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Cover Feature
In today's feature, UCLA Associate Professor, Girls 'N Games Conference organizer and feminist Yasmin Kafai steps up to the Soapbox to disown booth babes, insult E3 attendees, and wax poetic about the Ubisoft-sponsored Frag Dolls. [06.09.06]

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Jesper Kyd
Audio - Hitman: Blood Money (PC, Console)
Jesper Kyd composes award-winning electronic and symphonic soundtracks for video games and movies. Having recently completed the original soundtrack for Hitman: Blood Money, his upcoming work includes the fantasy MMORPG The Chronicles Of SpellBorn, and the sci-fi epic Unreal Tournament 2007. He is also scoring a next generation title for Ubisoft.

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Thomas Dietl
Audio - Hitman: Blood Money (PC, Console) Jaroslav Turna
Artist - Vietcong (PC)
Fabio Pagetti
Artist - Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory(PC)
Eric Lin
Artist - Spy Hunter 2 (PC)
Adam Murguia
Artist - The Sims (PC)

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Latest Letters to the Editor:
On 'On Perlin's Law' by John Tucker [06.06.2006]

Response to Bill Dugan by Ernest Adams [06.05.2006]

More On Perlin's Law by Lars A. Doucet [06.05.2006]

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GAS: Browne Talks 'Advertising Ecosystem' For Games
GAS: Browne Talks 'Advertising Ecosystem' For Games [06.09.06] In the keynote at the Game Advertising Conference in San Francisco today, Microsoft's Kevin Browne commented in detail on the post Massive-acquisition plans for in-game advertising, urging for one standardized industry game ad-serving format. [UPDATE - exclusive write-ups on further GAS panels are also available.]
GAS: Macrovision, Double Fusion Partner For In-Game Advertising
GAS: Macrovision, Double Fusion Partner For In-Game Advertising [06.09.06] In announcement made at the GDC Focus On Game Advertising Conference, Macrovision's Trymedia division and in-game ad firm Double Fusion have announced a new downloadable/casual in-game ad offering via the Trymedia Network of online portals, ISPs and e-commerce sites.
<i>New Super Mario Bros.</i> Tops U.S. Console Charts
New Super Mario Bros. Tops U.S. Console Charts [06.09.06] According to new data released by the NPD Group, New Super Mario Bros was the best selling console/handheld title in the U.S. during May by unit. [UPDATE: A Wedbush Morgan report adds much detail/analysis on the NPD data.]
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Screen/Play: Documenting Voice Assets by Rafael Chandler [06.08.06] Screen/Play is a regular feature that discusses best practices for storytelling in games. This article, the first in the series, discusses how to properly document voice assets in a flexible, intuitive spreadsheet, with an example extract from the fictional game King Arthur Up In This Piece.
Thank Heaven for Little Girls: Why Rule of Rose May Be 2006's Most Controversial Game by Brandon Sheffield [06.07.06] In this exclusive interview, Gamasutra speaks to Rule of Rose game director Shuji Ishikawa and Sony Japan assistant producer Yuya Takayama about the game's philosophy, its prepubescent erotic undertones, and why Sony has refused to publish the game in the U.S.
Digging For Worms: Why Doug Tennapel Doesn't Care What His Fans Think by Chase Murdey [06.06.06] In this exclusive Gamasutra interview, artist, game designer, and Earthworm Jim creator Doug Tennapel discusses what game developers look for in an artist, transitioning between mediums, and why your fans don't necessarily know best.
GDC Radio: 'Design Fundamentals of Stealth Gameplay in the Thief Series' [06.06.06] In this week's edition of GDC Radio, we take a trip back to the 2002 Game Developers Conference, with Randy Smith, then Project Director on Thief: Deadly Shadows at now-defunct Ion Storm, giving a lecture on how to properly design a game with stealth elements in mind.
TT Games: Immersed in Toys by Jim Rossignol [06.05.06] In this exclusive Gamasutra feature, Lego Star Wars Development Director Jonathan Smith and Managing Director Tom Stone discuss the formation of developer TT Games, pitching the bizarre franchise, and why the game is love at first sight for many.

E3 2006 Live Coverage Archive
Sponsored by: Emergent Game Technologies
Oblivion became the #1 selling Xbox 360 title using Emergent’s Gamebryo next-gen engine and toolkit. Called “a pleasure to behold” and “a treat for the eyes,” Oblivion is one of the most beautiful games ever made. Isn’t it time for you to take another look at Gamebryo? Visit to find out more and get an eval.

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Latest Column: Going Mobile: 'Verizon Gets It Now at BREW 2006' [06.08.06] In the latest in our new 'Going Mobile' column series, Foci Mobile lead analyst and former WGR/GameSpot Mobile editor Steve Palley looks at Qualcomm’s annual BREW conference, held in San Diego last week, focusing on how Verizon Wireless' startling announcements there affect all mobile game firms.
Other Columns:
Monday - Release This: Liberty, Academy, Sensibility [06.05.06]
Tuesday - A Journalistic Bent: 'The Spacewar Test' [06.06.06]
Wednesday - Critical Reception: Mitchell's/Nintendo's Magnetica [06.07.06]
Thursday - Going Mobile: 'Verizon Gets It Now at BREW 2006' [06.08.06]
Friday - Blogged Out: 'The Miller's (E3) Tale' [06.02.06]
Featured Contractors:
Streamline Studios
When your production is on the line success or failure is achieved by quality and dependability. Streamline Studios will ensure success by delivering the promise. Clients include Epic Games, Electronic Arts, Human Head Studios, Gearbox Software and Atari.

Valkyrie Entertainment
Valkyrie Entertainment offers the highest quality art outsourcing in the industry. We are dedicated professionals with years of experience working on AAA titles. Some of our Clients: Electronic Arts, Microsoft Games, Activision and Volvo.

Omni Interactive Audio
Guild Wars, Halo2, The Sims2, Rise of Legends, Need for Speed, Men of Valor, NHL Rivals. Ex-EA sound department, with over fourteen years in the business. Music, sound effects, speech and audio integration from one easy to work with team.

Dhruva Interactive
We've delivered on 10 AAA titles in the last 4 years. All our clients are repeat customers, trusting us for our Quality, Reliability, Commitment... ...and for always keeping our word. If you are planning on outsourcing you should be talking to us!

GameBeat Studios, LLC
We're who the BIG BOYS Turn to when they need Killer music, sound effects & voiceover development. Microsoft, EA, Mattel, Fox, THQ, Konami, TDK, Sega, UbiSoft, McDonalds, Toyota, Kraft, Sears and more! 22 years experience. Go with a leader!

dSonic provides music, sound effects and voice-over recordings exclusively for the game industry. They have a comprehensive understanding of the technology behind game design and like to work with game designers to make the music and sound part of the gam

Nikitova Games
* Can Deliver 100% of Assets for Your Next Gen AAA Title
* Is Most Scalable & Largest Company on This List
* Has 100s of People, Can Be Your Long Term Partner
* Will Exceed Your Quality at Fraction of Cost
* Satisfied Activision, EA, Midway

Full-cycle game development based on unique offshore model involving the best talents from all over Ukraine and Russia. Pursuing the strategy of founding the largest offshore development center in Eastern Europe, we are looking for long-term partners.

Liquid Development
"The Only Art Resource You Need" --- Clients include: Origin Systems (Ultima Online), Shiny Entertainment (Enter the Matrix), Electronic Arts, Konami, Microsoft Game Studios, Ubisoft, Rockstar Games, Infogrames, Take Two Interactive, & The 3DO Company.

Animation Farm
Animation,Character Modeling,Concept,Rigging, MotionCapture Editing,Cinemas, and SO MUCH MORE! The Animation Farm is your answer for all your outsourcing questions! Why go anywhere else? We were major contributors to:Unreal Tournament 2004, NBA Jam,

Latest Contractors:
Vision Scape Interactive, Inc [05.26.06]
Liquid Entertainment, llc [05.25.06]
Dokroton Entertainment [05.24.06]
Berkeley Sound Artists, Inc. [05.24.06]
The Mighty Troglodytes [05.23.06]


Jobs & Resumes - free reg. required
Factor 5: Sr. Network Gameplay Programmer [06.10.06]
Vigil Games: Senior Programmer [06.09.06]
Volition: Senior Level Designer [06.09.06]
THQ: Test Lead - THQ [06.09.06]
Spark Unlimited, Inc.: Programmers [06.09.06]
Mad Doc Software: Graphics Tools Programmer - RTS [06.09.06]
Frozen Codebase: Programmer [06.09.06]
Aspyr Media, Inc.: Mid and Senior level PC & Console Game Programmers [06.09.06]
Z-Axis / Activision: Lead Environment Artist [06.08.06]
High Moon Studios, LLC: Programmer [06.08.06]
High Moon Studios: Character Set-Up Artist [06.08.06]
Blizzard Entertainment: Senior Producer [06.08.06]
THQ KAOS: Senior Artist [06.08.06]
Vigil Games: Senior Environment Artist [06.08.06]
Irrational Games: Director of Operations [06.08.06]
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Anonymous Company: J2ME programmer [06.07.06]
Anonymous Company: Porting of a PC project to PS2 [05.12.06]

Education - free reg. required
Student Day in the Life: The Art Institute of Vancouver's Märt Lume [06.08.06]

Student Day in the Life: University of Bradford's Alan O'Dea [06.05.06]

The ArtSpark Chronicles - Part Two: The Game [06.01.06]

Student Day in the Life: The Art Institute of Vancouver's Phillip Meilleur [05.26.06]

Student Postmortem: DigiPen Institute of Technology-Produced Psychosteamion [05.22.06]

Featured Schools:
Accredited Online Serious Game Design Degree Program at Cerro Coso College
University of Advancing Technology
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Collins College - A School of Design and Technology
Latest Schools:
The University of Western Ontario
New England Institute of Technology
Brown College
Neumont University
American College of Digital Technology


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