Mon-Fri, 9pm

A team of CID officers and forensics experts work together to solve criminal cases of murders and revenge. Expect lots of explosives and heart-pumping action from the star-studded cast!

Cast: Tay Ping Hui as Sean Chen Long, Qi Yuwu (Tang Si Wei), Ivy Lee (Ye Xue), Jeanette Aw (Fang Jia Yi), Apple Hong (Long Li Wen), Richard Low (Fang Hong Lie), Zhu Houren (Tang Jian Nian), Jin Yinji (Chen Feng Jiao), Brandon Wong (Zhang Zhi Hua), Zhang Yaodong (Wu Guo Xiong/Ah Boy), Yang Libing (Liu Cai Lian), Chen Tianwen (Li Fu Zhong), Rayson Tan (Superintendent Huang), Pan Lingling (He Mei Yun), Lin Meijiao (Sun Li Feng), Shaun Chen (Lin Cheng Hui), Belinda Lee (Lu Xiao Fen), Constance Song (Tata), Alan Tern (Zhang Jia Sheng), Irene Ong (Lin Yao Shan/013), Nick Shen (Fly), Allan Wu (Steve), Ye Shipin (Xiang Da Hai/Hai-ge)

From June 12, every Mon-Fri @ 9pm (Total no. of episodes: 20)

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In view of the numerous brutal murder cases executed in a triad-like fashion, Inspector Sean (Tay Ping Hui) from the Criminal Investigation Department decides to launch an investigation into these cases. He finds out that they are linked to a gang member Tang Si Wei (Qi Yuwu). In reality, Si Wei is an undercover cop assisting the police in investigating drug smuggling activities within the triads. In one such activity, Si Wei is ordered to kill one of his sworn brothers Lin Cheng Hui (Shaun Chen). Si Wei is filled with guilt when the latter is mysteriously murdered instead. He decides to shoulder the responsibility of taking care of his widow Ye Xue (Ivy Lee) and family.

The killings continue. Sean is now hot on Si Wei’s heels. In the process, he realizes that the murderer is someone else. During his escape, Si Wei is rescued by Long Li Wen (Apple Hong). Through Li Wen, Si Wei hands over all evidence to Sean. Both finds out that the real murderer is...


Si Wei is transferred back to the CID as Sean’s subordinate. Both resent yet have great respect for each other.

While doing his investigation, Sean meets newly-appointed pathologist assistant Fang Jia Yi (Jeanette Aw) by chance. After many encounters and much pursuance from the latter, Sean finally develops feelings for her.

Another love triangle develops between Si Wei, Ye Xue and Li Wen. Just when Ye Xue decides to accept Si Wei, Si Wei seems to choose Li Wen instead…


Sean’s ex-classmate, Steve (Allan Wu), is poisoned to death. Sean and Si Wei jointly investigate the matter and find certain secrets and identities of two mysterious persons behind the dead man. Li Wen is dragged into the matter and becomes a suspect. At this moment, a beautiful lady Tata (Constance Song) appears at Sean’s side with a motive to kill him. Jia Yi finds out the secrets and cooperates with Si Wei to save Sean. They discover that Tata is a transvestite and Steve’s ex-partner. Just when everyone thinks that the truth has unveiled itself, Sean and Si Wei find out that Steve’s wife Xiao Fen (Belinda Lee) is another suspect. Why did she want to have her husband dead?

More cases and photos here!

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