Kenya Armorial Ensigns


Arms: Per fees sable and vert, on a fess gules fimbriated argent a cock grasping in the dexter claw an axle also argent.

Supporters: On either side a lion or, grasping in the interior forepaw a spear of estate, the hafts of the spears crossed in saltire behind the shield.

The whole upon a compartment representing Mount Kenya proper.

Motto: Harambee


The shield contains the national colours, of which black represents the people of Kenya; green the agriculture and natural resources; red the struggle for freedom and white stands for unity and peace.

The middle red strip bears a cockerel holding an axe, which according to local customs, heralds a new and prosperous life.

The shield and spears symbolize unity and defence of freedom.

The supporters of the shield are two Kenyan Lions - symbol of protection, resting on a background silhouette of Mount Kenya containing in the foreground examples of Kenya agricultural produce - coffee, pyrethrum , sisal , tea , maize and pineapples.

The scroll containing the National Motto - 'Harambee' - supports the coat of arms.


Shield axis to have a 2 : 1 proportion.

Colours to be as those of the Kenyan flag :-

Red (gules), shade reference B.S 0-006, to be used in the middle panel of shield , spears , lions tongues and claws, and coffee berries.

Green (vert), shade reference B.S 0-010, to be used in the lower panel of shield and foliage of Kenya agricultural produce.

Golden Yellow (or), shade reference B.S 0-003, to be used in lions, maize cobs, pyrethrum, stigma, and pineapple.

Brown, shade reference B.S 3-045, to be used in scroll.

Flag Specifications
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