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  • Show / Hide 2006-05-30 - Happy Birthday to ... Us!

    Today marks the site's birthday! 2 years old today .

    The site's come an awfully long way over the past 2 years. Originally hosted on a mediocre home PC, it's now being hosted on 2 very powerful servers. This has only been possible because of the incredible generosity of all of the donors to the site. It's difficult to show how much your donations are appreciated, but without your support, we really wouldn't be here. So here's to you!

    We have a phenomenal amount of features and code improvements compared to the original torrentbits source thanks to the efforts of people who have worked behind the scenes. Most notably TooMuchTime, though in the past Wartech, Teoulas and mAg. The moderators also achieve what hardly seems possible for such a small team, moderating (with the help of the users) over 1,500 torrent uploads every day. Coupled with everything else they do, it's hard to see how they manage! Though I won't list them all (there's been a lot over the years!), my utmost respect goes to them for the diligent job they do. With the help of the users, we've managed to uphold standards people now expect and associate with the site's name. I hope it can continue for a long time to come!

    To celebrate, we've got a shiny new site logo, thanks to bluelemon. I loved the t-shirt design, and thought it'd make a great new logo. Great work bluelemon!

    And now for something completely different ...

    Well not massively different, but certainly a change! With the birthday, we are introducing a new category, 'eLearning Videos', on a trial basis. We are also splitting eBooks into 'eBooks (Fiction)' and 'eBooks (Non-Fiction)'. eBooks (Fiction) being novels, comics etc. eBooks (Non-Fiction) being 'Teach yourself ...', '... for dummies', etc.

    The eLearning Videos category is to be used only for tutorial videos. Examples being: lynda, LearnKey, Total Training and GNOMON. Uploads in this category must be either in a video file format (.avi, .mov etc) or a disk image (.iso, .bin/.cue etc), not archive files (.rar, .zip etc). As with other categories, they must also not be freely available on the web and should include a proper description and/or a link to further information.

    Whether this gets included as a regular category is up to you. This means if it's too much to moderate, or it isn't popular, it will be going away again. Be warned, if what you upload into the eLearning Videos category isn't a learning video, you will lose your uploading rights.

  • The eLearning Videos category is to be used only for tutorial videos.
  • It is only suitable for tutorials on how to use features of applications, musical instruments or hardware (networking). i.e. no kung-fu training, how to dance videos or lecture material which does not fit into one of the 3 topics already mentioned.

  • Anyway, I hope you all continue to enjoy the site!

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