Planet Half-Life: The Lambda Map Complex - Map Reviews
Lambda Map


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    The Lambda Map Complex - Map Reviews - Arches & Attack

Click here to see an enlargement!
The reactor, nice!
Click here to see an enlargement!
Some nice architecture.
Click here to see an enlargement!
The first puzzle, think about it.
Name: Arches & Attack Level Type: Single player
Author: Dav Theme: DM style maps
Download: (2010kb) Quick Pros: Good design, some nice scripted sequences
Readme: arches.txt attack.txt Quick Cons: Very hard, often confusing
Review Date: 13/5/00 Score: 5/10

Reviewer: Morph

"I tried to play it, but it wouldn't work on my computer, hope it works on yours." This is what Bulk said to me when handing me this map pack for my first review at the LMC, as you can imagine, it didn't exactly fill me with confidence, on opening the zip file, I found myself looking atů two more zip files, each containing one .bsp. Since it was only two bsps long I wasn't expecting anything like They Hunger/Redemption quality, which was good because it clearly is not.

The readme file gave no hint of a plot behind the mission except something about having to destroy a reactor, although it describes the maps as if they are separate maps, the two link together, sort of. The first map ends with you getting in a lift, and the second one began with me stuck in a floor, outside (note: this problem has now been fixed - ed), with some grunts shooting me, obviously a major flaw, this might make you think this was made by someone who only discovered WorldCraft yesterday and this is his first map, but it clearly isn't which adds to the confusion.

The architecture of the maps is quite good, you won't find any square corridors here and all the lighting comes from a visible source, there are some nice sequences with scientists and Barney too, the few puzzles do make you think too, the one at the beginning for example, but the maps are just far too cramped, especially the first one, there is no room to hide from enemies, and one grenade can cause serious problems, this isn't helped by the maps single biggest flaw, the enemy placement.

While the rest of these two maps show good work and great potential the enemy placement is absolutely terrible, you don't find any aliens in here, just endless marines and the odd assassin plus lots of turrets, not necessarily a bad thing, but I like shooting aliens. This isn't challenging in the way HL was, with tense battles, ducking for cover, then running to the exit, guns blazing, let me give you an example, at one point you open a door to be faced with three turrets stood behind a sandbag barrier, I was dead in seconds, and it took several attempts to get passed this, reaching for the quickload button can get very annoying after a while.

The Verdict

I'm interested to show what this guy can do in the future, the little details are excellent and the R_Speeds consistently low, but he needs to play test them more! Download if you're really starved of single player HL, I look forward to seeing more work from DAV as he shows great potential.

Score: 5/10

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