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Thunderbirds Are Still Not Go


Being Executive Producer in charge of developing a new series of Thunderbirds was one of the greatest and most heart wrenching moments in my career.  I nearly cried when I landed the gig.  It is truly a boy's dream come true. I felt passionately about doing it again with puppets. Why? Well, there was, and still is something magic about working with puppets.  My logic is that even a sock puppet is magic, but a CG sock puppet is one step removed from being well... er, Kermit.  Could you imagine a CG Kermit The Frog on Telly? It would simply feel odd.  Besides, you can't replace the thrill of seeing real things blow up! A CG explosion is good. But a real bang is worth it's buck.

Don't get me wrong.  CGI works a treat in the Cinema, for the same reason that Stand Up Comedy works in a club and not on TV.  If you're not distracted and the room's dark, one man with a microphone or indeed, a bunch of pixels can transport you to another place... but on telly, the smallest distraction and whamo, you're out making a cup of tea.  Sorry.

Anyhow, we aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalmost got it off the ground, but sadly a big giant merger between Granada and Carlton (in which Carlton was sort of swallowed whole) put the kibosh on the whole thing.  It was going to coincide with the Feature, but our version (oh boy did we have a great team assembled) was going to be with puppets.  Yes, puppets.

If the QUICKTIME promo doesn't play in the window above, you can always download from the side link on the blog's homepage and be very patient as it downloads.


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