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Eyes Open

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These Irish rockers became stars in the U.K. with 2004's Final Straw, an album long on Coldplay-style melancholia and delicate atmospherics. Eyes Open is even more decadently cushy, setting chiming guitars, strings and electronics under Gary Lightbody's aching croons. Starry-eyed ballads like "You're All That I Have" are dragged down by Lightbody's Hallmark sentiments, and the cinematic production feels overbearing on songs such as "Make This Go On Forever," a desperate hymn outfitted with a choral accompaniment. Lightbody is better on "Hands Open," a sharp, catchy rocker that could have come from late-Eighties R.E.M., and "It's Beginning to Get to Me" features a heart-tugging tune that sounds fully formed rather than hazy and shapeless. Eyes Open may make Snow Patrol something like famous over here, but stronger songs could have elevated it past mere prettiness.


(Posted: May, 26 2006)


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trigganometry30 writes:

4of 5 Stars

This album sparkles from start to finish, with these boys from across the pond having grown up a bit from Final Straw. Maturity is a key factor on Snow Patrol's latest, Eyes Open. With powerful lyrics and tunes, this is gonna be one of the best albums of the year, and you should probably pick it up and give it a listen.

May, 27 2006 16:51:08

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