June 12, 2006
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Online Press Release:
The recognized leader in online news and press release distribution service for small and medium-sized businesses and corporate communications.
PRWeb pioneered Free Press Release Distribution and continues to set the standard for online news distribution.
About PRWeb > Management Team > PRWeb Corporate Site

PRWeb™ has offered free online press release distribution services since August 1997. Since then PRWeb™ has gradually made the transition to a fully integrated press release newswire service. We are the largest Newswire catering to small and medium sized companies and organizations and one of the largest online press release newswires.

Our editors review thousands of press releases each week for distribution through the PRWeb™ Newswire services. The following information describes our philosophy and objectives in creating this service.

Why Use the PRWeb™ Newswire Service?


As PRWeb™ grew and many Internet companies began to fail we introduced a new concept to Internet eCommerce. We call it FairCommerce. FairCommerce is a system that puts services at your disposal while allowing you to decide the value to be placed on those services. For this reason we do not have established delivery prices at PRWeb™. Our system has been built on the voluntary contributions of our users. We ask our users to take into consideration what similar services cost and contribute accordingly. It's fair.

While we will always provide press release distribution free of charge, we ask that our users support the services we offer through voluntary financial contributions. Some of the services that we offer cost us money. Therefore we have set minimum contribution levels to cover the fees that we incur on our users behalf.

As you make financial support of this service we provide benefits and upgraded distributions that are not available to users taking advantage of our free distribution.

Multilingual Distribution

PRWeb™ provides global service. Our proprietary systems are constructed in such a way that allows the distribution of press releases regardless of foreign languages. We currently distribute news releases in English, Spanish (AmbosMedios) and Chinese (WunZhang). We are looking for partners to work with us in other languages. Companies interested in managing the PRWeb™ service in their language should contact PRWeb™ for complete details. Among our areas of highest interest are partners capable of managing the service in French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that every organization has access to the media, regardless of size. We accomplish this through our member supported, online press release distribution service. We insist that the quality of this service rival that of similar fee-based services, delivering quality press releases to members of the press and to our subscribers-at-large through the efficient use of technology.

Guiding Principles

To help us fulfill our mission, we have established the following list of guiding principles for the PRWEB service. These are not necessarily listed in order of importance.

The service should always maintain, as its core offering, a free press release distribution service.

PRWeb™ is committed to providing economical press release distribution services so that every organization may have access to editors, journalists and freelance writers. PRWeb, through its longstanding reputation, has created comprehensive networks and distribution feeds which give our users the same access to the media as larger organizations.

All services offered through PRWEB must complement and support the mission of PRWEB. Auxiliary services must provide a needed service to our users, reinforce the PRWEB brand, increase our visibility and expand our user base.

PRWeb™ will not distribute any press release that, at its sole discretion, it deems to be inappropriate for this service. Such press releases include releases written for the purpose of causing harm or damage to a third party, improperly formatted releases, press releases posted by distributors of network marketing organizations or press releases that look and read like advertisements.

PRWeb™ is committed to developing resources that benefit the public relations community at large wherever there is an opportunity to advance the mission of this service.

PRWeb™ will never sell user contact information where we relinquish control of user information. Any emails that users receive from PRWEB will be generated and delivered through our systems.

PRWeb™ will not distribute press releases that promote hatred or violence, or contain adult or sexually explicit materials.

Your Responsibilities

Since PRWeb™ is a member supported service that strives to keep overhead expenses to a minimum we ask for the cooperation of our users in the following areas.

Write compelling stories. Your news release should capture the attention and imagination of the editors, journalists and writers that use this service as a resource for their work. Remember, you are directly responsible for the success of your press release. If it is not engaging, it will probably not get read.

Edit. Please edit your news releases carefully. You bear full responsibility for the content, accuracy and liability for your press release.

Share. PRWeb™ is a member supported service. As it grows, PRWeb™ improves to meet the ever increasing needs of its users. Please tell a friend or colleague about this invaluable resource.

Participate. On occasion we may send you an email asking you to complete a survey regarding this site. Please take a minute of your time to respond. This helps us to tailor our services to meet your needs. You are always welcome to email us with any comments, questions or suggestions that you might have.

Be flexible. On occasion we may send you an email with an offering that is of general interest to the public relations community. We don't do this very often. Such offerings, when they occur, help us to continue providing this service.

Contribute. If you find this service useful, please make a financial contribution. Keep in mind that when you make a financial contribution to the site, we will upgrade your press release with feature enhancements that will increase its visibility and allow you to track its success.


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"...your service has been outstanding for driving traffic to my website. I really enjoy your "Quick Stats" feature that allows you to check traffic data in real-time. Your customer service and support is excellent!"

Thank you PR WEB.

Best Regards,
Daniel Arenzon
Mr. Cold Call Seminars

"We have achieved as many as 106,000 page views as the result of a single press release distributed on your service. For our money, nothing beats the distribution and re-distribution that PRWeb creates through your quality partners. We consider you an essential partner in any product marketing campaign."

Many thanks!

Mark Effinger
Chief Evangelist, ExitPath.com

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