ON SALE: Buy Akkerliefies
Yes, you read the title correctly! After much personal deliberation, I have decided to put Akkerliefies on the market. It has taken a lot of soul-searching, but my involvement in running and owning Akkerliefies has run its course. I love Akkerliefies and I always will, but I must make this decision based 100 % on my current emotional and personal well-being.

This decision is thus not based on any business, but purely for personal reasons. Akkerliefies has shown a profit for the first 5 months of this year and all the evidence is there that AL will continue to grow in the coming months. You will also agree that the website and the girls are looking better than ever.

So if you're interested in buying Akkerliefies and running the business, I will listen to any and all serious offers. You can mail me at adriaan@akkerliefies.co.za.

This is what the package includes:

1. The Website
You will receive all of the HTML, PHP & Image files used for the website. With the re-design of the website, it now includes a fully-working flat-file database system. I'm also willing to remain as webmaster for a month after the sale of Akkerliefies and I will help maintain the website, as well as teaching the new webmaster how to maintain the website.

2. The Photos
We have done 41 different photo shoots until date. The website currently features 45 photo sets and we still have a backlog of 20 more photo sets to come. All photos along with the appropriate release forms will be signed over to the new owner.

3. The Girls
All of the girls will still be involved in Akkerliefies and the necessary releases will be given to the new owner to use the photos of the girls. All of the girls' personal and contact details will also be supplied.

4. Current Business Associates / Ventures
I will supply you with all the information regarding various media and industry related joint ventures and / or sponsorships we currently have running. These are at the new owners discretion to continue or end these agreements.

Financial Statements and additional information regarding the whole package are available on request when I receive serious enquiries / offers.

So if you are interested, contact me on the e-mail supplied above.

It's been a blast!

Adriaan Pienaar
Tel: 084 941 1800
E-mail: adriaan@akkerliefies.co.za
Posted on 29 May 2006


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