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Islas Hermanas Bainbridge-Ometepe 1986-2006

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The Bainbridge-Ometepe Sister Islands Association was founded by Kim and Ela Esterberg and friends in 1986. Since then, we have created bridges of friendship between our islands. Our connections are diverse. Since 1990, the Sister Islands Association has imported fine coffee from our sister island of Ometepe in Nicaragua. We call it Café Oro de Ometepe. We have jointly created schools and water systems together, sponsored scholarships for continuing education of students on Ometepe and helped improve health and education. Over 70 delegations have transpired between Bainbridge Island and Ometepe. Lasting friendships have been made with people of all ages on both islands as we work and play together, creating bridges of friendship between our sister communities.

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is located in a body of water called Puget Sound in the state of Washington, United States of America. It is a hilly island formed by ancient glaciers. Total area: 27.8 square miles (72 square kilometers). Population: 22,000

Ometepe Island

Ometepe Island is located in Central America in a large fresh-water lake called Lake Nicaragua, or Cocibolca. The island covers about 100 square miles (276 square kilometers) and is formed from two volcanoes joined at the base by a narrow isthmus. The taller of the two volcanos, Concepción, is active, with periodic eruptions of smoke and ash. Maderas, the other mountain, has lain dormant for perhaps 10,000 years, and is covered by a dense tropical cloud forest. Ometepe is a word from the Nahuatl language, meaning two peaks. Population: 35,000

The island is said to have been a site of great importance to the ancients, who carved great stone statues and left behind literally thousands of images cut in the island's volcanic stones. Most of the island's people are farmers. Plantain, sesame, fruit, cattle and coffee are the main agricultural products. The island has five high schools and more than 50 elementary schools. Transportation and communication facilities are limited, and most of the island's residents live at or below the United Nations' poverty line.
La Asociación de Islas Hermanas Bainbridge-Ometepe, fue fundada por Kim eĀ Ela Esterberg y sus amigos en el año 1986. Desde entonces hemos creado muchos puentes de amistad entre nuestras islas. Estos vínculos son diversos. Desde el año 1990, la asociación de Islas Hermanas ha importado el café fino de nuestra isla hermana, Ometepe, en Nicaragua. Lo llamamos el Café Oro de Ometepe. Juntos hemos construido escuelas y sistemas de agua potable, hemos ofrecido becas para que los estudiantes ometipinos puedan continuar con sus estudios, y hemos ayudado a mejorar la salud y la educación de la gente isleña. Se han dado más de 70 delegaciones entre las islas de Bainbridge y Ometepe. Se han hecho muchas amistades profundas entre gente de todas edades en las dos islas mientras trabajamos y jugamos juntos, creando puentes de amistad entre nuestras comunidades hermanas.

Isla de Bainbridge

Las isla de Bainbridge está situada en el Mar de Puget en el estado de Washington en los Estados Unidos de America. En esta isla hay muchas colinas formadas por los glaciares antiguos. El área total es de 27.8 millas cuadradas (72 kilómetros cuadrados). Población: 22,000

Isla de Ometepe

La isla de Ometepe está situada en América Central en un lago dulce grande llamado Lago de Nicaragua, o Cocibolca. Las cubiertas de la isla son cerca de 100 millas cuadradas (276 kilometres cuadradas) y se forman a partir de dos volcanes unidos en la base por un isthmus estrecho. Población: 35,000

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