Get a wiki your way — for work or for life, hosted or on site

Free wiki

Just a few things you
can do with JotSpot...

  • Create a corporate intranet
  • Project management
  • Document collaboration
  • Create a help desk
  • Setup a personal wiki
  • Manage a virtual team
  • Run a non-profit
  • Plan events
  • Track bugs
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Wiki software features

  • WYSIWYG wiki editor
  • Enterprise wiki hosting
  • Pre-built applications
  • Search attachments
  • Email integration
  • Build your own apps
  • Don't download wiki software
  • Integrate external data
  • Free wiki trial

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website designed for collaboration.

Everyone can edit, update and append pages with new information, all without knowing HTML.

Setup JotSpot's
free wiki in seconds

"I would give up Tivo before giving up JotSpot wiki hosting"
 — Brad Oberwager, Sundia

"JotSpot wiki software has made it easier to track ideas and collaborate online."
 — Peter McKellar, Symantec