Conditions from Angina to Oriental Medicine Remedies; a COMPREHENSIVE Herbal and Ayurvedic Materia Medica; Glossary of Ayurvedic words and phrases.

NATURAL HEALING AND HEALTHY CHILDREN (HA-129/9.0 CH): Ayurveda is a holistic system of healing that evolved in ancient India 3000-5000 years ago. It is distinguish it from other approaches to health care because it focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms; it recognizes the unique differences of all individuals and recommends different regimens for different types of people; although two people may appear to have the same outward symptoms, they may be very different and therefore call for very different remedies; Ayurveda is a complete medical system recognizing that all intelligence and wisdom flows from one Absolute source; health manifests by the grace of the Absolute acting through the laws of Nature; Ayurveda assists Nature by promoting harmony between the individual and Nature by living a life of balance according to her laws. Ayurveda seeks to heal the fragmentation and disorder of the mind-body complex and restore wholeness and harmony to all people. This approach is strikingly similar to that of modern medicine and even more comprehensive. Over the last century, Ayurvedic Medicine has experienced a rebirth and has continued to evolve its holistic approach. Included in this 15 lesson course: Introduction to Natural Healing and Healthy Children; Conception and Pregnancy; Feeding a Newborn Child Properly; Breast Feeding; Childhood Immunization; Personal Hygiene; Food and Nutrition; The Parent-Child Relationship; Child Growth; The Child's Intellect; Indigo Children; 68 Specific Health Problems and Natural Healing Treatments for Children.


Metaphysical and Prosperity Studies

METAPHYSICS IN OUR DAILY LIVES (ME-100/3.5 Credit Hours): A 14 lesson course in Metaphysics providing a background, understanding and frame of reference needed for metaphysical thinking. Included is: Metaphysical Principles; Meditation; Prayer; Intuition versus Hunch; Divine Guidance; Resolving Life's Problems; Influence/Importance Of Unseen Power; Truth Of Being; Consciousness Of The Truth; Who Or What Is God?; Indwelling God; Man's Consciousness Of Unity With The Divine; Right Mental Attitude; Principle Of Study Of Man; Three Steps In Practicing Metaphysics; Getting Results; Law Of Abundance; Giving and Receiving; Awareness Of Our Power; Value Of Knowledge; Creative Mind; Why Are We Here; How To Correct Wrongs; Quality Of Service; Faithfulness To One's Work; Energy Vibrations; Natural Law.

THE METAPHYSICAL APPROACH TO SELF-DEVELOPMENT (ME-101/3.5 Credit Hours): A 13 lesson course showing that if there is to be self-development the self within must be capable of development and this truth must apply to all. Included: Inner Kingdom; Thinking Mind; Meditation; Living In The Now; Appreciate Your Power; Self-Condemnation; Expression versus Repression; Depend Upon Yourself; Individualization; Controlling Your Emotion; Laws Of Non-Resistance, Giving/Receiving, Sowing/Reaping; Love; Faith; Enthusiasm; Your Place and Purpose In Life; Service To Humanity; The Word; Peace; Happiness and Health; Prosperity Consciousness; Success; Wisdom and Inspiration; Insight; Christ Consciousness and Perfection.

METAPHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO BUSINESS SUCCESS (ME-102/2.0 Credit Hours): This 9 lesson course on self prosperity showing how business success is related to spiritual growth and awareness. Includes: Natural and Universal Law; Success On The Material Plane; Perseverance and Faith; Concentration; Meditation; The Spirit and Soul; Self Faith; Memory/Subconscious Mind; Power Of Mind; Initiative, Ideals and Practical Methods; Faith In Self; Proper Advertising; Intuition; Master Person; Successful Salesmanship; Constant Opportunity; The Spiritual Approach To Money; Money Consciousness; Metaphysical and Spiritual Use Of Wealth.

THE METAPHYSICAL APPROACH TO LIFE'S CHALLENGES (ME-103/3.0 Credit Hours): Living with the challenges and frustrations of modern life exacts a higher toll than inflation. There are friends and loan companies to patch up fiscal wounds � but little or no help available in healing the human wounds inflicted by living with the perennial pressures of loneliness, anxiety, illness, old age, sexual hang-ups, guilt and neuroses. This 14-lesson course investigates the challenges of dealing with yourself, others, your family, stress and with your sexual nature. This course will help you re-think the challenge, to re-sort priorities, to re-affirm commitments � but it also offers insights and practical suggestions and fresh approaches designed to go beyond just coping and surviving. One of the insights you will find throughout this course is caregiving. Done without proper knowledge and support, it becomes confusing and harrowing. Done without appreciation or understanding, it turns disappointing or disheartening. We have included eight dynamic principles and many suggestions for good caregiving at the end of each lesson to assist you in overcoming the everyday challenges of life.

THE AQUARIAN APPROACH TO HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS (ME-104/3.0CH): We are in the midst of a great evolutionary change. Every social mechanism, including relationships, eventually becomes outmoded and must be replaced by a new model more suited to the task. Unfortunately, we often relate negatively and do not connect. While working ineffectively on "building" a relationship, we end up tearing it down! Most of us forget that the primary cause in relationship is in the mind. So we rely too much on physical interaction. We demand, "Be with me. Live with me. Then I will know that our relationship is REAL." "Buy us a house � and then I will know that our love is true!" It is important to realize that such arrangements cannot insure true relationship, or true closeness. Clearly, people who rely highly on physical contact will not necessarily be found to have a good relationship, or a better relationship, just because physical contact has occurred. Included: The Art of Loving; Using the spiritual perspective; Abundance of love; Aquarian Age relationship; Aquarian thoughts on affairs; Are all prayers answered?; Can we really have a relationship?; Entering a fearful relationship; First romance � then a relationship; Healing a broken heart; Learning to love one�s self; Learning to walk our talk; Never give up; Prosperity, truth and love in the Aquarian Age; Sexuality from a sacred perspective; Soul Mates � who really knows?; Spiritual growth through relationships; Spiritual perspective of romantic relationships; There are no victims � just volunteers; Transformation of romances; Transformative and planetary families; Transformative relationships; When you wish upon a star; Questions and comments.

WHICH WAY SHALL I GO? (ME-105/1.0CH): As we enter this new millennium, we can sense a growing excitement, an unusual expectation for new beginnings. Within the great Divine Plan for all life, there is magnificent planning and order for each expression of the Creator�s life in every dimension. In our dimension of time and space, each new day has a momentum and a Divine Plan held in the Realms of Light (Cause) that can be accessed and put into the World of form. As we begin to accept our Oneness, our Unity with the Higher Power, all our fears and misgivings will be recognized as just that, and the new potentials held within our divine Reality will begin to flourish within us. This new beginning is a strengthening time, a developing time for each of us as we prepare for the new century, and it can affect every phase of our life experience, for each one is a part of the whole of who we are. We cannot separate ourselves from the expressions of our families, our careers, our health, our hopes and dreams, for these are all part of who we are, who we have chosen to be. We can, however, change how the expression is in our lives. Wherever there is any infirmity, any failing or fault, there is a new condition available to us, an opposite potential that we can create in our lives through the power of our thoughts and feelings. Included: The third millennium; Documenting the unfolding Divine Plan; Where your attention is � there you are; Jump start for the ascension process; Ending the poverty consciousness; How do I fit in?; What now?

CREATING A METAPHYSICAL MINDSET (ME-106/1.5 Credit Hours): This 8-lesson course is full of metaphysical dynamite. The theme running throughout this course is that we all have within ourselves powerful but hidden natural powers which we can uncover, develop, and use for attaining happiness. The student of metaphysics will find this course to be a handbook for success � not only the form of success which is counted in dollars, though that is also included, but also the success that comes from your harmonious attunement to other persons and to your surroundings. This course explains in detail how to use the great power of thought-forms to align yourself with nature�s harmony. Included in this powerful course: The Universal Mind; We Are One With Universal Mind; Creating Your Own Circumstances; Manifesting Thought-Forms; The Kingdom Of Heaven; The Use Of Thought-Forms; Concentrate On Success Not Failure; Serving Universal Mind.

PRACTICAL METAPHYSICS (ME-107/4.0 Credit Hours): This 19-lesson course brings insight and clarity to the age old dilemma � once a spiritual truth is realized, how we apply it to our daily lives? The course explains in simple language how to live spiritual principles without the limitation of a particular religion or philosophy. Practical Metaphysics is not meant to be a scholarly attempt to outline and explain centuries of spiritual teachings. It explains the most basic yet profound spiritual principles. The course includes: Balancing our Inner Nature; God(dess) is the Creative Living Force; The Inner Self; Life is Structured; Working With Spirit; The Teachers; The Masters; Spiritual Perfection; Finding Employment; Finding Inner Peace During Crisis; Inner Healing; Relating to Each Other; Walking the Path.

METAPHYSICAL SPIRITUALITY AND CHRISTIANITY (ME-108/3.0 CH): There are many misconceptions regarding metaphysical spirituality in relation to Christianity. Both honor all truths as reflections of the One Truth. Both teach that pure intuition, �The eye of the soul,� makes possible our seeing the Life of our life, the Mind of our mind, the Love of our love � the One Self within many selves. God is identified within us all as the Divine Truth. Every authentic mystic, every illumed metaphysician, every spiritual practitioner knows that both the beliefs of metaphysics and Christianity recommend union of self with God, the attainment of Christhood as Christians name it and the Christ Consciousness as Metaphysicians call it. This 15-lesson course lays out the similarities of both belief system using the Bible and the words of Jesus. Included: Spiritual contemplation; Health, healing and well being; intimate, personal and universal; Affirmative and creative living; physics and metaphysics, Time, eternity and identity. Each section features a meditation and spiritual poetry and the course ends with attachments on affirmation s mediumship as found in the Bible.

THE EVOLUTION OF METAPHYSICAL PHILOSOPHY - (ME-109/2.0 CH): Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy. It is difficult to define, but for purposes of briefly introducing it to non-philosophers, it can be identified as the study of any of the most fundamental concepts and beliefs, on which many other concepts and beliefs rest - concepts such as being, existence, universal, property, relation, causation, space, time, event, and many others. While physics is the attempt to discover the laws that govern fundamental concrete objects, metaphysics is the attempt to discover the laws that systematize the fundamental abstract objects presupposed by physical science, such as natural numbers, real numbers, functions, sets and properties, physically possible objects and events, to name just a few. The goal of metaphysics, therefore, is to develop a formally precise systematization of these abstract objects. This 12-lesson courses sketches the evolution of what we shall call metaphysical philosophy from the age of Aristotle to the New Age. The Course includes: The multiple meanings of metaphysics; the evolution of metaphysical philosophy from ancient Greece to the New Age; religion, spirituality and mysticism; the spiritual, the mystical and the occult from psychism to hauntings.

THE NEW AGE ENTREPRENEUR (ME-110/3.0 CH): What is spirituality in the workplace?  There�s a wide range of important perspectives.  Some would say that it�s simply embodying their personal values of honesty, integrity, and good quality work. Others would say it�s treating their co-workers and employees in a responsible, caring way.  For others, it�s participating in spiritual study groups or using prayer, meditation, or intuitive guidance at work. And for some, it�s making their business socially responsible in how it impacts the environment, serves the community or helps create a better world.  Many in our secular society actively pursue a personal spiritual journey without being associated with any formal religion. Thus, while one may derive a sense of spirituality from religious practices, such practice is not requisite to the spiritual experience. We invite you to examine the material in this 8-lesson course without spiritual or religious bias � understand that what is spiritual for one may be religious for another. The course includes: Spiritual Diversity; Spirituality in Business; Is Spirituality in Business Viable or Not?; Being Spiritual; What do we Mean by Spirituality; Spiritual Leadership; Business Ethics and Integrity; Personal Spiritual Practices; Applying Your Spiritual Values; Starting a Business Checklist.


Neo-Pagan Studies

THE HISTORY AND TRADITIONS OF WESTERN MAGIC AND SPIRITUALITY (NP-100/0.5CH MINI COURSE) � Formerly EP-107: Magic has existed universally since ancient times. It is often called "white," "black," or "gray," for good, evil, or neutral; but it is only the magician's intent that is good or evil. Magic is the ability to effect change in accordance with one's will and by invoking the supernatural. Magic has three functions and three elements. The functions are to produce, protect, and destroy. The elements are spells or incantations; rites or procedures; and the consciousness of the practitioner, who undergoes a purification process that alters his or her state of consciousness. This is accomplished through various means, such as fasting, meditating, chanting, visualizing symbols, sleep deprivation, dancing, staring into flames, inhaling fumes, and taking drugs. The purpose of this 4-lesson course is to give the student of esoteric arts an understanding of the history and traditions of western magic and its spiritual uses. We intend to show a continuous development line of an uninterrupted magical thought in the Western World. The course includes Babylonian and Egyptian Magic; Hebrew and Greco-Roman Magic; Medieval Magic and Modern Magic.

THE HISTORY AND FUNDAMENTALS OF NEO-PAGANISM (NP-101/4.0 CH): Neo-Paganism is a polytheistic religion which connects the worlds of myth and reality, the heavens and the Earth, life and death, persona and planet. But what is this movement? What is it based upon, and what effect might it have on the cultural and spiritual framework of the Western world? What are Neo-Paganism�s beliefs, and what does it offer its practitioners? Finally, how does it answer the needs of our time? This course attempts to answer these questions and to draw together the diverse styles of one of today�s fastest growing religions to give you a clear overview of Neo-Paganism. Included in this 12-lesson course you will find: Neo-Paganism; Shamanism; Witchcraft; Druidism; Huna; Santeria; Macumba; Voudoun/Voodoo; Ceremonial Magic/Ritual; Hinduism; Tibetan Buddhism; Native American Spirituality; Medicine Societies; Vision Quests; Mysticism; Rituals/Holidays.

SECRET SOCIETIES AND OCCULT ORGANIZATIONS (NP-102/5.0 CH): It is a little-known fact that for thousands of year�s secret societies and occult groups � guardians of ancient esoteric wisdom � have exercised a strong and often crucial influence on the destiny of nations. As Freemasons, Hermatic Golden Order of the Dawn, The Ordo Templi Orientis, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Rosicrucians and others, they affected the course of the French and American revolutions as well as the overthrow of the medieval order. Inevitably, the true ideals and esoteric practices of these societies have at times been perverted by self-serving individuals. The Nazis, the British and American security forces, the founding fathers of America and the Vatican have all had a part � for good or ill � in the occult conspiracy. This 25-lesson course explores these connections, tracing occult influences in politics and statecraft from the time of ancient Egypt to the present. It sheds light on these influences in government and in the lives of many well-known figures including Frederick the Great, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Benjamin Franklin, Comte Caglostro, Helen Blavatsky, Rasputin, Woodrow Wilson and many others. Reading this course will leave you with little doubt that the secret societies � largely ignored by orthodox historians and persecuted through history � have survived and continue to operate powerfully in the world affairs of today.

PROTECTION TECHNIQUES FOR PERFORMING MAGICK (NP 103/0.5CH MINI-COURSE): Magickal Protection is a discipline of magick. It is a discipline which must be studied, practiced and learned. As in learning any new skill or discipline, you must begin at some point and progress. This course is written for a variety of people: new, beginner, moderate, advanced. Some of the techniques described should not be attempted by new or beginning people. This is not said to make anyone feel inferior but rather to warn that there are some techniques which require practice and a firm foundation in "basic" procedures. Course includes: Introduction to Magickal Protection; Non-Physical Protection; Physical shielding Techniques. To assist the student, we have provided in Appendix 2, a glossary consisting of over 850 magickal, Wiccan and pagan words, phrases and organizations. Note: this course is taken from Introduction to Protection, by the noted magickal practitioner Phillip Marsh (PhilBear). NP-103 is a prerequisite to any CMS magickal courses.

MAGICKAL SYMBOLS AND SIGILS (NP 104/1.0 CH): Symbols are basic to our pictorial invention - a mark made in the sand with a stick that may have had no more original significance than "X marks the spot," but like heroes and great men and women, evolving in time and with a little help by story-tellers, shamans, bards, and myth-makers, into magically enhanced fables. A sigil is any glyph or symbol with mystical or magical significance. Sigil Magic uses these glyphs to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious mind. It compares in some respects to traditional "talisman magic", in which predetermined symbols (such as planetary or astrological ones) are used to embellish a physical device that will encompass the "power" represented by those symbols. The advantage of sigil magic is that no particular belief-set is needed to work with it; no discarnate entities to summon, no deities to appease, no invisible rays to emanate from your solar plexus (unless you want to create them yourself as a meta-belief device). There are no special tools or equipment needed beyond a pencil and paper, and even these can be discarded by the adept practitioner. This 3-lesson course includes: Defining Symbols, Sigils and Glyphs; The Universal Language of symbols; Sigil Magick and a fully illustrated glossary of over 300-symbols, sigils and glyphs relating to religion, magick, mysticism, mythology and the occult.


Shamanic Studies

PRINCIPLE TEACHINGS OF THE MEDICINE WHEEL (SH-102/2.0 Credit Hours): Native American phrase to "Walk in Balance on the Earth Mother" means to learn to love, respect, protect and harmonize with all our relations (human, animal, vegetable and mineral). The Medicine Wheel is designed to accomplish this and much more. To aid the mass consciousness and each individual personally, is the aim of this method of healing and insight, for it enables us to touch into the restorative and insightful powers of nature. It is through nature that the teachings come, and it is to nature that we will all return. Each and every part of creation has a distinctive and valid place in all of our lives. Through following the path of the Medicine Wheel, we can all learn the truths and wisdom of the animals as pertains to us as human beings, endeavoring to reach for the stars both spiritually and on the earth plane. These truths have been combined from the teachings of the Elders of many different tribes. It is the intent of this 11-lesson course to aid the student by simplifying the use of the Medicine Wheel as a tool of transformative healing. This Course includes The Medicine Wheel; The East Direction; The South Direction; The West Direction; The North Direction; Teachings of the 12 Moons; Teachings of the Inner Circle; The Cardinal Directions � The Blue Road of Spirit; Walking the Red Road; The Directions of Above, Below and Within.

INTRODUCTION TO SHAMANISM (Mini-Course) (SH-100/0.5 Credit Hours): Shamans are intermediaries to the Spirit World. They are traditionally physicians, diagnosticians, herbalists, hunters, dancers, singers, artists, storytellers, mystics and clairvoyants. This 4-lesson Mini-course explores the ancient native and Shamanic practices and how it can be applied to our urban lifestyles. Course Includes Understanding Shamanism; Shamanic Principles; Basic Elements of Shamanism; and Basic Shamanic Practices.

A METAPHYSICAL CONTRACT FOR SUCCESS (SH-101/1.5 Credit Hours): This 8-lesson course reveals the source of self-awakening beliefs that takes away our joy and creates needless suffering. Based on the ancient wisdom of the Shaman, it offers a powerful code of self-conduct that can transform your life into a joyful experience of freedom, complete success and love. Included is: The Thoughts of the Planet; Be Impeccable With Your Word; Don't Take Anything Personally; Don't Make Assumptions; Always Do Your Best; Breaking Old Contracts; Finding your Heaven On Earth.


Parapsychology Studies (See also IA, SS, PS, EP, HA)

INTRODUCTION TO PARAPSYCHOLOGY (PP-100/0.5 CH): Parapsychology is the branch of psychology concerned with study of extrasensory perception and psychical experiences. While psychology and psychoanalysis deal with the physical being... parapsychology deals with the spiritual being. This spiritual branch of psychology was known to the Greek philosopher Aristotle as the science of metaphysics. The thrust of parapsychology appears relentlessly driven in the direction where contemporary science, philosophy and religion blend into a single universal understanding, enabling humanity to know ourselves in the fullest context. Today this science is called Parapsychology. This 4-lesson course includes: What is parapsychology; Energy and Parapsychology; Implications and Applications of Parapsychology; Parapsychological Research.

INTRODUCTION TO THE MIND OVER MATTER (PP-101/5.0 CH) � Formerly SE-101): This 24 lesson course takes you on a journey of exploration. In lessons 1-3 you can contrast different states of mind. Lessons 4-18 brings you examples of powerful minds and suggests techniques you can use to develop new aspects of mind. Lessons 11-15 are devoted to the powers of prophesy and skills you can acquire to develop your own sensitivity. Many aspects of the willpower of the mind are considered in detail by lessons 16-20. Lessons 21-24 suggest ways to unlock the parts of your mind that have become blocked. Unusual ideas are explored and simple practical exercises are suggested.

REGRESSION THROUGH MULTI-LEVEL AWARENESS (PP-102/3.5 CH) � Formerly RE-100): (Certification is available.) This 13-lesson course is based on the premise that death is just another phase in the natural cycle. Techniques exist allowing you to investigate far memory and to judge for yourself how important it is to your present life. A structured study, designed to give background knowledge and techniques needed to understand the reincarnation process; interpret ancient doctrine in the light of modern knowledge; investigate your past lives and those of others and to use the knowledge gained to influence your present life. Lessons are divided into 2 parts. Part 1 deals with specifics of the regression process. Part 2 provides the techniques necessary to investigate past lives. Includes: Philosophy/Definitions; Regression as a tool for therapy and as a tool to change a world; Mental/physical preparation; Death/Rebirth; Dreams; Multi-Level Awareness regression techniques; Potential problems; Sample past-life regressions and facilitator kit.

INTRODUCTION TO CRYPTOZOOLOGY (PP-103/2.0CH): Cryptozoology is the study of still unknown species of animals. These cryptids, as they are called, include not only the Loch Ness monster, Sasquatch and other "mega-monsters", but also many lesser known mystery creatures. (Some of these have more evidence going for them than the monster super-stars.) Cryptozoology often receives a bad rep because it is often practiced with little skepticism, or regard for scientifically supported facts and theories. Likewise, paranormal cryptozoologists do little to help the integrity of cryptozoology. It can be a level-headed, interesting and possibly even scientific subject, if examined with open-minded skepticism and a scientific viewpoint. Such an approach is the basis of this illustrated 12-lesson course on cryptozoology. Ockham's razor, which basically states that the simplest explanation is probably the correct one, is a rationale that looms large here. Included: Introduction to Cryptozoology; Alphabetical listing of 29 animals.

A PRACTICAL APPROACH TO THE WORLD OF DIVINATION AND MAGIK (PP-104/2.0 CH) � Formerly PS-106: There are hundreds of methods of divination ranging from highly developed skills to methods that simply prod the diviner�s psychic awareness. Psychics know how to get the best from their spiritual guides because they have spent years studying psychic development. But not everyone wants to devote their life to this training; many people just want the fun and insight of telling someone�s �fortune� by a simple method of prediction. This course investigates a number of different methods, some simple, others more complicated. Included in this 13 lesson course: Symbols, Smoke Billets, Talking Stones, Tables of Fate, Crystal Ball Scrying; The I Ching; Dice; Dominoes; Flower Reading, Dowsing and Candle Magik. Also included, Mantic Arts and Ritual.

INTRODUCTION TO THE OCCULT AND SUPERNORMAL � VOLUME I (PP-105/3.0 Credit Hours): The occult and the supernormal have a powerful attraction, and almost all of us, in one way or another, become involved. Every time you cross your fingers or say a prayer, you express your surviving belief in the supernormal. The four courses in this series all examine the unexplained phenomena beyond our day-to-day experience � ghosts and poltergeists, exorcism and Spiritualism, mediums and the survival of the dead. Extra-Sensory Perception, and telepathy, faith healing and miracles, cryptozoology, extraterrestrials, mystical powers, magic, mysticism, dreams and many others � and discusses the ideas which human beings have formulated from delving into the old and mysterious. This 15-lesson course contains: Mysterious Powers and the Unexplained; Mysticism; Magic and Magicians.

INTRODUCTION TO THE OCCULT AND SUPERNORMAL � VOLUME II (PP-106/3.0 Credit Hours): This 15-lesson course deals specifically and in detail with: Part One � Spiritual Science is the name given to the study of ancient sacred teachings of psychical wisdom and Truths. It also encompasses wisdom of the Mystics, study of the Invisible World and its relation to this word. Also included are the scientific properties of religious beliefs and the theory science and religions are on and the same. This course includes the following Spiritual Science subjects: Spiritualism; Mediums; Automatic Art; Faith Healing; Magnetism; Possession; Hysterical Possession; Witchcraft; Miracles; The Saints; Speaking-In-Tongues; Trances; Out-Of-Body Experiences; Astral Body; Reincarnation; Psychic Research; Modern Psychic Powers. Part two � Ghosts: Is there really �no such thing� as a ghost, as the skeptics claim? Serious research on the subject suggests strongly that ghosts do exist � but exactly what they are remains a mystery. This section of the course examines through personal experiences and scientific studies, some answers to this fascinating question. Included are: Ancestral Spirits; Hauntings; Visions; Golem; Exorcism; Explanations.

INTRODUCTION TO THE OCCULT AND SUPERNORMAL � VOLUME III (PP-107/3.0 Credit Hours): This 15-lesson parapsychology course centers around dreams and enigmas. Part one is on Dreams: Dreams are as much a part of our lives as everything else we experience but their importance and the role they play has been neglected. To the ancients, dreams were messages from the gods and even from God Himself. Today they are regarded as emotional expressions from our innermost selves. Included in part one: Pictures in the mind; Carl Jung and Sigmond Freud; Ancient dream theories; Clairvoyance and telepathy; Modern dream interpretation. Part two deals with Enigmas and Mysteries: In our 21st century conceit, we believe we have the answers � if not to all the questions, at least to the important ones. But many curious enigmas continue to mystify and to challenge us. Have we truly defined time and space? Or are there dimensions that are still beyond our present understanding. Included in part two: Disturbing contacts; Disappearances; Devil�s graveyards; The Fifth Dimension; Uninvited visitors; Jinxes � Curses; Lost knowledge of the ancients; Alien creatures.

INTRODUCTION TO THE OCCULT AND SUPERNORMAL � VOLUME IV (PP-108/3.0 Credit Hours): This 16-lesson parapsychology course studies Cryptozoology and Extraterrestrials. Part one discusses Cryptozoology (monsters and mythic beasts) . Few zoologists today would state dogmatically that the world has given up all its animal secrets, and that hiding in jungles, mountains, or lakes, there are not creatures whose existence has never been suspected. Included in part one: Dragons, Mermaids and Unicorns; Dee-Sea Monsters; Nessie, The Yeti, Bigfoot/Sasquatch; Monsters are Big Business. Part two concentrates on Extraterrestrials or visitors from outer-space. We love on a small greenish-blue sphere turning in infinite space � but are we along in that immensity? Persistent reports are made of mysterious objects that pass us, linger, and even land. Are such stories true? In trying to answer, this course gives a balanced look at the history of UFOs. Included: unidentified Flying Objects; Chariots of the Gods; Ancient Spacecraft; Alien Contact; Humanity in an Inhabited Universe.

AN INVESTIGATIVE ANALYSIS OF PSYCHIC COMMUNICATIONS (PP-109/3.0 CH): Is it possible to have communication between the living and the dead and what are the obstacles which stand in the way? Can we find a rational explanation for the phenomena of Spiritualism and the s�ance room? These are some of the questions discussed in this 18-lesson course. It has been written and edited by teachers of psychic communica-tion and parapsychology who are uniquely qualified to consider these subjects and viewing them in the wider context of our nature and capacities. No pat answers are offered but the readers are encouraged to think for themselves about the mystery of existence in the physical and etheric planes. This course not only discusses the question of survival after the death of the body, but it touches on the wider implications of the psychic sense, discriminating be-tween its positive and negative uses, both in ordinary life and in connection with medical diagnosis, fortune telling and in other ways. It is a fair and balanced analysis of many aspects of psychism from the view point of everyday life. Includes: The human drama; The survival of humanity; The perspective aspect of humanity; Hauntings and apparitions; Spiritualism; What is mediumship?; The spirit communication circle of s�ance; Spirit guides; The source of psychic communications; The phenomenon of healing; Psychic tools and superstitions; Obsession and possession; A final look.

DEVELOPING YOUR PSYCHIC ABILITIES � (PP-110/1.5 CH): Every once in a while, you get the feeling that the phone is going to ring... and it does. Or you know who it is that is calling... and you are right. A song is playing in your head; you turn on the radio, and there it is... the same song. You are overwhelmed; somehow, with the feeling that a close friend or relative is in trouble or needs your help at that moment... and you soon learn that is actually the case. Are these examples of mere coincidence? Or is there something more profound taking place? This 6-lesson course has been written in language you can understand by teachers of psychic communication and parapsychology who are uniquely qualified them to consider these and subjects, viewing them in the wider context of our nature and capacities. No pat answers are offered but rather the readers are encouraged to think for themselves about the mystery of existence in the physical and etheric planes. This course is a fair and balanced analysis of many aspects of psychism from the view point of everyday life. The course includes: An exciting introduction to psychicism; Developing your psychic abilities; Your responsibility as a psychic; Using your psychic abilities; How we do it; Developing Clearsight skills; Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.

EXTRASENSORY SELF-DEFENSE IN THE BUSINESS WORLD (PP-111/0.5 CH): "Extrasensory Attack" actually covers a broad spectrum of situations in which one individual deliberately or unconsciously projects a clearly defined malicious intent upon the non-physical person of another. They range in complexity from a brief, but highly emotionally charged anger or hatred with a "wish" for some clearly defined negative consequence, to elaborate, ritualistic practices. "Self-defense" is not martial arts training. Nor is it fighting. It is not simply mastering a set of physical skills (e.g. becoming a kung fu killer ninja). It is not getting in touch with your inner rage and channeling it into attacking someone. Self-defense is part of a much large set of  �life values�. Stop thinking about defense in a negative sense, and instead think about the positive values of strength, self-confidence, radiant health, energy and vitality, respect, courage, and even attractiveness, decisiveness, and spiritual awareness! This 4-lesson mini-course course provides a systematic program of specific techniques of aura fortification in situations of known need. It explains how and why it works, and why every person in the business (or private) world needs it. The course includes: Extrasensory warfare in the business world; Extrasensory attack and self-defense; Extrasensory protection methods; Extrasensory protection in the workplace; Methods of Extrasensory attack


Spiritualism Studies

A SPIRITUALIST'S VIEW OF MEDIUMSHIP AND PSYCHISM (SP 100/2.0 CH): Human history includes considerable reference to the ability of people to communicate with spirits. Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World. In Spiritualism, mediumship is taught as an ability that can be learned and is practiced as a regular part of a person's relationship with nature. Mediumship is not a mysterious gift handed down by a god to a favored few. It is an ability that is inherent in each of us. It can be learned just as an average person can train to be an accomplished athlete. Included in this 11-lesson course: Mediumship and psychism explained; Why spirit communication?; Healing mediumship; Phenomenal mediumship; How to develop mediumship; The ethics of mediumship; helpful hints; A 33-page glossary of words and phrases pertaining to this text; A glossary of natural laws pertaining to this text; A glossary of General categories of psychic skills.

THE HISTORY AND FUNDAMENTALS OF SPIRITUALISM (SP-101/3.0 CH): Mention the word Spiritualism and people conjure up images of people sitting around a table holding hands in a dim room. S�ances and Ouija boards spring to mind, but this is not what Spiritualism is or about. Contrary to popular belief, Spiritualists do not worship the dead! They believe that all things are alive in the Light of God. Death is, simply life in another dimension. Spiritualism was formed around the belief that the spirits of departed mortals had begun to communicate with the living, and that the living could converse in a systematic way with the land of the dead. In a short space of time many societies of Spiritualists were formed in America, based not merely upon the psychic phenomena produced but also upon the religious implications which lay behind the teachings received from spirit. This 18-lesson course investigates the fascinating history of the Spiritualist movement and its teachings. It includes: Introduction; What is Spiritualism?; Spiritualist Associations; The fundamentals of mediumship; Biographies of 6 proponents of Spiritualism; Biographies of 12 pioneer mediums of Spiritualism; an 18 page chronological history of Spiritualism.

A SPIRITUALIST'S VIEW OF DEATH, REBIRTH AND REINCARNATION (SP 102/1.5 CH): What is death? How do we experience it? Does it hurt? How quickly does it happen? What about life after death; do we survive? Do we meet loved ones who passed before, or do we lose all sense of personal identity? What is the after-life like? These are just a few of the questions surrounding death which people have asked and pondered over since the beginning of time. The notion of past lives is exciting, glamorous, and mysterious; but so, too, is our present life. The possible glamour of the past must never overshadow the reality of the present. Past lives are like karma. We know we have lived and that the information is within us. But we should deal with the present. For most of us it should be enough to know that we have lived on Earth before and that we may do so again. Included in this 9-lesson course includes: The Spiritualist philosophy on death, rebirth and reincarnation; Life in the spirit world; An 18 page glossary of words and phrases pertaining to this text and; A glossary of Natural Laws pertaining to this text.

CHRISTIANITY AND SPIRITUALISM (SP-103/1.5 CH): Spiritualism is a universal religion embracing all creeds but subservient to none. Spiritualists accept Jesus as a great healer and teacher and its philosophy is based on the teachings of Jesus. The religion preached by him was pure Spiritualism. He chose his disciples because of their psychic powers. He healed the sick and performed miracles which healers today are likewise performing, as he told us we should. Included in this 8-lesson course: The religious aspects of Spiritualism; The Afterlife - Continuity of life; Religious bigotry; Intimate union with God; Spiritual truth; The perfection of the Mother and Father God; The Spiritual Christ; Christian Spiritualism; The Bible and modern mediumship.

A SPIRITUALIST'S PHILOSOPHY OF THE ONE (SP-104/3.0 CH): This 17-lesson course attempts to present a philosophy of life. During this course we refer to the Creative Power in the universe as "The One". We have done this to avoid the connotations of the word "God". We have brought together, in a line of sequential reasoning, our conclusions on certain aspects of life, and all we can hope for is that you will think things out for yourselves. As life is everlasting there can be no finality. There will always be new and fresh worlds to conquer and ever-extending joys filled with more profound understanding. And we hope that is what you shall do. Included in this course: Introduction to The One; Our world; Practical issues; Limitation of The One; Challenges; The social aspect; Towards union; Survey; Vision; The greater beyond; The spirit world; Application; Wider issues.

A SPIRITUALIST'S VIEW OF DIFFERENCES IN PEDANTIC, DOGMATIC AND FUNDAMENTALIST RELIGIONS - (SP-105/2.0 CH): This course accepts the Divinity of Christ and that He died so that the world might be saved but it also points out that this statement can be somewhat misleading unless a fuller explanation is given. This then, is the reason for this course. Included in the 12-lesson course is: Why be concerned about other people's beliefs?; Spirits are here, and they are here to stay; Earthbound spirits; Do not ever "fear" God' The Second Coming; The last days of the individual; Dogma and Divine Law; They have robbed humanity of the aeons of aeons; The mission of Christ; "An angel of light preaching a different gospel?' Following the "Doctrines of devils"; God has saved us.

AN ANALYTICAL VIEW OF SPIRITUALISM IN THE UNITED STATES (SP 106/1.5 CH): Spiritualism in the US is important as an historical phenomenon, but it was also closely tied to other progressive or radical intellectual, political, cultural, and artistic movements of the time. Spiritualism not only created celebrities in the form of the mediums who profited from it, but it also made legends of the those who came along to question their claims. It was easy to fool the thousands of people who were looking for a miracle and many mediums and practitioners began lining their pockets with the money they had swindled from their victims. Not all Spiritualists were dishonest. Many of them were good people who truly believed in the honesty of their faith. Regardless of the good intentions of some Spiritualists, the movement was soon under the scrutiny of investigators. This 9-lesson course takes an analytical view of Spiritualism in the United States during its first fifty years through today, The Age of Aquarius. Included is: Spiritualism defined; What does Spiritualism teach; A comparative study of spirit communication; Paranormal investigations in Spiritualism; Critics of Spiritualism; Social and religious bigotry; False Spiritualism; An appendix of questions and answers concerning Spiritualism.

SPIRIT RELEASEMENT (SP 107/3.0 CH): Important Note: Spirit Releasement is a serious subject. It is essential that you invoke all powers of protection available to you through prayer, meditation and knowledge before you undertake any clearing and cleansing. This course has been created to cover the subject of spirit releasement, exorcism and cleansings. In it we address those who have tried every method to ease their spiritual releasement problems. There are too many people claiming to have the secret to ridding people of their spirit attachments. Unfortunately, very few of the schemes and rituals worked or if they did work they did so for only a short time. This course if also for those who are only at the beginning, they sense that something uncomfortable is happening to them or their families, or that not everything is as it should be. This course is also for those who are healthy and happy, too. They are the very ones who could help in many tragedies that are taking place inside their neighbors' homes. Sometimes one can help simply with a piece of advice that something can be done. This 17 lesson course includes: The illusion of death; Why spirits remain earthbound; The role of women in Native American society; Introduction to spirit releasement; Spirit releasement therapy; Spirit Possession Syndrome (SPS); Multiple Personality Disorders (MPS); The Spirit Releasement procedure; The spiritual approach to Spirit Releasement. Appendix one contains Cleansing ritual (Exorcism); The cleansing and blessing of a place; Simple cleansing and blessing of a place (done by homeowner); Dedication and blessing of a home; Shamanic clearing and cleansing; Energy clearing process; Wiccan house cleansing; Wiccan house blessing; Addenda to house cleansing; Smudging (Native American cleansing ritual); Cleansing with incense.

RESCUING EARTH-BOUND SPIRITS (SP-108/1.0 CH): Rescue work in spiritual terms, is the name given to the process of transition of a person�s soul to the spirit world once the soul has departed from the physical body. Initially the soul may be disorientated and hover in an "earthbound state" needing and searching for loving energy, or for someone spiritually sensitive to communicate with. And who will give them unconditional love to feed their soul with vitality. After the initial period of a few hours after death, the soul may panics, especially souls that had no idea a spirit world exists or of those very religious people whom believed they would be whisked away to heaven. The purpose of "rescuers" is to communicate lovingly and compassionately with the earthbound soul and elevate the soul to the spirit world. A soul needs a strong spiritual LOVE energy to take it onward toward the divine light of spirit world, especially if the person died in a state of sadness, fear and depression that they had a futile life! The soul will wander the earth-plane until it finds a spiritual psychically aware person whom they will make contact with. (If you have seen the well researched film GHOST or the TV series Ghost Whisperer you will understand this clearer). Some souls can remain static and earthbound for many years. This 6-lesson course includes: Introduction to spirit rescue and clearance work; Rescue methods � a review of methods used; Rescue methods � rescue examples; Negative spirit; Spirit clearance; Spiritualism and rescue.


Spiritual Science Studies (Spirit Communications)

A COMPLETE GUIDE TO MODERN MEDIUMSHIP (SS-105, 106, 107): The study of parapsychology and spirit phenomena are rapidly gaining in repute in leading universities and has commanded the attention of respected scientists and researchers in many countries, as well as the increasing interest of the general public. The College of Metaphysical Studies has published A Complete Guide To Modern Mediumship. It is meant to be a definitive, educational text and training course on "how to practice spirit mediumship." Without masking our conviction that these phenomena do exist, we attempt to show another side of the coin: the frauds that can be practiced, the legitimate doubts that can be raised. It is with both insight and restraint that we make out a compelling and rational case for spirit mediumship and communication � a case built on a foundation of unimpeachable testimony. The result will astound many, and no doubt disturb some. A Complete Guide To Modern Mediumship consists of the three following courses, SS-105, 106 and 107, we suggest that they be studied in this order.

DEFINING MODERN MEDIUMSHIP (SS-105/3.0 Credit Hours): This 14-lesson course offers a broad conspectus of the field of spiritual mediumship and its multiple manifestations, from ancient times to the present day. It describes, explains and analyzes esoteric practices and discusses notable mediums and spirit practitioners. The emphasis is on the reality of the effects of spirit communication and mediumship. Every branch of study has its own terminology, and spiritual mediumship is no exception. This course not only clarifies the significance of the words and terms most frequently found in such literature, but also offers a comprehensive outline of the scope and principles underlying an age-old tradition respecting the constitution of humanity and the universe in which we live. Course includes: Introduction to spiritual mediumship, defining modern mediumship, the effects of mediumship, mediumistic phenomena, the difficulties and rewards of mediumship, the phases of mediumship, physical sensitivity and mediumship, and the Bible and modern mediumship. Appendix one is a 67-page glossary of mediumistic words and terms used in SS-105, 106 and 107, while appendix two defines natural laws found in the course. Appendix three lays out in very distinct terms the general categories of psychic skills.

DEVELOPING YOUR MEDIUMSHIP (SS-106/3.0 Credit Hours): This 13-lesson course deal s specifically and in detail with the more immediate and personal considerations involved in the development and use of mediumship, the holding of circles, and the treatment of sensitives. It attempts to assist those who have had indications that they are mediumistic and that spirits are in sympathy with and influencing them. It also attempts to counsel those who desire to become mediums regarding the conditions for the development and the wise exercise of mediumistic powers. Many mediums, when influenced by their spirit friends, display abilities as clairvoyants, character-readers and psychometrists. They diagnose the conditions of those who suffer, and are frequently used by healing spirits to magnetize the sick and cure the afflicted; to give counsel, warning or encouragement to those who are worried and distressed in mind, body or spirit. This course deals almost exclusively with the exercise of the faculties of the inner self under the stimulation and guiding control of spirits. It includes the basis and cultivation of mediumship, how to form and conduct spirit circles, getting mediumship results, the responsibilities of mediumship, practical advise for the developing medium, the cause and cure of obsession and important considerations for the medium.

MEDIUMSHIP AND PSYCHIC SUSCEPTIBILITY (SS-107/9.0 Credit Hours): This 46-lesson course, the final in a series of three courses, is meant for those who desire to cultivate receptiveness, openness, propensity, inclination, vulnerability, etc., to psychic conditions and consciously to realize their relations to the great-unseen realm of "the Spirit world." As self-knowledge, self-reliance, self-mastery, and self-expression are all involved in psychic self-culture, the powers of concentration and psychic penetration, insight, and conscious awareness should not be sought for the gratification of curiosity or for the purpose of making money. Merely experimenting in thought-transference, psychometry, and clairvoyance cannot lead to truly permanent spiritual development. A persevering effort to reach the "higher level condition" of self-expression will be helpful to who's who sincerely aspire for spiritual illumination and the opening up of their inner powers of perception. This course has been written as an on-the-job-primer. It explores definite techniques and investigates the pros and cons of esoteric wisdom and knowledge. It's includes in-depth studies on the power of the soul, mediumship and psychic receptiveness, mystical, esoteric and magical powers, physical and mental customs, ethics in the s�ance room, spirit and medium cooperation, clairvoyance, psychometry, clairaudience, trance, direct voice, materialization, physical phenomena, automatic, independent, inspirational and direct writing and ends with the spiritual significance of mediumship.

INTRODUCTION TO SPIRIT AND SPIRIT COMMUNICATION (Mini-Course) (SS-100/0.5 Credit Hours): In all realms of life and experience, there are rules governing the understanding of and the expected results from each subject. To reach definite results it is necessary to comply with certain laws or requirements and to devote time to research and study. Many who concede the need of complying with rules governing other subjects, refuse to reason when dealing with spirit communications, approaching it with an attitude of ignorance, incompetence and lack of harmony and still expect good results. Included in this 4-lesson mini-course: Spirit World; Spirit Communication Explained; Mediumship; Spirit Teachers and Guides; Spirit Communication Etiquette.

IMMORTALITY AND TRANSITION (Mini-Course) (SS-101/0.5 Credit Hours): Again, the old question -- if a person dies, shall they live again? It is a question that has baffled humanity throughout the ages. As children, we are taught to believe in immortality, and we accept the idea in blind faith. But the average adult thinking mind comes to question many things which were taught as truths in childhood, and, natural science has not, as yet, come forth with a proof of immortality. Matters become scientific as far as the individual is concerned when proof is embedded in our own minds, as a result of personal experience. The object of this 3 lesson mini-course is to set forth an account that will provide truth of continuity of life, and the ability of a person to think after the transition called death. Included are lessons on Immortality; Transition; Science and Spirit-Communications.

PRACTICAL APPROACH TO SPIRIT PHENOMENON (Mini-Course) (SS-102/0.5 Credit Hours): Over the years from around the world have come reports of strange phenomena, of mystic experiences and occult powers that defy all rational explanation. Such reports have incited curiosity, confusion and often amazed disbelief. The study of parapsychology (literally: beyond psychology) is gaining in repute in leading universities and commands the attention of respected researchers and scientists in many countries, as well as the increasing interest of the public. Included in this 4 lesson mini-course is: Encounter Phenomenon; Near-Death Experience; Death-Bed Visions; Marian Apparitions; Out-Of-Body Experience; Doubles; Bi-location; Phone-Calls from the Dead; Electronic Voice Phenomenon; Ouija; Channeling; Direct-Voice Mediumship; Ectoplasm; Materialization; Apports; Cross Correspondence; Spirit Photography; Automatisms; Possession; Exorcism and finally Spiritual Emergence.

THE VARIETIES OF SPIRIT MANIFESTATIONS (Mini-Course) (SS-103/0.5 Credit Hours): Many types of spirit manifestation come under careful scrutiny in this 3 lesson mini-course. You are invited to confirm or deny, the existence of such manifestations as nature spirits, ghosts, angels and spirit guides. The course provides a handy reference, something that will provide a quick grasp of subjects and concepts that we may have only heard about and do not understand. It attempts to satisfy and fill an immediate need to know and stimulate deeper inquiries into spirit manifestations. Included: Apparitions; Poltergeists; Hauntings; Ghost Lights; Nature Spirits; Fairies; Thought-Forms; Devas; Demons; Psychic Attack; Spirit Teachers; Spirit Bands; Spirit Control; Spirit Guides; Angels; Guardian Spirit; Drop-In Communicators.

THE HISTORY AND TRADITIONS OF MODERN MEDIUMSHIP (Mini-Course) (SS-104/0.5 Credit Hours): One purpose for this course is to expose and discuss many topics that bear on the history and traditions of modern mediumship. Another purpose is to point out some traditions bearing upon the medium of today. Results cannot be advanced as proof of any subject until the philosophy of that subject is established firmly in history. Much of the material contained in this 3-lesson mini-course relates directly to beliefs held at the present time. Under a thin veneer of modern terminology the most primitive convictions concerning modern mediumship are still in circulation today. In this course we attempt to dig under this coat of ignorance and present objective historical facts. Included: Mediumship; Spiritualism; Spiritism; Shamanism; Oracle; Huna; Siddhis; Medicine Societies; Macumba.



Metaphysical Science Studies


The world is in great peril, and the two biggest factors that need to be corrected (and can be) are human overpopulation (with the resultant destruction of Nature), and myth based customs from our past (rather than truth) that cause errors in our thinking and behavior (and which ultimately lead to conflict). It is this second problem, of the errors in human knowledge, that philosophy makes its business to correct (and is the purpose of the CMS Metaphysical Science (MS) series of 21-courses). With correct foundations for our thinking, eventually the problems of human overpopulation would also be sensibly resolved

   INTRODUCTION TO TRUTH AND REALITY (MS-100/1.5 CH): The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) explains and solves many of the problems of Science caused by the 'particle and field' conception of matter in 'Space-Time'. It is unique in being the simplest language for describing Reality, founded on One continuously connected thing, Space, existing as a wave medium. Basically, by being founded on One thing, the WSM resolves many problems currently existing in Physics, Philosophy and Metaphysics, by explaining how things are necessarily interconnected (e.g. matter across the Universe, our bodies and the external world we sense, our words and their connection to what physically exists). And as Hume so elegantly argued, it is this necessary connection from One thing existing which is ultimately the source (and cause) of truth (which being founded on One thing is also necessarily the most simple Scientific Theory of Reality). This 7-lesson course includes: Introducing the Dynamic Unity of Reality; Summary of Physics and the Wave Structure of Matter in Space; Metaphysics; Physics; Famous Physicists and Scientists; Philosophy; Eastern Philosophy, Theology; Evolution; Health.

  THE METAPHYSICAL FOUNDATION OF TRUTH AND REALITY (MS-101/6.0 CH): By describing Reality from One Thing (Space) existing with the Properties of a Wave-Medium, we find that we can explain and solve many of the fundamental problems of Metaphysics (and thus Philosophy, Physics and Theology). By realizing that Matter is formed from Spherical Standing Waves in Space (rather than discrete particles and forces in Space-Time) we connect the many things (Matter, Time and Forces), back to One thing, Space and its Wave Motions. It is this wave motion of Space that causes matter's activity and the phenomena of Time. This solves the fundamental Problem of the One and the Many by moving from the Metaphysics of Space and Time (founded on four separate things) to the Metaphysics of Space and Motion (founded on One Thing, Space). From this new metaphysical foundation and language for describing Reality (which is in fact the most simple possible scientific theory as it is founded on One Thing) we can then understand and explain the foundations of Absolute Truth, i.e. Necessary Connection, Logic, Reason, and Certainty, which then explain and solve many problems of Human Knowledge very simply and sensibly. This 24-lesson course includes: Metaphysics Physics Philosophy; Theology; Metaphysics of Space and Motion; Principles of Reality; Scientific Language for Describing Reality; Scientific Theory of Reality; Problem of One and the Many; Uniting Metaphysics and Philosophy; Skepticism On Truth and Certainty; Metaphysical Terminology.

 THE CENTRAL CONCEPTS OF MODERN PHYSICS � VOLUME I (MS-102/4.0 CH): Newton's Mechanics, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Quantum Theory � Say what? You can see how confusing Physics becomes when you have so many concepts, some of which contradict others (e.g. light and matter behave as both particles and waves, discrete particles and continuous fields, local and non local interactions). Albert Einstein attempted to simplify this mess with his 'field theory of matter' where he discarded the 'particle' concept and tried to represent matter as spherical fields in space-time � he wrote: Physics is the science of Nature in the broadest sense. Physics deals with matter and energy and the fundamental forces of nature that govern the interactions between particles. Physicists study a wide range of physical phenomena, from the sub-nuclear particles of which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the material Universe as a whole (cosmology). Some of the properties studied in physics are common to all material systems, such as the conservation of energy. Such properties are often referred to as laws of physics. This course is written with the fledging physicist in mind.  This 13-lesson course includes: General Physics; Alternative Energy; Astronomy/Astrophysics; Cosmology; Cosmology: CMBR; Cosmos Harmony Music Universe, Cycles and Harmonics in the Universe; Doppler Effect; Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum Waves.

  THE CENTRAL CONCEPTS OF MODERN PHYSICS � VOLUME II (MS-103/2.0 CH): Physics is sometimes said to be the "fundamental science", because each of the other natural sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, etc.) deals with particular types of material systems that obey the laws of physics. For example, chemistry is the science of molecules and the chemicals that they form in the bulk. The properties of a chemical are determined by the properties of the underlying molecules, which are accurately described by areas of physics such as quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism.  Physics is closely related to mathematics � mathematics provides the logical framework where physical laws can be precisely formulated and their predictions quantified. Physical theories are almost invariably expressed using mathematical relations, and the mathematics involved is generally more complicated than in the other sciences. The difference between physics and mathematics is that physics is ultimately concerned with descriptions of the material world, whereas mathematics is concerned with abstract patterns that need not have any bearing on it. The distinction, however, is not always clear-cut. There is a large area of research intermediate between physics and mathematics, known as mathematical physics, devoted to developing the mathematical structure of physical theories. This course picks-up where MS-102 left off. This 6-lesson course includes: Geometry Euclid; Space Aether Ether; Speed of Light and Gravity; String theory/Waves; Vortex.

  FOUNDATIONS OF PHYSICS: PARTICLES, SPACE AND TIME (MS-104/1.0CH): Currently physics is founded on four separate things, i.e. matter 'particles' which generate 'forces' that act on other particles in Space and Time. This causes problems for Physics because we do not understand how these things are interconnected. The Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) solves these problems by describing reality founded on One Thing/Substance (Space) and its Properties as a Wave-Medium for Spherical Standing Waves that form matter. So we explain Matter, Time and Forces by connecting them back to One Thing, Space with the following reasoning; This 3-lesson course explores: Matter (Atom/Particle); Time: The Spherical Standing Wave Motion of Space causes matter's activity and the phenomena of Time; Forces (Light, Gravity). Thus we unite/connect Matter, Time and Forces back to One thing Space, existing as a Wave-Medium. From this foundation (and unity) we can then unite (and explain and solve many of the problems of) Einstein's Relativity, Quantum Theory and Cosmology.

  ALBERT EINSTEIN�S THEORY OF RELATIVITY (MS-105/1.5 CH): The purpose of this 5-lesson course is to explain Albert Einstein's Theory of Special and General Relativity. Einstein's General Relativity relates the changing geometry of a sphere/ellipsoid to the 'acceleration of a particle', and thus a Gravitational Field. His spherical force field theory of matter and the 'curvature' of the 'four dimensional space-time continuum' can now be understood as Spherical Standing Waves where the higher Wave Density of Space near matter slows the Wave Velocity and causes the Ellipsoidal shape of the In-Waves to change and the wavelength/dimension to contract. This can be related to the changing location of the Wave-Centers (i.e. gravitational force accelerating particle). This 5-lesson course explores these theories in simple language and includes: The Metaphysics of Albert Einstein�s Theory of Relativity; The Particle/Space quality of Newton�s Mechanics; Theories of Faraday, Maxwell and Lorenz; Einstein�s Theory of Relativity; Summary of Einstein�s Theory of Relativity

  EXPLORING QUANTUM PHYSICS (MS-106/3.5 CH): From 1900 to 1930 there was a revolution in the foundations of our understanding of light and matter interactions. In 1900 Planck showed that light energy must be emitted and absorbed in discrete 'quanta' to explain blackbody radiation. Then in 1905 Einstein showed that the energy of light is determined by its frequency. In the late 1920s, de Broglie and Schrodinger introduced the concept of Standing Waves to explain these discrete frequency and energy states of light and matter. This 19 lesson course contains: Introduction to Quantum Physics � Quantum Theory/Wave Mechanics; de Broglie's Discovery of the Wave Properties of Electrons; The Schrodinger Wave Equations/Standing Wave Interactions; Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle; Feynman's Quantum Electrodynamics; Wolff's Explanation of the Einstein, Podolsky, Rosen (EPR) Experiment; A Simple Solution to the Wave Particle Dualtiy; Physics � Light Quanta (Photons); Quantum Theory and the Photon 'Particle'/Wave Duality of Light; Max Planck's Constant and the Quantum Energy States of Light and Matter; Quantum Theory: Einstein; Niels Bohr's Atomic Orbits/Model of the Atom; de Broglie Wave Length of Quantum Physics; Schrodinger's Wave Equations of Quantum Physics; Quantum Physics � Dirac; Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle; Born's Probability Waves; The Strange Theory of Light and Matter; The Double Slit Experiment

  EXPLORING THE MILKY WAY GALAXY, OTHER GALAXIES, STARS, SUPERNOVAS AND QUASARS (MS-107/3.5 CH): Cosmology is the study of the universe in its totality and by extension man's place in it. Though the word cosmology is itself of fairly modern origin, the study of the universe has a long history involving science, philosophy, and religion. The earliest form of cosmology appears in the origin beliefs of many religions as they seek to explain the existence and nature of the world. In many cases, views about the creation (cosmogony) and destruction (eschatology) of the universe play a central role in shaping a framework of religious cosmology for understanding man's role in the universe and his relationship to god or gods. In philosophy and metaphysics, cosmology deals with the world as the totality of space, time and all phenomena. Historically, it has had quite a broad scope, and in many cases was founded in religion. The ancient Greeks did not draw a distinction between this use and their model for the cosmos. However, in modern use it addresses questions about the universe which are beyond the scope of science. It is distinguished from religious cosmology in that it approaches these questions using philosophical methods. Modern metaphysical cosmology tries to address questions such as: What is the origin of the universe?  What is its first cause? Is its existence necessary? What are the ultimate material components of the universe? What is the ultimate reason for the existence of the universe?  Do the cosmos have a purpose? This 10-lesson course contains: The Big Bang Theory; �Seeing Red� (Redshifts); Everything Connects to the One; Glossary of Terminology for Wave Structure of Matter (WSM).

  PHILOSOPHY OF TRUTH AND REALITY � VOLUME I (MS-108/3.5 CH): Philosophy is the realization that Wisdom comes from Truth, and Truth comes from Reality. Because of the many errors currently found in Physics it is not surprising that Philosophy is also corrupted with untrue and absurd ideas. These errors do great damage to what is a most beautiful and important subject. This is not trivial as the problems of Philosophy always manifest as problems for Humanity, and this explains why the modern world suffers such profound problems (such as the destruction of Nature, and the resulting change in the Earth's climate and ability to produce clean air, water, and food). This 13-lesson course investigates: Famous Philosophers; Philosophy of Love of wisdom; The Problem of Philosophy; On the Importance of Philosophy; Philosophy of Absolute Truth and Absolute Space; Philosophy of the Importance of Truth for Humanity; On the Importance and Beauty of Philosophy and Truth; On the Importance of Truth; Philosophy of the Metaphysics of Astrology; The Scientific Basis of Astrology; Philosophy of education and Teaching; Truth and Reality as the Foundations for Critical Thinking; Philosophy of Existentialism; Philosophy of feminism; Feminism and Socialism; Philosophy of Free will Versus Determinism;

  PHILOSOPHY OF TRUTH AND REALITY � VOLUME II (MS-109/3.5 CH): The main problem for Philosophy has always been to connect our Senses (which are limited) and our resultant Ideas/Language (which are Representations of our Senses, and thus deceptive) with the Real World of What Exists. Unfortunately, because of many thousands of years of failure to correctly describe 'what exists', we live in a time of 'enlightened postmodernism' where the only absolute truth is that there are no absolute truths. But they are mistaken, they have simply made an error in their assumptions, and this explains why their foundation is a contradiction. As Aristotle wrote 2,350 years ago: Finally, if nothing can be truly asserted, even the following claim would be false, the claim that there is no true assertion. (Aristotle). This 14-lesson course includes: Philosophy of Humanism; Philosophy of Love, Sex and Orgasm; Philosophy of Mathematics; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Pantheism; Philosophy of Postmodernism; Philosophy of Idealism versus Realism; Philosophy of Reason; Philosophy of Stoicism.

  PHILOSOPHY OF POETRY, FINE ART, TRUTH AND BEAUTY (Mini-Course) (MS-110/05 CH): Philosophy is the realization that Wisdom comes from Truth, and Truth comes from Reality. Philosophy is the realization that Wisdom comes from Truth, and Truth comes from Reality. It is the Art of determining the Truth (which requires many years of study of the great minds of human history) such that we may apply this Truth to life. Likewise, the greatest Art is founded on profound Truths that express the wonder and beauty of our relationship to the universe. This 2-lesson course is illustrated and includes: The Philosophy of Metaphysical Poetry and The Philosophy of Fine Art, Truth and Beauty.

  PHILOSOPHY OF POLITICS, ECONOMICS, GLOBALIZATION AND ETHICS (MS-111/2.0 CH):  Aristotle said: ��by nature man is a political animal. Hence men have a desire for life together, even when they have no need to seek each other�s help. Nevertheless, common interest too is a factor in bringing them together, in so far as it contributes to the good life of each�. Politics can be defined as the laws, methods and practices of group which makes decisions (i.e. a government over a community). The past two thousand years have confirmed Aristotle�s' assertion. History has also confirmed that political systems have a tendency towards dictatorship and self interest, and these human instincts must be tempered with the truth. Unfortunately man has been manipulated by our more primitive emotions rather than reason/truth. Economics evolved from Nature (in particular the exchange of goods and services related to what was produced from Nature). On the other hand, modern economic theory has become detached from nature and has in part, contributed to the destruction of Nature. The purpose of this course is to argue that metaphysics and a correct understanding of Reality are fundamental to political and economic theory. Only with these correct metaphysical foundations will we appreciate how intimately interconnected we are with Nature and that our survival depends upon the survival of Nature. This 8-lesson course includes The Philosophy of Politics; the Philosophy of Economics and the Philosophy of Globalization.

  ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHERS (Mini-Course) (MS-112/0.5 CH): Greek philosophy seems to begin with a preposterous fancy, with the proposition that water is the origin and mother-womb of all things. Is it really necessary to stop there and become serious? Yes, and for three reasons: firstly, because the preposition does enunciate something about the origin of things; secondly, because it does so without figure and fable; thirdly and lastly, because it contained, although only in the chrysalis state, the idea: everything is one. All philosophers have the common fault, that they look upon man as a thing unchangeable in all commotion, as a sure standard of things. But everything that the philosopher says about man is really nothing more than testimony about man of a very limited space of time. A lack of the historical sense is the hereditary fault of all philosophers. This 3-lesson mini-course contains: All is One (Space) and Active-Flux (Wave Motion), with quotes from Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Heraclitus, Parmenides, Atomists (Democritus, Lucretius), Socrates, Plato, Epicurus.

  EASTERN PHILOSOPHY: BUDDHISM, HINDUISM, JAINISM AND TAOISM (MS-113/3.0 CH): The most important characteristic of the Eastern world view is the awareness of the unity and mutual interrelation of all things and events, the experience of all phenomena in the world as manifestations of a basic oneness. All things are seen as interdependent and inseparable parts of this cosmic whole; as different manifestations of the same ultimate reality. In Indian philosophy, the main terms used by Hindus and Buddhists have dynamic connotations. The word Brahman is derived from the Sanskrit root brih: to grow and thus suggests a reality which is dynamic and alive. The Upanishads refer to Brahman as �this unformed, immortal, moving�, thus associating it with motion even though it transcends all forms. The Rig Veda uses another term to express the dynamic character of the universe, the term Rita. This word comes from the root ri- to move. In its phenomenal aspect, the cosmic One is thus intrinsically dynamic, and the apprehension of its dynamic nature is basic to all schools of Eastern mysticism. They all emphasize that the universe has to be grasped dynamically, as it moves, vibrates and dances. This 4-lesson course on Eastern Philosophy includes: Buddha: Buddhism Religion: Hinduism; Jainism; Taoism.

  EASTERN PHILOSOPHY: CHAKRAS THROUGH YIN AND YANG (MS-114/1.0 CH): Western Science (founded on 'Particles' and 'Forces' in Space and Time) has never correctly understood Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism (realizing all is ONE and interconnected). Only recently has Science been able to unite these apparently separate spheres of human knowledge with the Wave Structure of Matter in One Infinite Absolute Space. Once we realize that matter is not made of discrete 'Particles', but rather from the Wave-Centers of Spherical Standing Waves, then it becomes simple to unite Western Science and Eastern Mysticism. Thus Chakras, as the wheel in Motion about its Center and the flow of Energy, can be easily understood. There are subtle resonant connections between matter, as spherical standing waves in Space, and between humans, who are very complex forms of matter � these resonant patterns being recognized as the Chakras. This 5-lesson course contains: Philosophy of the Chakras: Resonance, Harmonics and the Seven Chakras. Philosophy of the Kundalini: Metaphysics of Kundalini, the divine/cosmic energy that lies within every human being. Philosophy of Tantra and Tantric Sex: 'Tantra' meaning to weave, web. The Tantric belief that All is One and interconnected, Sex is a sacred and divine experience; Philosophy of the Yin-Yang: The Wave Structure of Matter explains the Balance of Opposites and Harmony in the Universe.

  EASTERN PHILOSOPHY: KAMA SUTRA (MS-115/2.0 CH): This course contains sexually explicit material. The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana ("Kama Sutra" is Sanskrit for "Aphorisms of Love") is an extraordinary work that deserves careful reading and study. Written in ancient India, it is essentially a technical guide, a scholarly treatise if you will, to sexual enjoyment and other sensual pleasures. It contains historical and anthropological insights into the mores and customs of ancient India. The modern reader will be surprised by how different the cultural paradigms presented in the Kama Sutra are from those of today. This course deals with the subject matter of human sexuality in a frank and forthright manner. The whole scholarly character of the Kama Sutra is nothing like most works of erotica written today � some would even assert that the Kama Sutra is appropriate for older teens to read because of its historical and anthropological insights into our own culture and to human sexuality in general. Of course, our society is a lot different from ancient Indian society. Thus, many of the subjects and cultural practices Vatsyayana discusses are alien, and even bizarre, to our frame of reference. But that is what makes the Kama Sutra so fascinating. This illustrated 8-lesson course includes: Introduction to the Kama Sutra; Gallery of Kama sutra Pictures and Positions; Arts of Kama Sutra; Types of Women and Description of Partners in Kama Sutra; Kama sutra Sex guide � Part One: Embracing, Kissing and Scratching; Kama Sutra Sex Guide � Part Two: Biting, Sighs, Blows, Foreplay, Post Coition and Lovers Quarrels; Kama Sutra Sex Positions; Love Positions � Sex Aids of Kama Sutra

  THEOLOGY: THEOLOGY DEFINED (MS-116/5.0 CH): Theology may be defined as reasoned discourse about God. Theology considers only the existence and nature of divine being. In a wider and more usual sense, however, it may encompass the full range of the divine's relationships to the world and to humanity as well as the full variety of human responses to the divine. Although different questions have preoccupied theologians at different times, certain topics have established themselves as basic to theological study. These include the basis for humans' knowledge of God, the being and attributes of God, the relation of God to the world and of the world to God, the modes of divine governance of human affairs, the source and character of human alienation from the divine, the manner of humanity's restoration to God, and the ultimate destiny of humankind. Such themes have been central throughout theology's history and continue to dominate theological reflection today. This 9-lesson course includes: Introduction to Theology; Ethics in Religion; Theodicy: Good versus Evil; Harmatology or Sin; Karma; The 8 Divisions of Theology; The 19 Topics of Theology; The 3 Modes of Theology; The 14 Movements of Theology.

  THEOLOGY: THE METAPHYSICS OF GOD, RELIGION AND MORALITY (MS-117/2.0 CH): Stoic philosophy teaches that God is not separate from the world; He is the soul of the world, and each of us contains a part of the Divine Fire. ... All things are parts of one single system, which is called Nature. Gandhi taught that truth alone is eternal, everything else is momentary. It is more correct to say that Truth is God, than to say that God is Truth. ... All life comes from the one universal source; call it Allah, God or Parmeshwara. This course investigates the philosophy that God is the One Infinite Eternal thing which Exists (Space) and Causes the Many things (Matter as Spherical Wave Motions of Space). Religion (from Latin Religare - to bind) is our Connection to the One thing (God, Brahman, Space) as Spherical Standing Waves which determine the Size of our Finite Spherical Universe within an Infinite Space. This then Solves the Problem of Morality 'Do unto Others as you would have done unto Yourself' as Matter (and thus Humans) are the size of the Universe thus the Other is a Part of the Self. This 11-lesson course includes: Metaphysics of God: God as One Infinite Eternal Substance; Theology: Albert Einstein: Religion & Science; Greek Gods and Myths; Theology: Leo Tolstoy; Mysticism Mystical Mystic; Pantheism Philosophy.

  THEOLOGY: WORLD RELIGIONS (MS-118/2.5 CH): From the earliest known evidence of human religion by Homo Sapiens around 100,000 years ago to the present day religion continues to be a very influential aspect of human lives. Religion is the universal tool for explaining things which we do not understand through the context the known physical world. Although there are countless religions each different from the other they all serve the same purpose. Each answers questions which all humans seem to be programmed to ask: Why are we here? What happens when I die? How shall I live my life? Some religions and beliefs you may know about, some may seem strange and some you've probably never heard of before. Hopefully the information provided in this course will help you understand the beliefs of others and clear up misunderstandings that may have gone on for generations. You'll discover that people have more in common than you'd think. This course includes 2-lessons: Religion Defined and Major World Religions and 11-Appendicies: Sikhism; Shintoism; Islam; Christianity; Confucianism; Buddhism; Jainism; Taoism; Judaism; Zoroastrianism; Hinduism.

  EVOLUTION: THE METAPHYSICS OF EVOLUTION (MS-119/4.5 CH): Evolution, simply put, is descent with modification. This definition encompasses small-scale evolution (changes in gene frequency in a population from one generation to the next) and large-scale evolution (the descent of different species from a common ancestor over many generations). Evolution helps us to understand the history of life. Evolution is not simply a matter of change over time. Lots of things change over time: trees lose their leaves, mountain ranges rise and erode, but they aren't examples of biological evolution because they don't involve descent through genetic inheritance. A central idea of evolution is that all life on Earth shares a common ancestor, just as you and your cousins share a common grandmother. Through the process of descent with modification, the common ancestor of life on Earth gave rise to the fantastic diversity that we see documented in the fossil record and around us today. Evolution means that we're all distant cousins: humans and oak trees, hummingbirds and whales. Over a large number of years, evolution produces tremendous diversity in forms of life. This 12-lesson course investigates: Introduction to Evolution; The Metaphysics of Evolution; The Theory of Evolution; Creation versus Evolution; Evolution of Culture; Evolution � Ecology � Nature; Endangered Animals; Evolutionary Philosophy; Importance of Nature/Gaia; Organic Food Production; What is Evolving?; Utopia; Evolution � Biology � Wave Genetics.

  EVOLUTION: SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION (MS-120/1.5 CH): Viewed from a materialistic perspective, the evolution of consciousness appears as a linear process. Over time, awareness increasingly reveals itself through the development and refinement of form. In this story, we will add a spiritual dimension and describe how this process might be unfolding. Let's start by pretending that about 14 billion years ago a miracle happened: the universe suddenly blossomed into existence. After ten billion years or so life appeared. Then one day, not that long ago, a new species emerged. These so-called humans had larger brains  and had developed to the point that they could think and choose. Soon, they could out-plan, out-tool, out-adapt, and out-survive most others. Fast forward to now� We are on top of the food chain, masters of symbols and technology, and lords of our destiny. We can reflect on the mysteries of the universe, the meaning of life, and on who or what we are. Besides being the most self-aware, we also have the most freedom of choice. Yet we can be the most blundering, cruel, shortsighted, and unconscious of all creatures. We can draw some conclusions from all of this. First, choice (or free will) is the result of biological progress. Second, choice equals freedom. We can take this a step further and say that freedom is a spiritual quality. This 4-lesson course investigates this in detail and includes: Spiritual Evolution; The Metaphysics of Spiritual Evolution; Spiritual Evolution and the New Age.

  HEALTH: THE PHILOSOPHY OF HEALING (MS-121/2.5 CH): Good health requires good knowledge of what we are, how we physically exist, how we have evolved to live. We are complexly evolved structures of spherically vibrating space (not discrete and separate particles). This will seem strange to most at first because it is new to them. But this is what it means to be 'Human' and explains how we Exist as Matter in Space, how we are Interconnected not only to the Ecology of Nature on Earth but to all Matter in the Universe (as the True Foundation for Ecology of Life on Earth). This knowledge helps us to understand how we have Evolved to Live with (and Consume) other Life on Earth. This understanding of our interconnection with the universe is necessary for our health and survival. Consequently, the healing path is a journey with many chapters. The previous chapters are held in our subconscious memory bank, and in the cellular memory throughout the body. They influence us in our present experiences and in our outlook toward the future. If we can embrace these new and challenging thoughts, we can find the courage to let go of the past and build a solid foundation in the present moment. This 6-lesson course contains: Introduction to Healing; Complementary or Alternative Medicine Healing; Evolution and Healing; Drugs-Drug Abuse-Addiction: Enlightenment (Truth Reality) Treatment of Drug Addiction; Holistic Medicine Healing - Know Thyself - Heal Thyself; Nutrition Information; Parenting; Philosophy of Spiritual Healing.


Mysticism Studies

INTRODUCTION TO MYSTICISM (MY-100/1.5 Credit Hours): In this age of the Martini, bikini's, TV, and materialism, a course on the values of mysticism may seem to be a strange subject. After all, the uninformed person asks, what do the inner experiences of a handful of mystics down through the ages have that is useful for me today? We reply, everything or nothing. As well as being an introduction to mysticism, this 7 lesson course is a "do it yourself" manual on the path to self-actualization. It is not a course for the fearful or those addicted to the self-defeating "get there quick" philosophy of the West. In this course, you will find what Aldous Huxley has called, "the perennial philosophy." Since mysticism is also a technique of finding ultimate unity in diversity, you will quickly discern that it serves an enormous range of interests. For those who have unhappily discovered that neither psychoanalysis, drink, drugs, sex, travel nor status are enough to make life meaningful, mysticism is certainly worth sincere investigation and is particularly right for those who suspect that the needs of the flesh and spirit are not as irreconcilable, as traditional theologians would have us believe they are. Included are: Mysticism and Religion; Mysticism and Sexuality; The In-depth Study of Mysticism; The Benefits of Practical Mysticism.

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PRACTICAL MYSTICISM (MY-101/501/6.0 Credit Hours): Who is the Mystic Path for? It is for those who are dissatisfied with things as they are, for those who hear a faint whisper that things can be entirely different. It is for anyone weary of the anxious ride on the Ferris Wheel of life that carries you to dizzy heights of elation and then drops you off right back where you started. Most of all, the Mystic Path is for those who are willing to challenge their present ideas about life and change them. This 29-lesson course presents the great spiritual psychological and mystical truths in a simple manner, making them practical for daily use by the modern man or woman. Included: The Secrets of Practical Mysticism; The Wonderful World of Practical Mysticism; Feeling Good At All Times; Surrendering To A Higher Power; The Supreme Power of Love; Why Suffer; Changing Your Life Through Mysticism; Releasing Fear And Tension; Attaining Happiness; Living Your Truth; The New You; You Have All You Need Within Yourself; Breaking Barriers And Moving Ahead; The Powerful Mystic Path.

UNDERSTANDING THE MYSTICAL PERSPECTIVE (Mini-Course) (MY-102/0.5 CH): There are certain common fallacies current about mysticism: that mystics are not "practical" and that they are revolutionary; on the contrary, many of the greatest mystics have been both intensely active as well as submissive to authority of whatever sort. Nor is the "solitary thinker" necessarily, or even usually, a mystic. There is no accepted explanation of mysticism, and few psychologists have interested themselves in its practice. Visions, voices, ecstasies may accompany any or none of the states of contemplation before the final union. It is because of these external and nonessential manifestations that the erroneous idea has arisen that all enthusiastic and nonintellectual religious movements are necessarily mystical. The positive convictions of the mystic arise from the fact that they are based on what he or she must regard as objective reality directly perceived. This 4-lesson mini-course course includes: Mysticism and the Spiritual; Differences of Terms and Interpretation; The Relation of Mystical Paths to Conventional Religion; The Mystical, The Occult and Psychotherapy.

A MYSTICAL AND PARANORMAL PRIMER (See below): Has your mind ever astonished you? Have you suddenly realized what another person was about to say or do? Have you solved some difficult problems in seemingly miraculous ways? Have you ever felt ecstasy move through your body during moments of reflection? Has your heart leapt with indescribable joy and good will as you thought of other people? Do you mysteriously attract into your life whatever you yearn for in your moments of stillness? All of these experiences are mystical in nature � moments of higher consciousness during which you transcend normal mental activity and enter the splendors of your higher awareness. If you, too, feel similar feelings, and recognize these yearnings as your own, you are a mystic by nature; a candidate for higher consciousness! Enjoy learning about these marvelous aspects of mystical life in this series of 4-courses. The fascinating material contained in these fully illustrated courses will safely guide you, whether you are 6 or 60, through the highlights of superconscious life � from basic concepts to the treasures of advanced mystic knowledge. And they will do it in plain language and easy to understand techniques. The courses are:

A MYSTICAL AND PARANORMAL PRIMER � VOLUME I � (MY-103/2.0 CH): A fully illustrated 3-lesson course including: Arc of the Covenant; Archetypes; Auras; Chakras; Color Spectrum; Kabbalah; Nature Spirits; Soulmates; Subtle Bodies; The Rainbow Bridge; Therapeutic Touch; Tree of Life; Zero Point.

A MYSTICAL AND PARANORMAL PRIMER � VOLUME II � (MY-104/2.5 CH): A fully illustrated 3-lesson course including: Clairvoyance; Spirit Guides; The Angelic Kingdom; Sirius; Orion; Draco; Pleiades; Extraterrestrial�s.

A MYSTICAL AND PARANORMAL PRIMER � VOLUME III � (MY-105/2.0 CH): A fully illustrated 3-lesson course including: Astral Travel; Channeling; Dowsing; Journey of the Soul; Meditation; Messages from Other Realms; Messages from Out-Of-Body Experiences; Mirror Messages; Ouija Boards; Pendulums; Remote Viewing; Walk-ins.

A MYSTICAL AND PARANORMAL PRIMER � VOLUME IV � (MY-106/2.0 CH): A fully illustrated 3-lesson course including: Dream and Dream Symbols; The Inner Child; The Aquarian Age or Indigo Child; Star Children.


Metaphysical Education Studies

SPIRITUAL GUIDELINES FOR THE METAPHYSICAL TEACHER (Mini-Course) (MT-100/0.5 Credit Hours): This 3 lesson course was compiled to answer the questions and requests for help received by those wishing to teach metaphysical and spiritual courses. Included is how to share; do's and don'ts of teaching and dedicating oneself to your work.

ADULT EDUCATION TEACHING TECHNIQUES (MT-101/3.5 Credit Hours): Teaching adult education can add a new dimension to your life. Most adult education classes are taught by part-time or volunteer instructors who are knowledgeable about the subject but do not have formal teaching training. This 16-lesson course is intended as a practical guide for the non-experienced teacher of short courses and workshops. You will explore the things that could go wrong and how to prevent them. Including: Planning: Organizing your subject into a program; Promoting and Marketing: Building your professional credibility, designing a brochure, display ads and press releases, getting free publicity; Producing: Using audiovisuals and other aids; handling problem participants; Profiting: Marketing your program and assessing the risks and rewards.


Gemstones and Crystals

A METAPHYSICAL APPROACH TO GEMS AND HEALING STONES (GS-100/4.0 Credit Hours): This 18 lesson course elaborates on the energy uses of gems and crystals and focuses on the self-help and positive uses we can derive from our stones. With practice you can become sensitive to the different vibrations of a stone's energy. A new intuitive science is waiting for you. Includes: Mineralogy and Gemology; The Mineral Kingdom; Birthstones and Astrology; Planetary Influence Of Gemstones; Properties of Gemstones; Healing Powers of Gemstones; Wearing/Using Healing Stones; Working With Healing Stones; Getting To Know Your Stones; Working With Group Energies; Healing With Stones; Laying On Healing Stones; Metals and Ores Used With Gems and Stones.

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF METAPHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF GEMSTONES AND MINERALS: This 322 page research text has been compiled as an adjunct to the above course. A simple approach to a complex subject, you will find this book unique. It takes each of the 427 listed stones and minerals separately and refers to folklore, legend and history; power and energy; spiritual value; standing as a New Age stone; metaphysical attributes; healing, psychic and magical uses, and much more, including astrology, planetary influence, Chakra, combination with other stones, etc. It is prepared with future updates in mind and is bound in a 3 ring loose-leaf binder.


Astrological Studies

INTRODUCTION TO ASTROLOGY (Mini-Course) (AS-100/0.5 Credit Hours): Since ancient times we looked to the heavens believing the movements of the sun and planets affected much of what takes place on earth. If these movements could be read properly the future could be understood and provided for. This 3 lesson mini-course is designed to let you know what your birth sign and planetary influence may mean to you. Often you may want to check those findings for yourself. That can be done, through a study of this basic course. Includes an introduction and types of astrology; an astrological glossary; what is a horoscope and how to cast it, houses and aspects of astrology; aspect configuration; signs and planets and asteroids; viewing charts; chart types.

THE SYMBOLISM, HISTORY AND FUNDAMENTALS OF ASTROLOGY (AS-101/6.0 Credit Hours): This 32 lesson course covers all aspects of this fascinating subject from its origins in ancient Sumer to our technological era, The Age of Aquarius. It describes astrology's evolution, its all-pervasive influence around the world and on a more practical level, how to cast a horoscope and how the Zodiac determines personal characteristics. Includes: Introduction; Symbolic Language Of Astrology; Development of the Zodiac; Development Of The Horoscope; A History Of Astrology; Mesopotamia; Greece; Egypt and Rome; Chinese Tradition; India, Mexico and Other Places; Dark Ages; Renaissance in Italy, France, England; Decline and Return Of Astrology; 20th Century; Symbolism Of The 12 Signs Of The Zodiac; Fundamentals Of Astrology.


Numerological Studies

INTRODUCTION TO NUMEROLOGY (NU-100/1.0 Credit Hour): Numerology is the study of numbers and their meanings, based on the belief that the name you were given at birth and the day, month, and year you were born influence who you are and what will happen during the course of your lifetime. This 5 lesson course in Basic Numerology will give you the tools that are necessary to learn the specific meanings of numbers and how to convert them to discover their hidden meanings. Included is an introduction to numerology; the symbolic meanings of numbers; the practicalities of numerology; and the use of numbers in daily life.

ADVANCED NUMEROLOGY (NU-101/4.0 Credit Hours): A 15 lesson course giving the student of numerology a complete background in this fascinating science. Course is divided into easy-to-find sections for your reference. It begins with the basics and gradually leads, step-by-step, into more advanced and subtle lessons. Each lesson deals with particular positions and aspects of your Numerology Chart. Included: an introduction to numerology; how to complete your Numerology chart; day of birth; birthpath; destiny and realization; personality, hearts desire; habit challenge; specialties and missing numbers; balance of temperament; pinnacles; challenges; personal year, month and day; number combinations and a supply of extra numerology charts.


Psychic Sciences

CARTOMANCY OR DIVINATION OF PLAYING CARDS (Mini-Course) (PS-100/0.5 Credit Hours): Lure of the unknown and of hidden things have intrigued the humanity. Primitive humanity developed subtle crafts such as foretelling the weather by the way the birds flew. From this beginnings came modern the science of ballistics and the same applies to cartomancy. This 3 lesson, fully illustrated, mini-course covers cartomancy from its earliest history, along with a discussion of modern methods. Included: Origin of playing cards, card divination and methods of cartomancy.

BASIC GRAPHOLOGY (PS-101/1.0 Credit Hours): There is a message to be found in your own handwriting through the subject of graphology (handwriting analysis) which is older than the Pyramids of Egypt. From the day when the first literate man chiseled a hieroglyph in stone to record communication he carved the expression of his individual nature with it. So it is with your self-expression, as revealed by your handwriting. Here all the quirks and varying moods show themselves to the student of graphology. Included in this fully illustrated, 12 lesson course are lines, size and angles of writing; line and letter spacing; letter formations and variations; connected writing; special variations; capital letters; last letters of words; signatures.

INTRODUCTION TO PALMISTRY (PS-102/1.5 Credit Hours): A 7 lesson, fully illustrated course designed to start the beginner off on one of the oldest of the ancient psychic sciences. The basic theory of hand types and certain teachings concerning the meaning of the lines are presented in a simple and interesting manner. With the information in this course you will find both a basic framework for more prolonged study or sufficient background to entertain you and your friends with accounts of their personality and character traits. Included is an introduction to palmistry; types of hands, thumbs, fingers and nails; mounts of the palm; signs and small markings; basic, secondary and lesser lines, and detailed instructions on the techniques of palm reading.

TASSEOGRAPHY OR TEA LEAF READING (Mini-Course) (PS-103/0.5 Credit Hours): No knowledge of Tasseography or tea leaf reading is necessary to understand this enjoyable, ancient form of divination. Learn a skill that is easy to master and that will afford many hours of enjoyment. At a deeper level you will learn to use your psychic ability to predict the future, and expand your consciousness and intuition, as well as bringing you a clearer understanding of what life is all about. Included in this mini-course is everything you will need to read tea leaves. Just read and follow the simple, fully illustrated steps. The course also includes a glossary of over 200 commonly seen symbols with comprehensive interpretations.

THE HISTORY, SYMBOLISM AND FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TAROT (PS-104/9.0 Credit Hours): The very word Tarot seems to strike a hidden chord, the love of mystery, in the hearts of many when they first look upon the strange and beautiful cards of the tarot pack. This 45 lesson course is a course for students of the Tarot not just for learning how to read the tarot. Included: Preparing Yourself; Tarot Origins and History; Tarot Terminology; Ethics and The Tarot Reader; Signs and Symbols; Meditation; Visualization; Divining The Tarot; The Major Arcana; The Minor Arcana; Reading The Tarot. Also included: Over 18 sample Spreads; Key Phrases; The Tarot and Numerology; The Tarot and The Kabbalah; Kabbalistic and Three Dimensional Astrology and The Tarot; A complete Glossary of Symbolic and Tarot Terms.

FUNDAMENTALS OF PHYSIOGNOMY AND PHRENOLOGY (PS-105/1.0 Credit Hour): Once the most popular of all psychic sciences, Phrenology was an offshoot of modern physiognomy. Just as physiognomy had its roots in ancient teachings, so could phrenology point to earlier findings. Physiognomy deals with general physical appearances (primarily that of the face) as an index to individual traits; Phrenology considers the formation of the skull as indicative of mental processes. Included in this illustrated 5-lesson course is: Analyzing the Face, Head and Other Features; Metoposcopy or the Lines of the Forehead with astrological symbology; Analyzing the Formation of the Skull; Moleosophy or the Study of Moles.


Angel Studies

INTRODUCTION TO ANGELS (AN-100/2.0 Credit Hours): Angels have been in this Universe for as long as the Universe has existed. The Angelic realm affects all life. As humans, we have been aware of their existence throughout our known time, but we see certain times where our interest in Angels has flourished. Currently we are in a time of great Angelic activity because we are embarking on a dimensional transition of evolutionary growth in consciousness. This 12-lesson course explores what we, as human beings, know about Angels. Included: Introduction to Angels; Hierarchy of Angels; Angelic Choirs and Orders; Archangels by Name; Past history of Angels; Angelic history of the 20th Century; 20th Century Angelophanies; Attributes of Angels; Angels in our Daily Lives; Angels influencing Planets, Astrological Signs, Seasons, Months, Days and Hours; Angels co-creating in other areas.

MEETING FIVE ARCHANGELS (AN-101/1.0 Credit Hour): Archangels are considered by many to be one step above all other Angels in the hierarchy. The powerful Beings of Light hold places of honor in a vast variety of religions in both Eastern and Western traditions. In this 7-lesson course, you will learn about the various theories and hierarchies of the archangels according to different global viewpoints. You will discover the realms of the Archangels and the physical spheres they govern - those of astrology, the seasons, months, days, hours and the colors that are attributed to each. Through this exploration and study, you will learn who they are, what they represent, and how to contact them and access their knowledge and power to aid you in your daily life. Included: Introduction to the Five Archangels; Archangels Governing Planets, Astrological Signs, Seasons, Months, Days and Hours; Archangel Michael; Archangel Gabriel; Archangel Raphael; Archangel Uriel; Archangel Chamuel.

CO-CREATING WITH THE ANGELS IN OUR DAILY LIVES (AN-102/1.0 Credit Hour): Communicating with Angels begins with us. Angels are always ready to answer our call to co-create with them and to help bring "heaven on Earth". All of us are capable to receive guidance from the Angelic, we merely have not used these subtle senses in this way before. This 5-lesson course will instruct you in ways to co-create with the Angels in five different areas of our daily lives. Included: angels of the Plant Realm and Gardens; Angels of our Homes, Cars and Machinery; Angels and the Animals, Pets and Insects; Angels of Work and Money; and Angels and Minerals, Stones and Gems.


Esoteric Philosophy Studies

ESOTERIC TEACHINGS OF A CHRISTINE MASTER (EP-100/8.0 Credit Hours): A 39 lesson course that studies the meaning of the teachings The Christ shared with us and follows His edict to understand and live the Spirit of the Law rather than just obey the letter of it. An appreciation of Christine Philosophy enhances the quality of your own spiritual experience, whether you are a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist or Metaphysician. Includes: Introduction to Metaphysics and the Christine Philosophy; Thought Power; Thought Power and the Beatitudes; Karma and the 3 Selves; Levels of Consciousness and Thought Forms; Etheric and Astral Planes; Spirit Phenomena; Death and Dying; Law of Rebirth; Nature of Health and Disease; Prayer; Sleep and Dreams; Cosmic Physical Planet Masters of Wisdom; The Seven Rays; Initiation. Part 2 of this course contains Inner Focus Exercises that are to be used upon completion of each lesson.

ESOTERIC USE OF COLOR, SOUND AND FRAGRANCE (EP-101/9.0 Credit Hours): A 43 lesson course that investigates the secret of the co-ordination of the senses. Why did the ancient Kings of Indo-China insist on colorful burial ceremonies and place their tombs on the banks of the sacred "River of Perfumes". India, Egypt, China, Persia and Peru all have keys to fragments of forgotten ceremonies revealing this long-lost lore. In ancient Egypt kings took with them to their tombs perfumes, colorful raiment, and musical instruments. Why? Included: The Law of Octaves; Evolution; Music and the Higher Planes; The Power of Sound; Healing through music, color, and fragrance; Color Awareness; The Human Aura; Astrological symbolism of color, sound and fragrance; The Secrets of Incense and Oils; Aroma-therapy, just to name a few. There are numerous color, sound, fragrance, and herbal symbolism charts. Each lesson ends with a visualization that is keyed to each individual lesson.

FUNDAMENTALS OF CYCLIC LAW (EP-102/2.0 Credit Hours): This 11 lesson course investigates the simple system whereby anyone may determine the fortunate and unfortunate daily, monthly and yearly periods of his/her life, thus knowing when to do and when not to do anything that has an important bearing upon the progress of his/her career or the attainment of self-mastery. No other reference books, almanacs, or charts are necessary; there are no complicated mathematical programs. This system has been used for years by secret esoteric societies to unlock the ancient mystery of the life cycles. Included: Cyclic Law; Cosmic Rhythm and the Cycles of Life; Periods of Human Life; Personal Worldly Affairs; The Business Cycle; The Health Cycle and the Cycles of Disease and Sex; Daily Cycles of Significant Hours; Soul Cycles.

FUNDAMENTALS OF ESOTERIC WISDOM (EP-103/3.0 Credit Hours): We know we are alive, but we are faced with questions as to the meaning of life and death and we find that satisfactory answers cannot be obtained from physical science, ordinary philosophy, or orthodox religion. The purpose of this 14 lesson course is to present the concepts basic to "Esoteric Wisdom" in a logical and organized way. For those who are dissatisfied with materialism, it offers a framework of suggested relationships. Included: The fundamental principles of: One Life In All Things; Different States Of Matter; Progressive Development; Periodicity Or Cycles; Reincarnation; Justice; Life In The Subtle Worlds; Goal Of Life; World Wide Brotherhood; The Order of Melchizedek; The Esoteric Path and 77 functional and philosophical laws and principles pertaining to Esotericism, Metaphysics and New Age Philosophy.

INTRODUCTION TO THE KABBALAH (EP-104/0.5 Credit Hours): There is a legend that God whispered the secret wisdom of the Kabbalah to Moses on Mount Sinai, that Moses communicated it to the seventy elders, and that they in turn passed it on to their immediate successors. It remained a secret, oral tradition known to very few until centuries later. The tradition of the Kabbalah is predominantly Jewish, but since the Renaissance humanists, philosophers, psychologists, and esotericists have seized on it with enthusiasm. The Kabbalah is in some ways the I Ching of the West, worthy of a lifetime's study and contemplation but this 3-lesson mini-course will give you the basics needed to understand what this beautiful tradition is all about. Included: Introduction; Tradition; Magic; Legend: History: Image of Divinity: Jacob's Ladder; Angels and Demons; Human Race; Hidden Wisdom; Conclusion; The New Age.

THE HISTORY OF HEAVEN (Mini-Course) (EP-106/0.5 Credit Hours): Nothing is more certain in life than death. Yet nothing is more uncertain than what fate, if any, may lie in wait for us after death. Is there a heaven, and if so what will it be like? Will everyone be admitted, or only the chosen few? Where is this paradise and how do we get there? Throughout history, people of every culture have asked such questions, and this 6-lesson mini-course explores some of the many diverse answers. Included What is Heaven Like?; The Inhabitants of Heaven; Getting Into Heaven; Ancient and Modern Heavens; and Beyond Death.

INTRODUCTION TO GNOSTICISM (Mini-Course) (EP-107/0.5 Credit Hours): Gnosticism is the school of spiritual philosophy that was Christianity's earliest rival. Its focus is on the attainment of a gnosis (a knowledge: an intuition of the truth) that brings salvation from ignorance, rather then belief, good deeds or contrition. It poses burning questions, the answers to which are extremely relevant to our own day. This 4-lesson mini-course investigates the beginnings and basic theories of Gnosticism, from its time of inception to the present day. Included: The Good God and The Evil God; Wine and Fragrance; The Rape of Eve; and The Light of Paradise.

THE ESOTERIC USE OF FRAGRANCE, ESSENTIAL OILS AND INCENSE (EP-108/0.5CH MINI-COURSE) � TAKEN IN PART FROM EP-101: You will find, as you explore the world of natural aromas, that there is a smell for every occasion and that certain smells create occasions of their own! There are smells that create an atmosphere, smells that promote healing and even smells that get you high. They all occur in Nature as byproducts of plants, flowers, herbs and trees. A variety of time-honored techniques allow us to capture and concentrate their essence. As essential oils, infusions, extracts and incense, these delightful aromas are readily available and relatively inexpensive. This 4-lesson course will deal with how you can enter the secret world of aromatic indulgence.

AN ESOTERIC JOURNEY INTO THE SELF � VOL. I � THE MIND (EP-109/2.0 CH): This 12-lesson course is about truths, inner knowing and inspiration; but it is through different eyes that this may be seen. As we progress along our journey we must allow ourselves to go inward and view the unseen. This may seem foreign to what we have learned; yet throughout our journey we will know more than we have ever imagined. We are entering a new age, one of consciousness, which helps us to see through eyes opened wider than before. Truth is subjective, it changes frequently, and what we hold as truth today may not be tomorrow; for the level of consciousness we hold is the basis for the truth we express. This is what presents us with the opportunity to hold different realities. The material in this course is presented in this way. It is an opportunity to view another reality and decide if it resonates as your own.

CANDLE BURNING MADE EASY (EP-110/2.0 CH): Candles have been used by esotericism and religion alike for centuries. They have a practical usage. But candles can also bring about change: they induce magic. This 12-lesson course will explain how to discover the ancient magic of candlelight in a modern context, and to use the power of one of the oldest forms of divination to add new dimensions of life-enhancing experiences. Whether you use simple supermarket candles or elaborate figurine candles, this course offers step-by-step instructions for exploring the rich world of candle burning. Candle Burning Made Easy explains many of the different types of candles available for use and skillfully handles topics like color symbolism and the planetary energies, practical guidelines on working with candles, and provides a wide range of rituals from different esoteric and religious traditions. This course is loaded with valuable tips, expert advice, and answers to the most commonly asked questions about candle burning. The course includes: Divination; Symbols; 6 lessons containing simple guidelines for candle burning; 3 lessons on Voodoo and African American ritual candle burning with 4 candle spells; Candle burning astrological color symbology; 10 traditional candle burning rituals and an entire appendix of candle burning tips.

INTRODUCTION TO THE AQUARIAN AGE (EP-111/1.0 CH): We are the generation of a new era. Before us lies a period of stunning technological innovation, unprecedented economic opportunity, surprising political reform, and great cultural and educational rebirth. For centuries the monumental, symbolic date of 2000 has stood for the future and what we shall make of it. That future is now here. Already we have fallen under its dominion. It is amplifying emotions, accelerating change, heightening awareness, and compelling us to reexamine our values, our institutions, and ourselves. Humanity is evolving its consciousness into an awareness of itself. People are beginning to take a good look at themselves, and are searching for meaning and purpose in their lives. Individuals are beginning to recognize their divine nature, and are looking within to find answers and to commune with a personal, indwelling God(dess). Included in this 7-lesson course: Aquarian astrology; Value systems in the Aquarian Age; Personal initiative in the Aquarian Age; Science and religion in the Aquarian Age; Conflict and government in the Aquarian age; Politics, justice and healing in the Aquarian Age; Controlling the inner-self in the Aquarian Age.

A METAPHYSICAL VIEW OF THE AQUARIAN AGE (EP-112/2.0 CH): A remarkable change is taking place in our time. A holistic world view is penetrating our consciousness and superseding the rational materialism which is proving inadequate to explain our universe. We are recovering what was called the Ageless Wisdom of the ancient Mysteries, which knew that the Universe is Mind not mechanism, that the Earth is a sentient creature and not just dead mineral, that the human being is in essence spiritual, a droplet of Divinity housed in the temple of the body. This vision lifts the basic fear of death in our death-ridden culture. The vision of the spiritual nature of humanity and the universe brings the conviction that the human potential is unlimited and that we stand at the threshold over which a quantum leap in consciousness is possible. Cosmic consciousness, a blending of mind with Universal Mind, is being achieved and demonstrated by more and more people. This world picture by no means implies that we just sit back and let God do the job. Human initiative is the vital factor, but we are working with energies of life and being from the ocean of Divine Intelligence which can bring about change. This 11-lesson course is in no sense dogma to be believed. It is an attempt at exploration of Ideas which are alive and can therefore enter our consciousness and bring change. This 12 lesson course includes: The Aquarian Age astrology; Assessing the past, present and the future; Prophecy in the Aquarian Age; Esoteric concepts of the Aquarian Age; Cosmic acceptance in the Aquarian Age; The sacred energy; The Aquarian Age child; Communications in the Aquarian Age; Aquarian Age cleansing; The meeting of chaos and darkness; Rebirth into the Aquarian initiation.

THE PRINCIPLES OF SPIRITUAL ALCHEMY (EP-113/2.0 CH): (Formerly AC-100) Alchemy is an ancient art of transmutation and the precursor of modern chemistry. It is symbolically, a mystical art for the transformation of the consciousness. This 10-lesson course is about transforming our spirit to vibrate it at its highest levels and create spiritual gold. Includes: Doctrines of Spiritual Alchemy; The Laboratory; The Spiritual Alchemist; The Seven Spiritual Metals; Living Spiritual Alchemy; Purifying Metals; Transmutation; Transmuting Metals; Examining Consciousness: and Spiritual Consciousness.


Religion and Spirituality Studies

INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE RELIGION THROUGH METAPHYSICS (RS-100/12.0 Credit Hours - Formerly CR-100): A 70 lesson course introducing the student to a historical and anthropological approach to comparative religion. Part 1 investigates the desire to worship and sets the mature standards used in all our comparative religion courses (see below). Part 2 investigate religion of ancient times Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt, Greece and ancient Rome. Part 3 takes us through the pageant of India's Religions: Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. Part 4 discusses the Eastern religions of China and Japan: Confucianism and Taoism; Shinto and Bushido. Part 5 brings us to ancient Persia (Iran) and discusses Zoroastrianism. Parts 6, 7 and 8 explore Judaism, Christianity and the religion of Islam respectively. Part 9 investigates Spiritual Paths and Part 10 takes a good look at religion in the US. Part 11 contains the Contemporary Alternative Religions and Spiritual Paths. Part 12 contains Metaphysical and New Age Teachings and Part 13 wraps up our journey into the great religions of the world and discusses where we are going from this point in time.

A MATURE APPROACH TO COMPARATIVE RELIGION VOL. 1, PRIMITIVE AND ANCIENT RELIGION (RS-101/4.5 Credit Hours - Formerly CR-101): 21 lesson course investigates religion in a historical and anthropological point-of-view including: Mature Philosophy Of Religion; Forms of Religious Expression; Religious History; Understanding The Worlds Religious Heritage; The First Human Faiths; Anthropology and Magic In Primitive Religion; Soul, Initiation and Evaluation of Primitive Religion; Witch Doctors; The American Indian Medicine Man; Shamanism In Depth; Religion In Ancient Egypt; The Early Near East; Ancient Greek Religion; Unique Qualities Of Early Roman Religion.

A MATURE APPROACH TO COMPARATIVE RELIGION THROUGH METAPHYSICS, VOL. 2, RELIGIONS OF INDIA, CHINA AND JAPAN (RS-102/6.5 Credit Hours - Formerly CR-102): A There is a growing conviction among thinking people everywhere that an era of peace and understanding is in the making. The basis of this new era must be spiritual. As spiritually minded people of the world are drawing closer together, they are also demanding to know more about each other's faith. This 33 lesson course explores religion from historical and anthropological aspects including: Hinduism; Buddhism; Jainism; Sikhism; Confucianism; Taoism; Shintoism; Also discussed is modern India, China, and Japan.
NOTE: VOL. 3 CR-103 (ZOROASTRIANISM, JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM) will be issued in the near future.

UNITY OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS AND FAITHS (RS-103/ 2.0 Credit Hours - Formerly CR-103): The whole of humanity belongs to one Religion - the Religion of Humanity. For all men and women God is the Parent. As the children of one God all of us are brothers and sisters. This 4-lesson course doesn't relate to any one culture or philosophy. It is concerned with the divine way of life that is implicit in the teachings of all regions. Its purpose is to see Unity in Divinity. It does not call for the formation of an Omnibus Religion, negating thus the voice of Divinity that manifested through the Great Prophets and Saints of the world. Nor is it concerned with any one religion, nation, race, caste or individual. It is intended to reveal the essential Truth that underlies all scriptures and to strive for the peace and welfare of all people through the establishment of Truth and Righteousness. Includes: An introduction; The unity of faiths; Unity in faith for prayer and performance of one's duties; The unity of religions; Synthesis of major religions - A brief description of 11 of the world's major religions.

SPIRITUALITY AND WESTERN SCIENCE (RS-104/1.0 CH): (Note: This course contains advanced studies and is not recommended for beginners) Science has many ways to explain the general features of spiritual experience. But, the current explanations, for the most part, have been assembled by researchers who have no direct knowledge of the deeper levels of spiritual experience and they explain spirituality in social and psychological terms rather than the spiritual dimensions that need to be dealt with as well. Even if we develop a broad-minded philosophy that accepts such notions as other realms of existence, we still find it a major chore to restructure our deeper emotional conditioning. Still, it requires little stretch of the imagination to extend scientific models in a plausible way to accommodate spiritual phenomena. This is a first step on the way to personal, and social, investigation and discovery of spiritual reality. This 6-lesson course includes: Spirituality and western science; Misconceptions about spirituality; Characteristics of the ideal spiritual life world; and the characteristics of mystics.

FROM EAST TO WEST - WALKING THE SPIRITUAL PATH (RS-105/1.5 CH): Mysticism is the common thread to all of the world's religions and spiritual traditions. On the surface, religions and spiritual practices are quite different, however, at their core they are all very much the same. Since, at the core, all mystical ways share a common vocabulary, this 8-lesson course uses representative examples from the major eastern and western paths. It describes the esoteric traditions, and relevant modern thinking, in broad terms, and offers a summary of their essential parts. Included: Spiritual teachings; Hindu Yoga; Tibetan Buddhism; Western mystical traditions; Western spirituality and the effect on science; Spirituality and Western psychology; A synthesis of the world's spiritual teachings; Walking the spiritual path; A guided counseling meditation.

NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY (RS-106/3.5 CH): The origins of contemporary Native American religion can be traced back 30,000 to 60,000 years with the arrival of the first groups of people from northeast Asia. The religion of Native Americans has developed from the hunting taboos, animal ceremonialism, beliefs in spirits, and shamanism embraced by those early ancestors. Native Americans, New Agers, and charlatans alike have radically augmented and revised the tenets of traditional Indian religions. "Crystal skull caretakers" sit beside shamans and priests, and "Star Beings," rather than buffalo, are pondered. Outraged Native Americans have entered this fray, castigating those they see exploiting traditional Native American spirituality. The general characteristics and origins of Native American religion share common tendencies. Religion tends to be closely related to the natural world. The local terrain is elevated with supernatural meaning, and natural objects are imbued with sacred presences. Ceremonial rituals involving these objects are meant to ensure communal and individual prosperity. These common features unite a diversity of contemporary Native American sects. Included in this 18-lesson course: Introduction to nature religion; Native American history and culture; The role of women in Native American society; Native American religion and healing; The medicine man; Ceremonies and rituals; The vision quest and sweatlodge; Storytelling; Skinwalkers, Shapeshifters and Dreamwalkers; Alphabetical listing of 115 Indian Tribes; A complete Medicine Wheel; Alphabetical descriptions of 47 totem or power animals.

PROSPECTIVES ON THE NATURE OF MAN, GOD, AND THE UNIVERSE (RS-107/2.5 CH): Since the dawn of time to the present, we have maintained a continuous struggle to explain the nature of Man, God, and the Universe. This 13-lesson course reports on that struggle and man's achievements as he tried to crack with finite mind what seems to be the infinite mystery of the universe and the forces that control it. It offers a synopsis of humanity's greatest ideas, theories, and opinions developed through thousands of years of human history. As a topic of discussion, Perspectives on the Nature of Man, God, and the Universe is extremely wide and cannot be contained in ant single volume. But, despite its size limitation, this course will walk you through the labyrinth of thoughts and ideas expressed by the most learned of the human race. Included: Ancient civilizations; Thoughts from ancient philosophers; Perspectives from world religions; Philosophers of the early Christian era; Thoughts of modern philosophers; Perspectives from science.

REINCARNATION � FACT OR FICTION (RS-108/3.0 CH): The concept of reincarnation has rich global history dating back to the 9th century BCE. In its most simple and most popular form, reincarnation is the process whereby the soul, after death, is born anew on earth. This process continues lifetime after lifetime until the soul is purified and liberated from the cycle of rebirth. While this core concept remains relatively similar, the nuances of reincarnation differ from tradition to tradition. Differences are seen in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Egyptian mystery schools, and Neo-Platonism, including the reasons, the mechanics, and even the subject of reincarnation. The true common thread is that there is continuity of experience after �death.� This comprehensive 12-lesson course includes: A Reincarnation Catechism; The Termination of Reincarnation; The Esoteric Story of Reincarnation; Reincarnation and the Eastern Religions; Past-Life Recall � Proof for Reincarnation; Judaism and Reincarnation; Reincarnation and Christianity; Transmigration of Souls and Animal Reincarnation; Concluding Thoughts.

THE GODDESS THEORY (RS‑109/4.0 CH): Goddess worship is a general description for the veneration of a female Goddess or goddesses. Many cultures have goddesses, sometimes alone, but often as part of a larger pantheon that includes both of the conventional genders and even hermaphroditic (or gender neutral) deities. Pagan and Neopagan religions or denominations generally recognize goddess worship as one of their few areas of consensus, but not all goddess worship is Pagan. Goddess worship can be conservative, supporting male dominance, state control, and empire building; or it can be radical, challenging those traditions. It can support women's authority but is not necessarily feminist, though in Western societies the feminist version is the most articulate. This 20-lesson course includes: Understanding the Beginning of the Goddess Theory; Paganism in Western Europe; Magick and Ritual go Hand-in-Hand; The Matriarchal Society of the Goddesses; Egyptian Creation and Myths; Many Cultures Occupied the Mesopotamian Region; Gods and Goddesses of Oriental Religions; The Eleusinian Mysteries; Aphrodite, The Beautiful; The Celts Make their Appearance; India and Her Myths; The Mayan Religion and Myth; The Goddess Culture; Were Goddess Powers Real?; Understanding our Belief System; Guardian Angels, Teachers and Guides; The Celestial Beings; Shamanic Cultures.

RELIGION DEFINED (RS-110/5.5 CH): Religion is very difficult to define � it seems that everyone has a different idea of what it is. Most people will simply look in the dictionary or use something else equally simplistic. Although that might be fine for everyday conversations, it isn't sufficient for the sort of discussions that appear on this site. Religion is a human creation, and as such can vary as widely as human imagination allows. Although defining religion is difficult, we have to try. By examining the efforts of those who have tried, we not only learn more about what characterizes religion, we also learn about what people and scholars believe about religion. Some of these beliefs and biases may be justified, but others are not. This 17-lesson course includes: Defining Religion; Studying Religion; Religion Today; List of Religions; Ontology and Epistemology; Animism; Deism and Theism; Dualism; Henotheism and Monolatrism; Humanism, Secular Humanism and Transhumanism; Ecumenism and Eutheism; Dystheism and Maltheism; Kathenotheism, Monism and Suitheism; Monotheism and Polytheism; Panentheism; Creation Spirituality; Process Theology; Pantheism and Cosmotheism; Shamanism.

THE ANGELIC REALM (RS-111/2.0 CH): All three major religions of the Western world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, as well as virtually all of the world's other systems of religious belief, include celestials in their cosmologies. The word 'angel' is used both as a generic term to refer to all heavenly beings, and as a specific term to refer to the members of the third sphere, those closest to the physical. So, too, the word 'archangel' is often used as a generic term to refer to all the high orders of heavenly beings, although they are in fact but one of the higher orders. This 6-lesson course includes: Introduction to Angels; Jewish Views; Christian Views; Islamic Views; Other Religions; The Angelic Realm; Names of Archangels and Angels.

THE METAPHYSICS OF AGNOSTICISM AND ATHEISM (Mini-Course) (RS-112/0.5 CH): Atheism is traditionally divided into two groups: strong and weak. The strong-atheist actively disbelieves in a God. He or she has considered the question of whether or not there is a God or gods, and has answered the question "no". The weak-atheist passively disbelieves in a God. s/he has heard the question of whether or not there is a God and refuses to answer because no available evidence exists in either direction. The question itself is meaningless. In practice, agnosticism and weak-atheism are identical and strong-atheism is often translated as just atheism when the two are mentioned together. This mini-course answers the questions: What is atheism? Is it a religion? What is the difference between atheism and agnosticism? Atheism is often misunderstood and even vilified; a better understanding of it, however, reveals that many of the attacks made upon atheism and atheists are based upon errors and mistaken assumptions. This 4-lesson mini-course includes: Agnostics and Agnosticism; Atheists and Atheism; Weak and Strong Atheism; Atheism Studies and Statistics.


Bible Studies

A HISTORICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL APPROACH TO THE OLD TESTAMENT (BI-102/5.0 Credit Hours): During this 27 lesson course we examine the Old Testament through the eyes of the anthropologist, archaeologist, historian and the biblical scholar. We will sift through the sands of time and in our mind's eye we will rebuild the ancient cities and reconstruct history. We will probe into ancient religion and watch humanity as it searched for God, the meaning of life and the different pathways leading to "the top of the mountain." We will hear the cries of the prophets, the thunder of the falling walls of Jericho and listen with confusion to the Tower of Babel. We will discover the evolution of man in his search for God. And at the end of the journey we will come away with a better understanding of who we are and the Old Testament will come to life as a rich and varied treasure of humanity with all its struggles, strength and weaknesses along with a deeper understanding of the phrase "In the beginning." Included in this course is: The Old Testament - A Library of Religion; Transmission of the Old Testament; The Jewish Torah; The Prophets; The Sacred Writings; Biblical Interpretation of all 39 books of the Old Testament including naming, authorship, date of writing, key word, key verse and key chapter, plus a concise survey of each book.

INTERPRETING THE OLD TESTAMENT THROUGH METAPHYSICS (BI-100/2.0 Credit Hours): This 15 lesson course explores the process and meaning of metaphysical interpretation as applied to major areas of the Old Testament. Emphasis is given to the practical application of these meanings to the spiritual growth of the individual and to the use of these meanings in the ministry. Included: Introduction To Metaphysical Bible Interpretation; Allegories Of Genesis; Abraham; Joseph; Jacob; Moses; Joshua; Judges; David; Elijah and Elisha; The Prophets; Job.

A HISTORICAL AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL APPROACH TO THE NEW TESTAMENT (BI-103): This new course will be released in the near future. During this course we examine the New Testament through the eyes of the anthropologist, archaeologist, historian and biblical scholar.

INTERPRETING THE NEW TESTAMENT THROUGH METAPHYSICS (BI-101/3.0 Credit Hours): This 27 lesson course explores the process and meaning of metaphysical interpretation as applied to major areas of the New Testament. Emphasis is given to the practical application of these meanings to the spiritual growth of the individual and to the use of these meanings in the ministry. Included: Introduction To A Metaphysical Bible Interpretation; Metaphysical Interpretation Of The Gospels; Metaphysical Interpretation Of Book Of Revelation.


Interpersonal Communications

TECHNIQUES OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING (IC-100/1.5 Credit Hours): Business, social, spiritual and personal satisfaction depend upon a person's ability to communicate clearly to his/her fellows what he/she is, what he/she desires, and what he/she believes in. The need to use words for maximum effectiveness is addressed as you study the elements of semantics, listening skills, and body language. The 9 lesson course includes: Fundamental Of Effective Speaking; Speech, Speaker and Audience; The Purpose Of Prepared and Impromptu Talks; The Art Of Communicating; Introducing Speakers, Presenting and Accepting Awards; Organizing The Longer Talk; Applying What You Have Learned.

INTRODUCTION TO HOMILETICS FOR THE METAPHYSICAL MINISTER (IC-101/4.0 Credit Hours): This 19 lesson course draws deeply from the wisdom and genius of the classical tradition of homiletics, from Saint Augustine to the present day. Part one deals with the calling of the minister, part two with the preparation of the sermon, part three with preaching from the pulpit and part four with the techniques of public speaking. Appendix 1 includes a personal growth program that will allow you and others to plot your progress. Included: The Preparation of the Preacher; The Disciplines of the Preacher; Preaching Themes; A Good Introduction is Essential; Creating the Body of the Sermon/Lesson; Concluding the Sermon/Lesson; Painting the Sermon/Lesson Into a Picture; Fundamentals of Pulpit Communication; The Preparation Before Delivers. NOTE: the remainder of this course is course IC-100 Fundamentals of Effective Speaking and includes; Speech, Speaker and Audience; The Purpose of Prepared and Impromptu Talks; The Art of Communicating; Introducing Speakers, Presenting and Accepting Awards; Organizing the Longer Talk.

PLATFORM DECORUM FOR THE METAPHYSICAL PRACTITIONER (IC-102/2.0 Credit Hours): Experience is certainly the best teacher. But, how does the new metaphysical practitioner learn how to conduct him/herself on the platform. How does the psychic give messages? How does the healer work? How does the novice speak to a congregation? This 10 lesson course explains in detail some of the very necessary subjects a new practitioner must know but never seems to find time or material for. Included: Fundamentals Of Effective Speaking; The Art Of Communicating; Ushering and Greeting; Ethics and the Metaphysical Practitioner; Spiritual or Psychic Reading; Spiritual Message or Communication Service; Spiritual Healing; Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Conduct.


Metaphysical Theology Studies

THE METAPHYSICAL ETHIC (TH-100/2.0 Credit Hours): The New Age has dawned. Changes have occurred with and around us. Like people viewing an abstract picture and each interpreting what he/she sees differently, so it is with the present time. How we choose to experience the times ahead is dependent on how we interpret them. Without a fresh approach to the coming years everything might seem to be steadily moving toward disaster. This 9-lesson course attempts to outline a basic metaphysical ethic. We have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions pertaining to Metaphysics and Spirituality in general. Included are: Metaphysics, Evil, Meditation, Purpose of Life, Security, Emotions, Enlightenment, Ethics, World Peace, Positive Thinking; ESP; Religion, God, The bible, Jesus, Prayer, Life after Death, Reincarnation, Karma, Gurus, The Aura, Healing, The Psychic Sciences and others.

METAPHYSICS FOR THE NEW MILLENNIUM (TH-101/501/2.0 Credit Hours): A new wave of awareness is rising. As it sweeps across time, it is stirring up the useless debris that has collected in our consciousness. Old patterns of thinking and being, for so long useless and limiting, are being stripped from humanity so that a clear, fresh, spiritual viewpoint may become the foundation for an enlightening age. In this 11-lesson course, you will discover how you can control your own world in the midst of chaos and confusion. The course includes: The Future; Reprogramming The Computer; Techniques for Reprogramming; Meditation, Meditation Techniques; The Spiritual Teachers; Becoming Enlightened; Our Personal Universe; Loving Yourself/Loving Others; and Thankfulness.

SPIRITUAL CENTER LEADERSHIP (TH-102/1.5 Credit Hours): Have you volunteered to lead a committee in your church? Have you been asked to serve as a lay leader in your spiritual center? Do you feel equal to the task or do you wonder what to do and how to begin? This 9-lesson course can help you to learn how to begin, and how to recognize others who can help. You will learn to see the leadership characteristics you bring to the task and spot effective characteristics among your colleagues. You will understand the importance of taking risks, how to become comfortable with the many roles of leadership, gain a willingness to test yourself, how to ask for and receive honest feedback and the importance of enabling growth in yourself and others. Included: What do I do?; Spotting and Using Natural Leaders; Characteristics of Effective Leaders; Risk Taking as a Leadership Role; When it is Appropriate to be a Leader; Honest Feedback; and Leading in a Change Process.

THE SPIRITUAL APPROACH TO ANGER (TH-103/3.0 SEMESTER Credit Hours): The purpose of this course is to assist people in learning how to evaluate, understand, and effectively express and create openness to anger. This 6-lesson course explores the psychology, the ethical considerations, and practical ways of dealing with anger and proposes a theology of anger that. The course identifies ways that anger can be harmful and ways it can provide an impetus for constructive action. A three-step technique for evaluating and expressing anger is presented. Part 1 explores the dynamics, complexity, psychological experience of anger at the beginning of life and the psychology of anger throughout the life cycle. Part 2 presents a theology of anger based largely on biblical revelation, the wrath of God, and the Bible's teaching on human anger. Part 3 returns to the theological question raised in the first lesson: How can people of faith find ways to understand and use their anger as a gift of God and avoid expressions of anger that are negative or destructive.

CAREGIVING FOR THE SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER (TH-104/3 Credit Hours): This 18-Lesson course describes what makes spiritual caregiving distinctive, explains how that distinctive caregiving can become a way of life for individual people, and functions as a how-to manual. It is a resource for people who wonder, "What difference does my spirituality make in the caring and relating I do?" The first nine lessons should be studied before continuing on the rest of the course. The intent is to use the insights and skills addressed in the first nine lessons so that one might be a more effective caregiver to people who experience one of the hurting situations described in lessons ten through fifteen. The last three lessons are designed so that the basic skills developed in the first nine lessons might be utilized in caring for a person who has a hurt, struggle, or concern not addressed in the course. Lesson 16 serves as a guide for a training or support group. Lessons 17 and 18 focus on the results of spiritual caregiving and the resource of spiritual hope that our work comes from and rests securely in God now and in the future.

THE SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER'S APPROACH TO GRIEF AND DEATH (TH-105/3.0 Credit Hours): Grief is a natural part of life, yet no one is ever completely prepared to deal with it. The experiences of heartache, pain, disappointment, and loss can leave even the strongest of us devastated and searching for an anchor � for shelter from these storms of life. No magic formulas or simple platitudes can make up for the loss of a loved one. Yet, if the spiritual practitioner can understand that each day brings new light and hope, we can help others make it through the long, lonely nights. This 14-lesson course has been developed to equip spiritual practitioners with the information they need to support and facilitate grief situations. First it describes the grief process; it then moves into the healing processes involved. We then move into specific areas such as loosing a mate, the grief of children, and the death of a child, suicide and forgiveness for those who have caused a death, in the conclusion we deal visiting and listening to the bereaved. As an aid to caregivers we have included pastoral after care and dealing with suicide as appendices. Throughout the course we urge the practitioner to turn to God for strength in order to help our constituents to learn to live again the morning light.

A HISTORICAL AND THEOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE ON THE NEW AGE (TH-106/3.0 Credit Hours): Now for the first time a complete and informative perspective on the New Age, it's history and it's spirituality. Politics, power and economics are being decentralized; Individuals and society are searching for a personal God and are taking more responsibility. There is a heightened moral and ethical pressure on our corporate and political leaders, more and more countries are becoming aware of the cost of environmental degradation. This is a period of change. It need not be a time of destruction; but instead a time of creation. It is up to each individual. We must be the teachers of this new era, and foster the highest good. Included in this 17-lesson course: A Historical Perspective on the New Age; What's a Paradigm and Paradigm Shift?; Spirituality versus Religion; New Age Mysticism; Global Spirituality; The Capacities of a Universal Spirituality; Alternative Religious Movements; Spiritual Balance; What is the New Age; New Age Theology; Spiritual Philosophy of the New Age; Cultural Creatives; Planetary Consciousness.

SMALL GROUP - YOUTH MINISTRY MANUAL (TH-107/6.0 Credit Hours): Running a youth ministry is tough - but you can be tougher. Your small group can accomplish big things in the lives of teenagers. This 24-lesson confidence-building reference is for all youth workers and spiritual practitioners. It is divided into four sections of lively, no frills, straight to the point style - perfect for volunteer group leaders, or for youth ministers. Included: How to put small groups together; Discovering outreach ideas that work; How not to lead a small group; Organizing your work life so you enjoy it; How to start a discussion - and keep it going; Teenagers/Television; How to ask questions that get responses; Teenage Drug Use; How to work with different personalities; Teenage Alcoholism; Molding your group into a spiritual community; Teenage Dating; Recruiting/hanging on to great workers; Teenage Pregnancy; Working/ involving parents; Teenagers/Abortion; Keeping your personal life in balance; Teenage Depression/Suicide; Getting thru to teenagers in ways that matter; Teenage Crime/Violence. And an exhaustive 55-page reference guide for teenage emotional issues and challenges and a complete index of medications and treatments for teenage emotional and mental disorders. And everything is organized in a table of contents that makes it easy to find exactly the help you need - fast.

YOUTH MINISTRY FOR THE SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER (TH-108/3.0 Credit Hours): This 14-lesson course is written for anyone interested in competence in youth ministry. It is primarily addressed to a congregation's youth ministry representative, the unpaid member of the congregation who is responsible for overseeing youth ministry on behalf of the congregation. It is written to assist people in establishing a congregationally owned, indigenous youth ministry in their church or center. Included are the five fundamental questions facing those ministering to youth. They are: Youth ministry - What is it? Youth - Who are they? Youth ministry - How will we do it? Youth ministry - Who will do it? Youth ministry - What will we do? However, this is not only a theoretical inquiry into the nature of youth ministry. These questions are designed to be chronologically and systematically taken up as a congregation constructs or reconstructs its youth ministry. This course could become a guide for renewing youth ministry in a congregation over a period of one to three years.

THE ETHICS, MORALS, AND LEGALITIES OF PASTORAL CARE (TH-109/3.0 Credit Hours): To some it may seem strange that we publish a course on the ethics, morals, and legalities of pastoral care. We do not mean to imply that those in spiritual community do not have a sense of values and do not act ethically. The decision to focus on this competency did not arise from an assessment of absence of ethics but rather from the belief that spiritual practitioners and ministers in the New Age and New Thought spiritual communities have a need to deepen their understanding of pastoral ethics since their ministries are taking them into areas of pastoral care that were previously off-limits to all but the mainstream religious community. Included: History and traditions of Christian, Jewish Pastoral Care; History and traditions of new spiritual movements; Professional ethics in Pastoral Care; Character ethics and Pastoral Care; Legal dimensions of Pastoral Care and Counseling; Covenant, Contract, Commitment, Confidentiality; Trust in pastoral relationships; Moral development and dilemmas; Family ethics; Sexual ethics.

CREATING AN ETHICAL SPIRITUAL CONGREGATION (TH-110/3.0 Credit Hours): This 6-lesson course will be of invaluable help to pastors, theologians, and laity who are committed to helping congregations respond to the huge challenges and changes we are experiencing in the world and the spiritual and religious communities. We try to redefine growth, and with it the definition of success. We have included justice, pastoral care, and spirituality in this vision of spiritual center growth. In lesson one we describe congregations and the complex ways they lived their lives; the model we use tries to make some order of the complexity. In lessons two through five we focus on four different ways all congregations are called to growth: in numbers, in maturity of belief, in corporate effectiveness, and in transforming the outside world. Lesson six sketches the difference between spiritual and religious thinking and calls ministers and leaders of the spiritual community to strive for integrity rather than numbers. Appendix one, a Growth Grid Study Framework is a valuable means of evaluating a spiritual center's patterns of numerical, maturational, organic, and incarnational growth.

INTRODUCTION TO INNER SPIRITUALITY (TH-111/3.0 CH): (CMS and NAMI spiritual philosophy) Spiritual growth is an identification process as the self-conscious you come to recognize as your Inner Spirituality. In the absolute realm the One Power and One Presence declares, as was revealed to Moses, �I AM WHO I AM.� We, who are the individuated spirits of God, cannot fully comprehend God through personal awareness. In our more enlightened states of consciousness we do know as did John, �He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.� The master key to unlock the doors of inner perception, open all the inner faculties, is spiritual insight. This course is devoted to the encouragement of insight in others, through meditation, through recognizing insight in itself, and through developing the �divine knack� of letting in sights happen. There is a creative process that no teaching or religion can ever systematize or formalize, which is why the best creed cannot guarantee answered prayer. Included: Inspiration from your Inner Spirituality; Insights from Scriptural contemplation; Insights of health, healing, and well being; Insights intimate, personal and universal; Insights for affirmative and creative living; Insights of physics and metaphysics; Insights of time, eternity and identity.

VISITATION MINISTRY FOR THE SPIRITUAL PRACTITIONER (TH-112/6.0 CH): This 16-lesson course is filled with practical information to help you through the visiting process. It will offer you the confidence you need to go beyond your comfort zone and help those who need your presence and when death occurs, the families who are grieving. It will take you through all types of visits: hospital, nursing home, hospices, or homes. All of those who minister to the critically and terminally ill will appreciate the suggestions given. The course also covers the duties of a spiritual caregiver in assisting the ill and their families in how to make decisions concerning the choice of an out-of-home-care facility, legal assistance, patient�s rights, preparation for death, and what to do when death does occur. Accompanying the lessons the reader will find appendices on: A caregiver�s guide to helping families cope with death and dying; End-of-life decision making; Durable Powers of Attorney and Revocable Living Trusts; Legal planning for incapacity; Finding an attorney; Hiring in-home help; Resource guide of support groups; A Living Will; Where to find my important papers; Designation of Health Care Surrogate.

FUNDAMENTALS OF INNER SPIRITUALITY (TH-113/3.0 CH) � Formerly SA-106: (CMS and NAMI spiritual philosophy) This 14 lesson course opens a door. The key to unlock it was fashioned by many people and many books, and it will take many more to fully explore the vast vistas that lie behind it. It is designed to "bridge the gap" between orthodox, main-stream religion and the New Age/New Thought philosophy of Inner Spirituality. The course includes: The theology of Inner Spirituality; Introduction to Inner Spirituality; Your mind and how it works; Thought and its power; The focus of attention; Why humanity�s mind is creative; The sense of authority.



Personal Ministry Studies

A WORKING GUIDE FOR THE SPIRITUAL MINISTER (PM-100, PM-101, PM-102): The most complete metaphysical/spiritual ministers guide ever compiled. It has been written with New Age, New Thought traditions in mind and covers these philosophies as well as Pagan, Wiccan, Druid, and Native American spiritual beliefs. It consists of three training programs, PM-100 The Personal Ministry, PM-101, Meeting and Service Etiquette, and PM-102, Prayer and Meditation for the Spiritual Minister. PM-100 lays out the essential services of a working ministry, plus professional guidance and definite aids to an effective ministry. PM-101 is a 394 page guide for various services, rituals and meetings and PM-102 features 294 pages crammed full of prayers, healing treatments, inspirational readings, meditations and affirmations written specifically for the non-denominational spiritual minister.

THE PERSONAL MINISTRY (PM-100/5 Credit Hours): This 15-lesson course is published in response to a need that exists among spiritual/metaphysical ministers and workers for a concise training program. It is written especially for those functioning under the aegis of the New Awareness Ministries, International but it is our sincere belief that it will also serve well the minister and staff of any non-denominational, broad-minded spiritual organization, especially those involved in New Age and New Thought philosophy. Included in this course you will find statements and declarations; the personal ministry; ministerial ethics and litigation; professional preparation and improvement; making services and meetings more effective; membership; judicious advertising; suggestions for missionaries and teachers; starting small groups and classes; junior center or youth ministry; the ministry of social justice; the ministry of spiritual healing; the ministry of visitation, comfort and consolations; the ministry of intuitive advice and guidance; the ministry of spiritual and pastoral counseling.

MEETING AND SERVICE ETIQUETTE (PM-101/1.5 Credit Hours): For too many years the spiritual/metaphysical ministry has had to go to different mainstream denominations to find a guide for their services and rituals. There has been no definitive text using New Thought, New Age and non-traditional language, ideas and philosophy. This course is a compilation of the services and rituals of many faiths including mainstream religious services and rituals and services of non-traditional faith-based philosophies, such as Wicca, Druidism, Paganism, Spiritualism, Shamanism and metaphysics. Spiritual ministers and practitioners have had to improvise or borrow from other practitioners or denominations due to the lack of a definitive service manual. This text has been prepared for them. It contains over 50 complete worship, healing, message, communion, seasonal, candlelight, dedication, ordination, installation, and certification services, along with their many elements, that have been written for New Thought/New Age spiritual centers. The wedding section contains 25 weddings and hundreds of elements plus a complete guide for planning and conducting weddings including same-sex marriages. The section dedicated for funerals also lists a complete planning guide and various elements along with 15 complete burial, committal and memorial services and a section for pets. The course ends with a section containing individual and house cleansings and exorcisms.

PRAYER AND MEDITATION FOR THE SPIRITUAL MINISTER (PM-102/1.5 Credit hours): This text is a gathering together of helpful and personal material from the great treasuries of spiritual and religious traditions. They are arranged so that they may be readily accessible. Gathered from many collections of prayers and meditations they were selected from all the great religions and spiritual movements of our planet as the best way of expressing love for God and our fellow beings. This is not a scholarly text; it is not a denominational text. Nor is it a text of original prayers and meditations. Many of these prayers and meditations have appeared in print before, though not always in the exact form used here. Many have been adapted to a metaphysical format, in order to make them more generally apropos to spiritual and metaphysical practitioners. Course includes the strength of personal prayers and meditation; New Thought; Spiritualism; prayers for ceremonies, services and rituals, for the spiritual center, daily prayers, prayers for the home and family, for friends and acquaintances, for women, parenthood, prayers suitable for a child baptism or dedication, prayers for all circumstances, for those in military service, for patriotism, for thanksgiving, for God's gifts and blessings, for spiritual living, school and scholarship, healing, in time of sorrow, trouble and need, for those in the twilight of life, in time of grief; Native American wisdom and prayers; prayers to the Goddess; prayers for special days and seasons; prayers for other great religious of the world; Gnostic prayers; metaphysical blessings; Spiritualist inspirational readings; Native American inspirational readings; New Age/New Thought inspirational readings for business and management, character development, choices, decisions, commitment, education and teaching family and parenting; friendship and relationships; grief and funerals; New Year, Lent, Easter, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, humorous, inspiration, leadership, marriage, miscellaneous, motivation; nature, patriotic, sports and St. Francis of Assisi; general responsive readings; responsive readings for holidays; candle lighting readings; affirmations; New Age/New Thought healing treatments; inspirational guided meditations; guided meditations for specific purposes.

PREVENTING MINISTERIAL LITIGATION (PM-103/4.0 Credit Hours): Many people no longer observe life from the standpoint of a particular denomination, or even a religious worldview. They know less about ministry and ministers and the result is that society has lost a once-held social reverence for them. Society today, prides itself in treating clergy and all other spiritual professionals with the same disinterest and detachment - especially in our courts of law. This is a course about the most damaging kinds of lawsuits against ministers - damaging to their finances, emotions and reputations. This 22-lesson course was created for those preparing for, and presently engaged in, all kinds of ministry. The intent is to instruct spiritual practitioners about laws that may affect them, to prepare spiritual and healing practitioners, workers with children and youth, seminary professors and students, counselors, and all others who are involved in any kind of ministry, to carry out their work with dignity, integrity, and honor. Included: Ministerial Ethics and the Law; Fraud; Defamation; Child Abuse; Sexual Misconduct; Clergy Malpractice; Invasion of Privacy; Undue Influence; and Responding to Lawsuits.


Pastoral Counseling Studies

PASTORAL COUNSELING FOR THE SPIRITUAL MINISTER (PC-100/10.0 Credit Hours): A course beamed at the local minister or ministerial student preparing for a spiritual/metaphysical ministry. Its approach is based on an awareness of the potentialities and limitations of pastoral counseling. Throughout this 32 lesson course we hold fast to the concerns of the local minister who is not, and does not intend to become, a counseling specialist. He/she sees this traditional role as a major asset the minister has in counseling and directs attention to how it can be fully utilized. The structure and style of this course make it readily adaptable to either classroom use or personal reading by the in-service minister. Additional reading is suggested as well as "Reality-Practice Sessions" in which two or more persons may develop their counseling skills. Included are: The Challenge, Mission and Significance of Pastoral Counseling; Common Elements of all Counseling; Methods of Informal and Short-Term Counseling; Role-Relationship Marriage Counseling; Family Group Therapy, Transactional Analysis; Supportive, Crisis, Referral, Educative, Group, Confrontational, Spiritual, and Depth Pastoral Counseling; Layman's Ministry Of Pastoral Care; Increasing Skill as a Pastoral Counselor.

ELEMENTARY CO-COUNSELING FOR THE SPIRITUAL MINISTER (PC-101/1.0 Credit Hours): Spiritual/Pastoral Counseling is no longer just the province of the orthodox religious community. It is a response to the need for someone to really care for the troubled within the modern spiritual center and those numerous persons who have no center, but who turn to a minister or spiritual counselor for help when crises strike. This is a 6 lesson course for beginning spiritual co-counselors and includes: The Art of Listening; Becoming a Counselor; Re-Evaluation Counseling; Overcoming Discharge Patterns; Goals of the Counselor.

INTRODUCTION TO SPIRITUAL COUNSELING (PC-102/4.0 Credit Hours): Many call themselves spiritual counselors because they have become part-time ministers, healers, psychics or lay care givers. Most have had no formal training or at the very least, not enough. Little thought has been given to training and education. These areas raise questions about the spiritual counselor identity. This 15-lesson course teaches some of the most basic principles and techniques of counseling. You will see some of the situations in society today that make the need for people who care greater than ever before. You will learn some of the reasons people behave the way they do - about their basic needs, goal orientation, self-concept and how we are always learning and changing. You will learn the critical importance of listening attentively and the "feeling words" to listen for. You will be presented with things to avoid that will assist you in listening. You will be introduced to a new way of replying that helps the "counseled" better understand their own situation. You will gain an understanding of how to give feedback that facilitates the counseling process and will learn to avoid feedback pitfalls. You will look at the decision-making process, and you will learn assessment of yourself and others. And, finally, you will learn what to do when you know you do not have the preparation and skills to deal with the problem at hand. Appendix 1 is a Code of Ethics for spiritual/pastoral counselors. Appendix 2 discusses groups and group personalities while Appendix 3 addresses personality disorders.

A PASTORAL APPROACH TO COMMUNICATION (PC-103/3.0 Credit Hours): This 6-lesson course has been written to help pastoral caregivers respond to the needs of people who find themselves in the middle of a variety of problems with communication. This course lays out, in understandable language, the various ways people communicate � or do not communicate � and the conflicts that result. It provides great insight into the problems encountered by individuals, couples, and groups, and most importantly it demonstrates by example and text how to solve these problems. The information in this course is of the utmost of importance for the clergy and all other spiritual practitioners who are not certified pastoral counselors. It is required reading for all spiritual caregivers for whom communication problems are a frequent pastoral concern within the communities of their spiritual centers, churches and schools. Course includes: Basic forms of communication; Counseling couples; Guiding groups; Aiding individuals; Listening as caring.

THE SPIRITUAL PHILOSOPHY OF PASTORAL COUNSELING (PC-104/3.0 Credit Hours): The panicky questions of the beginning counselor are: How can I respond? How can I say the right thing? How can I help? How can I make a difference? The perplexing "how" questions persist. But they dissolve into more fundamental "what" questions. What is pastoral counseling? What do we do when we do pastoral counseling? What is happening to the counselee, the counselor, between them? What is pastoral about pastoral counseling? What makes pastoral counseling different from other pastoring? The "what" questions dissolve into the still more fundamental "who" questions: Who am I when I am pastoral counselor? Or perhaps, more urgently, whose am I? Who do I become when I respond to that call, "Do you have time to talk with me?" These soon dissolve into the "why" questions like "Why do pastoral counseling?" and more immediate questions like "Why make a particular response to a particular counselee at a particular moment?" This 16-lesson course is a valuable resource that offers a wealth of insight into the fundamental issues of pastoral counseling. It does not aspire to tell you what to say to a counselee, but it does help you know why you say what you do.

PSYCHOSPIRITUAL COUNSELING (PC-105/1.5 CH): Psychospiritual Counseling is an essential resource for churches, pastors, chaplains, Pastoral and Spiritual counselors and educators. Psychospiritual counseling acknowledges our spiritual nature as integral to life's experiences and looks at solutions to life's challenges from a holistic perspective. While Psychological counseling, deals on the emotional level, Psychospiritual counseling deals with issues on both the emotional and spiritual level. It is not enough to know who what and why we are the way we are, or respond the way we do, but rather to obtain the tools to move beyond the past. Psychospiritual counseling combines techniques unique to each individual. Utilizing NLP, hypnotherapy, past life regression, creative visualization etc. all in an effort to move the client beyond the pain is very specific to each individual and should be done with much care. Psychospiritual counseling uses an understanding of esoteric psychology to assist in the integration of soul and personality. Many of life's problems are due to difficulties in achieving this integration. Integration leads to expansion and increased awareness and happiness. This 12-lesson course includes: Introduction; A Psychology of Spirituality; Self-Disclosure and Sharing One�s Journey; Helping Clients to Suspend Judgment; The Psychological Diagnosis versus the Spiritual; Soul Healing for the Counselor/Therapist; Preparation for a Spiritual/Religious Focus; A Meditation on Connectedness; Framing Questions and Offering Reflections; Focusing on Solutions; Spiritual Perspectives on Healing; Counseling/Therapy with a Spiritual Orientation; Historical and Current Context.

EFFECTIVE PASTORAL COUNSELING TECHNIQUES (PC-106/5.5 CH): �Pastoral Counseling� is a specialty in ministry that includes training in both religion/spiritual and mental health. It is offered to those who are experiencing and able to articulate the pain in their lives and willing to seek pastoral help in order to deal with it. A pastoral counselor is a person with commitment to and education for religious and spiritual ministry who is functioning in an appropriate setting for ministry and accountable to recognized religious and spiritual communities. Most pastoral counseling in the U.S. is provided by �main-stream� ordained clergy. Pastoral Counselors work with everyone in the community. There are no restrictions except when a specific form of treatment falls outside the scope of the Pastoral Counselors competence. It is an important part of the Pastoral Counselor's ethic to welcome every client's own belief system. Pastoral Counselors do not "push" any religious beliefs and are comfortable supporting Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, New Thought, New Age, Pagan and all other faiths. This 6-lesson course, examines the techniques used in today�s Pastoral Counseling programs. Unfortunately, New Age, Metaphysical and Neo-Pagan clergy are seldom offered this advantage. It is our hope that in the near future Pastoral Counseling programs will exist to include all religious and spiritual belief systems. In the meantime, it will behoove all of us to do the best we can to serve those who have entrusted us with their spiritual welfare.  Included: The History and functions of Pastoral Counseling; Pastoral Care Techniques and Therapy/Therapies; Ethics, Morals, and Legalities of Pastoral Counseling; Abortion; Alcohol, Abuse, Addiction and Therapy; Pastoral Care and Counseling for Families.




Church Management and Administration Studies

MANAGING THE METAPHYSICAL SPIRITUAL CENTER (CM-100/4.0 Credit Hours): Ministers are faced with the question: What has been the toughest part of ministry? The answers are varied, but you can count on these: coming to terms with my ministry role; time management: choosing and accomplishing the important tasks; recruiting willing workers; enlisting the best qualified people for responsible positions. Certainly questions of faith, theology, spirit and metaphysics accompany these interests, but questions of leadership and management always come to the fore. No minister wants to just do the job; he or she wants to do it competently, responsibly, effectively. Included: The Minister as Manager, Leader, Administrator; Structure and Organization; Staying People Centered and Purpose Driven; Starting of a Successful Ministry; Overseeing Finances; Buildings and Grounds; Communicating With the Public; Training Potential Leaders; Overseeing Staff; Stewardship Development; Finding and Cultivating New Members; Fund Raising; Dealing with Volunteers. Also included in this inclusive course is: Job Descriptions, Media Plan, News Release, Public Service Announcements; The Budget and Audit Process; Attracting Newcomers; Membership Records and many more vital ingredients for a successful metaphysical/spiritual ministry.

USHERING AND GREETING IN THE SPIRITUAL CENTER (CM-101/0.5 CH - Mini-Course) (Formerly SA-105: How can ushers and greeters do their jobs more effectively? This important question confronts ministers each week. This 4 lesson mini-course will help ministers to develop and enhance their centers and congregations. It is written for both laypersons and clergy. It focuses on the skill of ushering and greeting and is meant to provide practical advice that will improve the services and fellowship in local spiritual centers. Included: A Warm, Friendly Feeling; The Visitor's First Impression; After the Service; Some Do's and Don'ts.


Miscellaneous Research Information

GLOSSARY OF METAPHYSICAL TERMS: This 111 page glossary was created primarily for use by the students of the College of Metaphysical Studies, but it is also to be used by people of all walks of life who find some interest in pursuing metaphysics in an intelligent manner for self-enlightenment and joy in continued personal development. This collection of metaphysical terminology may be a small contribution for people who are enhancing their own understanding and development. We have included mystical, occult, psychic, astrological, numerological and as many other subjects as possible under the title of "Metaphysical Terms"

COURSE CATALOG AND CURRICULUM: Our 81 page college catalog that is required for all degreed students and recommended for all CMS students. Includes: Admission Procedures; CMS Degree Programs; NAMI Certification Programs; Evaluation and Accountability; The Curriculum; Course Descriptions; Practitioner Education Programs; Additional Degree Programs; Application and Enrollment Forms.

EXTENDED COURSE CATALOG: An in-depth description and syllabus of all CMS courses available.