MVP4 Round 2 Starts Today
11/06/06 - 19:30
Posted by Canada BsK_Poisn
HERE is the Brackets and Settings. Plz begin to schedule and play games. You have one week to finish the games, after which I will give admin wins based on effort and availability.

GL to everyone.

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BsK_Dirty Game Pack
07/06/06 - 14:01
Posted by Belgium BsK_BeVeR
Here is a new gamepack BsK_Dirty uploaded for us !

enjoy smile.gif

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DM MVP 2006 Finished!
07/06/06 - 04:40
Posted by Greece BsK_India
Ok finally We have the winners of DM MVP 2006 and of course the recs tongue.gif

1st Place : BsK_SunYu 120$
2nd Place : Tsu_Quax 50$
3rd Place : KoTR_Kicker_ 30$

Here u can find any dm mvp recs u want rolleyes.gif and Brackets Here

Once again thx for every1 who participated and congratz to the winners

Anouncement : 2vs2 DM tourney coming soon
Cheers, DMChris

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MVP4 Starts TODAY!!!
03/06/06 - 07:35
Posted by Canada BsK_Poisn
MVP4 signups are closed now, and the tournament is up and running.

A few of the maps and settings in the later rounds might change, but the first few rounds are set.

GL, and get the games played asap.

Hopefully everyone has a lot of FUN.







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31/05/06 - 09:26
Posted by Greece BsK_India
BsK_SunYu vs Tsu_Quax

Finally we have the First Pack of GRANDFINALS between BsK_SunYu and Tsu_Quax!

Will we need Second Pack or we have already the winner of DM MVP 2006?

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DM MVP Grand Finals
30/05/06 - 17:40
Posted by Greece BsK_India
Ok! After long time we are rdy for the Grand Finals between BsK_SunYu and Tsu_Quax

Tsu_Quax won KoTR_Kicker_ in loser bracket finals . Recs can be found Here

Note that Tsu_Quax must win 2 packs to be the winner and BsK_SunYu(the winner of winners brackets) needs only 1 pack to win smile.gif

Well Congratz KoTR_Kicker_ for reaching the 3rd Place and GL in both finalists in Grand Finals!
We hope we have some unforgetable fights and good recs smile.gif

Cheers! mr dm chris/jidba/sunyu

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Elite Tourney -- New Home Map Choices
30/05/06 - 06:30
Posted by Canada BsK_Poisn
Just a heads up to all 6 players -- i have added some more maps to the Home Maps list.

Please be sure to look it over, and select the home map(s) that you want. For your convenience, I have added the new updated list here...

[NOTE: Home map may be selected from the following list: Arena, Baltic, Black Forest, Blind Random, Coastal, Continental, Full Random, Fortress, Ghost Lake, Gold Rush, Gold Rush Regicide, Highlands, Islands, Land Nomad[fixed], Mediterranean, Migration, Nomad, Rivers, Salt Marsh, Scandinavia, Team Islands, UltraRandom v4, and almost ANY standard ES maps [the following are allowed -- Canals, Capricious, Dingos, Graveyards, Moats, Metropolis, Paradise Island, Prairie, Seasons, Sherwood Forest, Shipwreck, Team Glaciers, The Unknown--] Arabia is not allowed, since it is a set map x2 !!]

Also, If you still wish to request a map I have not included, I will consider adding it, so long as it is a known and fair map to both players.

Thx and GL

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LN Tourny
28/05/06 - 17:57
Posted by Usa BsK__BeAsT
Round 2 is starting Tomorrow. To find out who your up against if you dont know already, click this Link. Lets try to get all the games played this week! The TsC forums can be found Here.

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Elite Tourney Schedule is OUT..
28/05/06 - 08:37
Posted by Canada BsK_Poisn
Please read and follow THIS
schedule for all games. Thx and GL

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Cyclops and Wrath Qualify for Elite Tournament
27/05/06 - 17:57
Posted by Canada BsK_Poisn
Congrats to both Cyclops and Wrath for qualifying for the "Elite of AoC Tournament".

Both players have agreed to abide by the tournament rules and have thus been entered into the Finals along with Daut, Chris, Ruso and IORI.

To see the recorded games from todays qualifier, Click Here

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